Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker With Auto Shut Off [May-2021]

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Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker With Automatic Shut Off

Are you looking for the best 4 Cup Coffee Maker With Auto Shut Off so that you can brew coffee easily with minimum monitoring?

Are you looking for the best 4 Cup Coffee Maker With Auto Shut Off so that you can brew coffee with minimal supervision?

If you have answered “Yes” for any of the questions, then you have come to the right place because here you will find our top pick best 4 cup coffee maker with an automatic shut off feature that lets you brew great tasting coffee quickly for your family in the comfort of your kitchen. However, you will also check the the pros and cons of your favorite coffee maker.

best 4 cup coffee makers with auto shut off Review

If you want to avoid costly mistakes while purchasing coffee gears, it is essential for you to go through every benefit, feature, pros, and cons. Otherwise, you will end up with a coffee maker with unwanted extra features. 

Braun KF7150BK 4 Cup Drip Coffee Maker 

Braun Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

Want a 4 Cup drip coffee maker with automatic shut-off features that produce the best and most consistent flavor every single time without mess? If you answered, yes then the Braun KF7150BK coffee maker is what you want for your household or travel!

You will apprecaite that this machine is fully programmable with a built in LCD screen that shows the time and lets you to program to turn on and off, making this coffee maker perfect for those coffee snobs who are always on the go.

With this easy to use user friendly coffee machine, you would control the strength of your coffee, selecting from bold or just plain old regular! 

What makes this coffee maker sprerate from the crowd is that this coffee maker does not only let you brew coffee with less monitoring but also gives you the option to brew between a single cup or 3, whatever you need.

Apart from its several useful features, you may not like that this comes with a glass carafe whcih doesn’t retain enough heat but you could invest in a thermal carafe that will save you from constantly over brewing.


  • 1-4 Cup Brew Options
  • Auto on and Off Function
  • 24 Hour Programmable Timer
  • Spacesaver coffee maker 
  • Includes Pause Brew Feature


  • Glass Carafe instead of Thermo
  • A Little bit expensive

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4 Cup Coffee Maker with auto shut off

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker with Stainless-Steel Carafe

If you are looking for an affordable 4 Cup Coffee Maker with auto shut-off that helps to make great tasting coffee in the morning, then Cuisinart DCC-450BK is the coffee maker you are searching for. This small coffee maker can brew enough coffee in each brew cycle suitable for small families and fits for every size kitchen. And, you can rely on this coffee maker because it can brew rich flavor coffee consistently and you won’t be left unsatisfied with your coffee.

One of the most energy efficient and useful fuel features of this coffee maker is that you have no worries even if you forget to stop the coffee maker because your coffee maker will shut off after 30 minutes from the end of your brewing cycle. Even better, you will not miss the taste of warm coffee becasue the leftover coffee will be kept warm in the stainless steel carafe for a longer time.

What makes this coffee maker separate from other coffee brewers is that you will have  a brew pause feature, similar to the Braun model that allows you to pause the brewing cycle anytime you want.

On the flip side, this coffee maker can brew rich flavor coffee quickly in the morning months after months but this coffee maker lacks the pre-programmable setting for switching on.


  • Brews best flavor coffee
  • Stainless Steel Carafe gives fresh flavor
  • Includes Pause Brew Feature
  • Small footprint 


  • Auto Off Feature after 30 minutes is a bit of rush 
  • No Programmable timer

Chefman Grind And Brew 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Chefman Grind and Brew 4 Cup Coffee Maker and Grinder

If you are one of the coffee enthusiasts who always want the best flavor of coffee from freshly ground coffee beans, then the Chefman grind and brew coffee maker is the answer to your prayer. This small size but stylish and unique coffee maker can brew great-tasting coffee consistently in the comfort of your kitchen in the morning or evening anytime you want. And, saves your cost on your local coffee shop. This coffee maker is perfect for a professional couple’s apartment or home. 

What makes this coffee maker unique from other coffee makers with auto shut off features is that you always  brew coffee using freshly grounds and coffee beans as it has an integrated bean grinder-the secret of brewing a delicious cup of coffee. Even better, you will appreciate the various brew strength settings that let you brew your favourite coffee and you can easily impress your family or guests with fresh flavor organic coffee. 

What we liked about Chefman coffee maker was purely the design of it , it was pretty unique compared to most coffee makers we’ve seen and would look really good in a professional couples apartment or home.

Even though this coffee maker features auto shut after 30 minutes, unfortunately it didn’t have a pre-programmable on feature.

After all, it is worth investing in this small capacity grind and brew coffee maker that always serves you fresh flavor coffee. 


  • 4 Cup Coffee brewing Capacity
  • Beautiful design improve kitchen decor
  • Stop brewing pause feature
  • Built in grinder grinds consistently


  • Auto Off just after 30 minutes
  • No Programmable timer

Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker With Auto-Shut Off

Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Auto-Shut Off

If you are looking for a small-capacity coffee maker with an auto shut-off feature that allows you to brew coffee with minimal monitoring, then the Gevi 4-Cup Coffee Maker is perfect for you. This coffee maker features a glass carafe that will hold 20 ounces, enough for four 5-ounce cups of coffee, and fit for any size kitchen even if you’ve got limited clearance beneath wall cupboards because it measures 5.6 inches wide, 8.7 inches deep and 10.4 inches tall. Even better, the brew basket is accessed from the front of the machine.

When it comes to brewing great-tasting coffee in the comfort of your premises, you will appreciate the brew-pause function that will interrupt brewing for 30 seconds, giving you time to pour a cup. And the machine will keep your coffee warm for an hour after brewing has finished, before switching itself off automatically.

Unlike other coffee makers, cleaning and maintaining this coffee maker has no hassle because the filter basket and cone filter are removable and are dishwasher safe. Even if you prefer hand washing, the simple design makes cleaning easy and quick. 

Another great thing is that you do not require to buy paper filters to fit inside as the filter is fine enough and provides you with fresh flavor coffee.

What makes this coffee maker separate from its competitor is the boil-dry safety protection that the coffee machine will stop automatically if there’s no water in the tank and if the temperature exceeds the set level.

What you might not like is that cleaning the carafe will take some time because the opening at the top is small and your delicate hands might struggle to get a cloth inside.


  • No cleaning hassle-dishwasher safe cone filter and filter basket
  • Energy efficient and automatic shut-off after 1 hour
  • Suitable for limited space beneath wall cupboards
  • Front-loading brew basket 


  • Cleaning carafe takes time
  • Difficult to see water level for left hand user while filling water


If you struggle to brew great-tasting coffee for your family in the morning, you should invest in one of the best 4 cup coffee makers with the automatic shut-off feature mentioned above because this coffee maker allows you to brew your desired coffee easily and quickly with less supervision. And you won’t have a headache if you forget to turn off your coffee maker after you’ve finished brewing.