5 Best Budget Espresso Scale (June-2023)

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Best Budget Espresso Scale

When it comes to brewing great-tasting espresso, then consistency and accuracy are the key factors. and if you want to make espresso at home or behind the bar, you know how important these factors are and how essential it is to have the best espresso scale possible.

If you want to make great espresso consistently without any mess, then weighing your shots is key so you must need an espresso scale that can measure the amount previously. And, you can not get the actual amount of coffee if you measure by volume (e.g., 1 tablespoon) leads some shots to fall flat.  

This is why baristas or coffee experts always prefer a good scale which is so important for both home espresso-making and professional coffee service.

Good news for you as you do not have to spend hours researching for the best budget espresso scale because you get here the rounded up the top espresso scale for every budget available out there no matter what price point you’re looking at.

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

Hario was one of the biggest brands in the coffee industry long before the V60 pour-over cone became every third wave barista’s favorite brewing device.

At first glance, you will appreciate the espresso maker because this espresso scale does not only look sleek in design but also ensures accurate results. 

With Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, you can make weighing and timing shots easy. And, the engineer designed it diligently and comes with long battery life.

Acaia Scale Lunar

Acaia Scale Lunar

Acaia Scale Lunar is an amazing scale that gives incredibly accurate reading and reasonably priced. You may find this espresso scale is luxury and cost you above $100 but you will be satisfied with some crazy features that will justify the price tag for you.

This espresso scale is designed considering a protective coating to help ward off liquids and moisture, and you will find it handy for pretty much any coffee brewing situation. 

What makes this scale separate from other coffee scales is that it can sync with Acaia’s brewing apps and the brewmaster lets you log your coffee data so you can analyze your brews, and the brew bar lets you sync multiple scales and duplicate recipes.

If you’re serious about making espresso (and if you make it often) in the comfort of your kitchen, undoubtedly the Acaia is the best espresso scale of all time.

In fact, you can invest in this espresso scale without any sort of fear because it comes with a 2-year warranty that covers water damage.

Brewista Smart Scale

Brewista Smart Scale II for Espresso and Kitchen scale

Brewista Smart Scale is an awesome espresso scale that can measure accurately and precisely so that you can brew great-tasting espresso consistently anytime you want.

Unlike the Hario or Acaia, the smart scale is not fancy but it packs a punch.

Even though you will not appreciate its appearance, it looks like a 1980s graphing calculator, it comes with .1 gram accuracy like the Acaia, and it can automatically tear and time.

What you will like is that the top has a silicone layer to protect against liquid damage, so you will be comfortable in most situations. Better yet, the device has a small footprint, and the backlit display ensures even elderly people can see the reading clearly.

After all, this scale might not be as intuitive as the Hario or Acaia, but you will appreciate some of the handy features that may win you over.

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display

If you want to brew restaurant-quality espresso at home, you should look at the Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale that can measure accurately and precisely. Initially, you may think this scale is an expensive one but you will understand this scale provides value for the money you invest.

Enter the Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale, a compact scale that takes little space that works well in a variety of brewing situations.

In addition to having the same .1 accuracy as the other scales, the Smart Weigh comes with a couple of features that none of the others we’ve listed so far have.

This little scale has a feature that lets you keep a weight readout on the screen for as long as you need, and it also auto shuts off after two minutes to prevent unnecessary battery wear which means it is energy efficient.

Even though home baristas would want some other additional functionality, this is an excellent affordable budget option for home baristas.

American Weigh Scale SC Series Precision Digital Scale

American Weigh Scale SC Series

If you are looking for the most accurate precision digital scale, you will appreciate the American Weigh Scale SC Series Precision Digital Food Kitchen Weight Scale, Silver, 500 x 0.01G (SC-501-A).

The most appealing thing about this espresso scale is that it is quite simple and straightforward to use so that anyone can precisely measure the required amount.

You will appreciate that the scale can measure .1 gram accurately and it is a standard scale even if you do not like the design.

Besides its performance, you will love that this scale has built to last and helps you brew a great shot of espresso.

Even though a pro barista would love to get some advanced features, it is worth investing in the American Weigh scale that gives high performance and lets you brew great-tasting espresso in the comfort of your kitchen.

4 Factors to Look Before Buying Espresso Scale


The espresso scale should measure accurately for making great tasting espresso every single time. If the espresso scale is inaccurate, scales will weigh 1g of coffee as 0.8g or 1.3 grams which means your espresso taste will be impacted.  


The espresso scale should be capable of measuring precious no matter what the amount is. If the scale can not measure a small amount perfectly, it would be hard for anyone to brew the best flavor espresso using the scale.  

To precisely weigh out an espresso, you need scales with 0.1-gram precision that can even detect the smallest mass. 

Dynamic Range

There are small to large range coffee scales available in the market and you should choose your scale based on your regular use.


No matter how expensive your espresso scale is, the espresso scale should be easy to calibrate so that you always get the most accurate and precise amount required for brewing awesome espresso in the comfort of your home.

Final Word

There are plenty of options for great espresso scales on the market, so it’s difficult to choose the single best espresso scale. That said, we have some recommendations for different types of users.

If you’re a home barista who makes espresso at home, go with the American Weigh AMW-SC-2KG. With its budget-friendly price and rave reviews, this scale will serve you well.

If you’re a home barista who wants convenience or a pro barista who wants simplicity, we recommend the Hario Drip Scale/Timer. It’s common to see at coffee shops, but it’s also great for home.

If you’re a pro barista who wants the absolute cutting edge in scale technology, then the Acaia Scale Lunar is the obvious choice. It’s not cheap, but it will help you pull a fully optimized shot, and many baristas argue that it’s the best espresso scale ever.