Beko Turkish Coffee Maker Makes 1 to 3 Cups Review [June-2023]-gimmick or worth buying

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If you had always thought brewing Turkish coffee is a complex process that needs some sort of barista skills to make it perfect and coffee maker is also expensive. In that case, Beko Turkish coffee maker will prove you wrong because this coffee maker is beginner-friendly and inexpensive so you do not break your bank to own it.

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Best Turkish coffee maker review

Read on this information-packed coffee maker review which will help you make decisions easy and protect you from costly mistakes. You can also find a complete buying guide for the best Turkish coffee maker.

Owning a Turkish coffee maker is gimmick or worth 

If you have ever gotten the taste of Turkish coffee, I am pretty sure you have not forgotten it-right! 

But it is not wise to go to a nearby coffee shop all the time for drinking Turkish coffee because you have to spend your valuable time waiting in front of the coffee shop and it involves cost as well.

It is a far better investment to own a quality coffee maker under budget that makes consistently excellent cups of coffee with no need to learn barista skills. So that you can brew your favorite cup of coffee when you want and can easily cut your spending on coffee shops.

The best part of it, you can easily impress your friends or guests by serving them a delicious cup of coffee.    

Beko Turkish Coffee Maker Maker review 

For making superior quality Turkish coffee in your kitchen effortlessly, you must need a perfect coffee maker besides quality ground beans. And, this automatic Beko Turkish coffee maker can help you to achieve Starbuck taste coffee easily and for that, you no longer need to actively present while brewing this coffee. Thus, you can easily save your time and money that you spend monthly on coffee shops because some local coffee shops also use this same Beko reliable coffee maker.  

 Of course, for brewing fresh rich, and flavorful coffee there is no alternative than grinding your coffee bean just right before brewing coffee. However, if any case you could not college fresh beans, you will have no problem using superfine pre-ground coffee which is readily available in supermarkets under Turkish coffee or Greek coffee tag.

 With this smart coffee maker, you can brew your favorite taste coffee with just a push on the button and the brew cycle completed automatically after providing the desired amount of coffee beans, water, and sugar (if you want).

 This coffee maker is a very nice addition to any size smart kitchen as made with metal and no part is made with plastic. Moreover, it is 6 x 6 x 9.5 inches which means compact in design and fully compatible with USA standard 110 V that means you need not buy any additional converter. 

In fact, you no longer needed any monitoring because it has integrated with brewing detecting sensors that will give you a sweet sound alarm once the brew cycle completes. And, you will not wait for more than 2 minutes for brewing 4 cups of coffee on a time for your friends or family. Besides, you have no problem brewing single coffee when you want because this can brew a single cup as well without sacrificing its quality level.

 Offen, people raise claims the brewing process tasks a longer time to generate heat, however, for perfect brewing of Turkish coffee it needs lower temperature than other coffee makers.

 By the way, if you would love to add some milk in your coffee do not add it to the coffee maker because this but you can easily add it once the brewing process completes.

 No spurring that, most of us think cleaning is a daunting task after drinking coffee but in Beko Turkish coffee maker it is simple and easy.

Thanks to the Engineers for developing state on earth technology in Beko Coffee maker so brewing a delicious cup of coffee became super simple. Before coming to Beko coffee maker, making Turkish coffee was a complex process that required direct engagement and involved many things like coffee sand, Cezve, etc.

Unique Features

Made with Metal: 

No plastic metal has been used in body parts.

Brewing detecting sensors: 

Monitors the full brewing cycle after adding beans and water. So you can focus on other important taske.

Stops automatically: 

When coffee brewing completes its stops by itself.

Alarm system:

It does not create noise while brewing. When the coffee is ready, you hear a beep for two second

120V USA standard: 

Made with USA compatible so No needed to buy an additional converter.


  • Brewing becomes effortless
  • One Push needed
  • Takes only a few minutes
  • Can brew 1 to 4 cups at a time
  • Ideal brewing at low heat
  • Washable pot
  • No plastic used 
  • No focus our attention needed while making coffee on the stovetop


  • It cannot use milk as the machine’s interior was designed to handle water only. You can add milk after brewing. 
  • Slow brewing      

Bottom line:

Traditionally, Turkish coffee making was a challenging job because of its different brewing process where barista skill was essential for making actual taste and active participation was mandatory. Otherwise, you would end up with a bad taste of weak coffee.

Fortunately, Beko Turkish coffee makers made a revolution in the coffee world by simplifying this complex brewing process into a simple automatic process. But, now making Turkish coffee is an easier take than most people thought about it.

So, we strongly recommended you go for it if you like to start your morning with Turkish coffee which is stronger. 

Enjoy your Turkish coffee that connects heart to heart.