7 Best 12V Coffee Makers Car-Truck-Boat-RV Reviews [June-2023]-travelers & Campers

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Best 12V Coffee Makers

Caffeine-loving people do not want to miss the flavor of a delicious cup of coffee for any reason because lack of desired coffee demotivates everything they do. So, the best 12v coffee maker ( cigarette lighter coffee maker ) is the perfect solution that enables you to make delicious coffee while you are working or enjoying your spare time driving around in a car, RV, or truck. And, single-serve coffee maker with a built-in burr coffee grinder is also a great solution for the coffee savvy person.

If you are in a hurry, then take a look at the quick details of Makita DCM501Z 18V LXT/ 12V max CXTLithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker overall best 12V coffee maker.

And of course, having a portable battery-operated coffee maker is a beautiful gift for travelers because it fulfills coffee desire and you will not have to wait till the next service station for a cup of coffee.

Compared to regular drip coffee makers, the 12V coffee maker is smaller, simpler, portable. On the other hand, 12V coffee makers include an adapter instead of a 110V plug and the adapter easily fits into a 12V socket or cigarette lighter in a vehicle. And, this is why the popularity and demand for 12V coffee makers are increasing day by day.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Makita DCM501Z (Reliable battery-powered coffee maker suitable for road trips and RVs and convenient carry handle.)
  • Best Single Serve: CONQUECO Portable Coffee Espresso Maker (Amazing coffee maker for coffee lovers who need to boost up during the day and it can be charged in the car)
  • Best Budget: RoadPro RPSC785 (Most popular compact coffee maker features a glass carafe and 7′ fused 12-volt power cord, can brew 20 oz. in about 20 minutes)
  • Best Temperature Control: Cosiki Portable Coffee Machine (This coffee maker offers solid durability and lets you control the brewing temperature how you like)

In fact, every appliance will have some pros and cons, and it is always better to learn about them beforehand to avoid some costly mistakes.

Top 7 Best 12v Portable Coffee Maker [For Car, Truck, RV] Reviews And Comparisons

12V Coffee maker Name Features Price
Makita DCM501Z 18V LXT- 12V max CXTLithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker Makita DCM501Z 18V LXT/ 12V max CXTLithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker [Best Overall] # Lightweight and compact
# 18V compatible and can brew one 5 ounce Cup in 5 minutes
# Full size coffee mug included
# No paper cups required
# Uses single-serve packs or ground Coffee
Check Price
RoadPro-12V-Coffee-Maker-300x300 RoadPro 12V Coffee Maker (RPSC- 784) [Runner Up] # Relatively brew fast
# 7 feet long cord
# Stop-drip interrupt
Check Price
Max-Burton-Coffee-to-go-4--280x300 Max Burton Coffee to go 4 cup # viewable water reservoir
# 4 Cup machine
# On/Off switch
Check Price
Schumacher-1229-10-cup-300x300 Schumacher 1229 (10 cup) # 10 cup capacity
# Affordable
Check Price
The-Revelux-Electric-Coffee-Maker-300x300 The Revelux # Sleek & compact design
# Brews strong shot of espresso
Check Price
Aicok-Electric-Portable-Espresso-Machine-300x300 Aicok: Electric Portable Espresso Machine # Small portable espresso maker
# Fits for any kind of travelling
Check Price
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 82 WACACO Nanopresso # Produces home-based delicious coffee
# No knobs or levers
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Power-Hunt-10-Cup-300x300 Power Hunt 10 Cup # Includes power stripe
# Brew-pause feature
Check Price

Best 12V Portable Coffee Maker For Car

Best 12V Portable Coffee Maker For Truck

Best 12V Coffee Maker For RV & Camping

What are the pros and cons of a 12V coffee maker?

This is a specially designed coffee maker that considered low power, lightweight, and portability in mind to meet some specific needs for crazy coffee lovers who could not compromise their great-tasting coffee no matter where they are, no matter what they are doing. Therefore, 12V coffee makers will serve some special purposes besides domestic use while traveling in boats, cars, trucks, caravans, or enjoying camping or RV. Besides, this can be used for domestic use as a single cup coffee maker.

Pros of 12V Coffee Makers

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Smaller and fits under the cabinet
  • Easy to pack and carry
  • Space saver

Besides these, 12V car coffee maker has another advantage for nomads who cannot bear to be parted from their next caffeine fix will get a constant supply of coffee on travels.

Cons of 12V Coffee Makers

As this is the ideal coffee appliance for lone road warriors who simply can’t do without the 12-volt option, you would need to accept some limitations as follows:

Little expensive: As these coffee makers have been designed for a very special purpose, you would require a bit of extra investment for owning a 12V coffee maker than that of a standard coffee maker.

Missing feature: Unfortunately, you would not make a latte using a machine with a steam wand whilst “on the go”.And, these coffee makers have no bells or whistles.

Takes a longer time: To be frankly saying, since these coffee makers are powered with 12V instead of 110V, so you will have to be patient as your coffee brew time will be longer.

Durable: As the appliance is lightweight, small, and portable, sometimes this type of coffee maker has a small life span.

Best 12v Coffee Maker Most Useful Features

If you don’t want to carry all the equipment with you outdoors, the best option to go for is a portable coffee maker. So, it is important to consider some useful features before purchasing because these features could meet your needs while you are away from home. 

Boil Dry Protection

Boil Dry Protection is one of the advanced and useful features included with a few coffee makers whose sole purpose is to auto shut off and prevent your portable coffee maker from boiling dry.

Brew Pause

Brew pause is an amazing feature because it enables you to pour a cup of coffee midway through the brew to ensure brewing quality without hot coffee dripping everywhere. And, the brew will continue after carafe replacement.

12V and 110V

Low voltage is the specialty of this coffee maker. Mostly, in-car coffee makers or RV coffee makers are 12V and traditional USA standard adapters are 110V.

Reusable Filters

Everyone will agree that there are a number of benefits of having reusable filters that eliminate the pain of using, disposing of, reordering paper filters. And, especially the pain becomes worse when you are on the go.

Mounting Bracket

Mounting is one of the most important accessories if you plan on brewing coffee the next time you travel. Having a good mounting bracket means that when you’re on the road with bumps, holes, and curves your brew doesn’t end up all over you and your car or campervan interior. 

Nespresso Pod Compatibility

If you’re fans of Nespresso, you’ll love this feature and you’d consider spending some extra cash because it’s a little bit of a luxury option. 

Now, let’s see the details of specific features and benefits of the above listed low voltage coffee maker so that you will have a clear understanding before buying your preferred travel friendly and easy to use battery operated coffee maker.

#1: Best 12v Coffee Maker For Truckers – RoadPro 12V Coffee Maker (RPSC- 784)

RoadPro 12V Coffee Maker

RoadPro 12V Coffee Maker is a wonderful solution for caffeine addicts, avid road-tripper or truck drivers because this coffee maker will provide you fresh, home-brewed coffee on the go. 

If you won this coffee pod, you would not wait until you reach the next gas station to drink your favorite coffee and at the same time your journey will become smoother and you will not feel sleepy or tired.

With RoadPro RPSC-784 coffee maker, you will not have any issue as the plugs fit into your 12-volt outlet in your car, making it a portable and convenient choice.

When it comes to choosing the best coffee maker for truck drivers, you must stay far away from this piece of junk. Otherwise, you will suffer in the long run.

Making 16 ounces of coffee in a little less than 15 minutes as the brew is occurring at low voltage but much faster than many other 12-volt coffee makers on the market and the coffee turns out lukewarm at best.

Though some users claim that the machine’s durability and plug become too hot, there are no features that make this stand out from the rest.

After all, this coffee maker is designed traditionally with a black and stainless steel color scheme and the brew basket is on top and the carafe on the bottom.

Besides portability, the RoadPro RPSC-784 features:

  • Includes a 7 feet long cord so the machine can comfortably reach the 12-volt plug 
  • Stop-drip interrupt features help to prevent coffee from spilling and dropping as it can automatically detect when the carafe is removed
  • The reusable filter is easy to clean and environmentally friendly and you could save a bit of money by avoiding wasteful paper filters
  • A carafe that doubles as a travel mug so no more transferring from carafe to cup or cup to mug.

If you’re a crazy coffee lover looking for a caffeine fix especially when you’re on the road, the RoadPro RPSC-784 is not perfect for you.

#2: Best 12v Maker For Rv – Max Burton Coffee to go 4 cup

Max Burton Coffee to go 4

If you are excited about your next trip into your car, RV or boat but thinking and worrying about how would you manage your home-brewed coffee when you are out in the great wilderness or sea as you want not to miss it anyway.

You could easily eliminate the stress by purchasing the perfect van coffee maker for travel and Max Burton Coffee is one the best 12V coffee makers which can fulfill your needs this 4 Cup machine can ensure your coffee goes wherever you go. And, you can comfortably own it at a reasonable price. 

People’s biggest complaint about this machine is the brew time and efficiency as it takes 5 minutes for 1 cup and 25 minutes for a full pot which is longer than normal.

In fact, the machine’s design is traditional and unsurprising but includes some useful features: glass carafe, on/off switch, BrewStop interrupt, viewable water reservoir, and reusable mesh which appeals to a large group of buyers.

Even though the machine may appear a bit dated compared to the modern coffee makers because of its black plastic and glass carafe, it is still one of the best choices for trips.

Unique features: Max Burton Coffee To Go 4 Cup

  • Brew stop allows you to pour a cup of coffee as soon as it is ready
  • You have a competitive advantage of making more than one cup, more specifically 4 cups, and which last you your entire day.
  • The mounting bracket holds the machine to a wall or cabinet inside your RV or boat.
  • Reusable mesh filters save your money on purchasing paper filters.

#3: Best 12v Coffee Machine Camping – Schumacher 1229 (10 cup)

 Schumacher 1229 (10 cup)

Schumacher has introduced 1229 a 12V plug 10 cup coffee maker, easy to take in the car so that frequent travelers and campers never miss home-brewed delicious cups of coffee when on the road or in the woods.

And, the good news is anyone can buy a Schumacher 1229 mid-range coffee maker without breaking the bank.

Like other low voltage plugs portable coffee maker, this appliance has a lengthy brew time

On the other hand of useful features, this coffee maker has few drawbacks as well. Some customers raised concerns regarding the plug to overheat, small life span, shorting out the car’s cigarette lighter plug.

As the coffee maker has a comparatively larger brewing capacity, the machine is bulky and the carafe doesn’t exactly look very travel-friendly.

In the market, you will find another similar coffee maker classic Mr.

Features: The Schumacher 1229

  • Boil dry protection prevents coffee from burning and drying in the carafe
  • Cleaning up is fast and easy.
  • Create no mess as anti-drip prevents spill onto the burner plate 
  • Enough capacity to satisfy an entire family’s coffee needs.

#4: Best 12v Portable Espresso Maker For Traveling – The Revelux

The Revelux Electric Coffee Maker

Only coffee lovers will understand how it feels if one misses one’s morning coffee due to rush before starting your busy day.

In fact, you could start your day alternatively rather than trying to tough out your workday without caffeine. And, Revelux Electric portable Espresso coffee maker can easily take your coffee responsibility to brew a strong shot of espresso while you are driving without making any issue.

You can effectively utilize your valuable time on something more important if you use this coffee maker in the car for making coffee while driving.

So, you will reach your destination on time.

The best part of this coffee maker, you would not break your bank account for owning Revelux Electric Portable Espresso Coffee Maker.

This modern coffee maker is sleek and compact and it is capable of making what a quality coffee maker does- delicious, full-bodied espresso. So, undoubtedly it will be a smart companion for you when traveling.

On the other hand, on your journey, this portable coffee maker could save a bit of time and money.

With this ingenious and modern design coffee maker, you would have no worries about keeping or losing tiny pieces as it includes a capsule holder and a cup that can be accessed separately and put back together.

Important Features:

  • Like high-end espresso, it can develop 15 bars of pressure
  • Luxury option Nespresso capsule compatibility
  • Since this is a  fully automated coffee brewing process with the touch of a button and you would not require active involvement 
  • The detachable cup helps packing a travel mug with you. You’ll never be in a coffee cup bind again.

This portable machine is perfect for coffee addicts who must not want to miss coffee on a long drive and for serious coffee lovers who want to make the most of their commute.

#5: Best 12V Small Coffee Maker For Car – Aicok: Electric Portable Espresso Machine

Aicok: Electric Portable Espresso Machine

Only adventurous coffee lovers who travel frequently would understand the real benefit of having a portable quality coffee maker. 

With Aicok’s portable electric espresso machine, you’ll get home-based tasty espresso within less than 10 minutes so that your caffeine needs are met. Additionally, on a long journey, you would neither require any unnecessary stoppage for stress break nor you would feel exhausted or tired. 

So, you will remain fully energized through all the road trips and will reach your destination on time. As Aicok made this modern coffee maker considering all the drawbacks claimed by users, this travel coffee maker is the answer to the prayer of coffee lovers. Therefore, this small electric portable espresso maker will be a smart addition for hikers, campers, and everyone in between. 

In fact, you would find many expensive 12V portable coffee makers in the market with different features but with a cheap budget, this appliance has all essential features which will meet or exceed your coffee demand by making hot espresso in a flash without any mess. And, you would not require to break your bank account for owning it.

The most important benefit, manufacturers made this coffee maker smooth and pocket-sized and the espresso maker can easily fit in a travel bag, pocket or cup holder.

Unique features: Aicok Electric Portable Espresso

  • Simple one-button operation  
  • Dispense espresso as you desire-no matter how much or how little.
  • Detachable cup 
  • Get espresso faster in just 10 minutes 
  • Nespresso pod compatibility enjoys luxury, just pop it in and voila!

Finally, Aicok comes with an awesome coffee maker that can be easily kept in a back pocket for traveling businessmen and outdoor wanderers and is capable of serving quality espresso. 

#6: Best 12v Single Cup Coffee Maker – WACACO Nanopresso

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

WACACO Nanopresso is a truly portable manually operated machine and looks completely different from traditional espresso so that will change your concept of portable espresso makers. So, if you’re on the road or you’re in the woods, you won’t have any trouble brewing espresso because it doesn’t require any power source to work. 

When you go for a trip, you won’t feel any extra weight burden as this coffee maker is not only lightweight or portable but also delivers a delicious cup of coffee faster. So, you’ll get a delicious home-based joe cup as if it were coffee made from a traditional espresso coffee maker. 

If you think the machine is a bulky steel machine full of knobs and levers, you are completely wrong because this portable espresso machine fits into the palm of your hands and has absolutely no knobs or levers to be found. 

Since this machine is specially designed to help travelers, you won’t have a problem packing this tiny espresso machine. 

Unique Features: The Nanoespresso

  • Can produce as much pressure as traditional espresso makers 18 bar 
  • A nice cup is added as a gift
  • Lightweight machine
  • No packing required for coffee grounds as Pod compatibility included
  • Large cup capacity so you can make more than one shot of espresso.

If you’re a coffee addict but want to avoid electric or automatic coffee makers, then the handheld a completely portable machine, the WACACO Nanopresso is for you.

#7. Best 12v Coffee Machine For The CaravanPower Hunt 10 Cup

Power Hunt 10 Cup

Most 12V coffee makers comparatively take a longer time for brewing as they don’t include a lot of power but Power Hunt 10 Cup Coffee Maker is an exception. So, there is no wonder at all if it brews an entire pot of coffee in less than 10 minutes. So, you will get your desired coffee a lot faster.

Unlike other 12V coffee makers, Power hunt includes power stripe-this is why the coffee maker has extra amps of power and much more efficient than other 12 volt offerings on the market. And, 45 amp heating element capable of making 10 cups of coffee in just 19 minutes.

This modern coffee maker is designed smartly which includes a brew-pause feature, which lets you pour yourself a cup in the middle of the brewing cycle. On the other hand, an automatic shutoff to turn the coffee pot off when it is not using which optimizes energy consumption.

Once the coffee is brewed, the vacuum-insulated, stainless steel carafe keeps coffee warm for hours, so you will enjoy a fresh and delicious warm cup of coffee. 

In addition, the best part of this coffee maker can be used for heating water so it is quite possible to make hot chocolate, tea, instant soup, and other food.

Other Recommended Coffee Makers for Camping, Trucking & Travel

Final Thoughts

It is worth buying the best 12 volts coffee maker from the above list because every coffee grinder gives you the best value for money. However, the Power Hunt is the most popular choice among RV users and boat users because this can produce 10 cups of coffee in less than 20 minutes. The magic behind this is the power strip.

For commuters, truckers, and people on the go love especially the RoadPro because it brews directly into an accompanying mug in less than 15 minutes and it can brew one or two cups of coffee at a time rather than brewing a full pot.