7 Best coffee grinder for AeroPress [June-2023]-Complete buying guide

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Best Coffee Grinder For AeroPress

Every time you get fresh consistent grinding that ensures your

coffee flavor and aroma.

If you are in a hurry, you can directly check our recommended best electric coffee grinder for AeroPress is Baratza Encore Burr. However, if you want the best manual coffee grinder for Aeropress, then check the awesome features of the 1Zpresso Manual Coffee Grinder also capable of grinding for espresso.

Have you ever thought about why AeroPress has become so popular in the coffee community since its beginning? 

Of course, there are some good specific reasons for its popularity.

If you think, the reasons behind getting popularity are its portability or minimalistic brewing, then you are partially correct but the best part of Aeropress-it enables you to make a rich, espresso-like cup of coffee easily and quickly without an espresso machine.

Best Budget Electric Grinders For Aeropress

Best Travel Manual Coffee Grinders Fits In Aeropress

On the other hand, AEROPRESS brew is friendlier to their stomachs because of brew’s acid is less than one-fifth that of regular drip-brew.  

But, the truth is no matter which coffee brewing method you prefer, the grinding process can make or break your coffee taste and AeroPress is not an exception.

To make a great-tasting cup of coffee with excellent flavor, you will require fresh coffee beans with the correct grind size which means medium to medium-fine ground coffee beans. And, based on your preference you can choose a grinder that can grind medium to medium-fine grounds.

Because perfect grind size matters a lot for proper brewing. Otherwise, the wrong grind size will end you up with a mediocre cup of coffee.

That said, a coffee grinder is the most important Aeropress coffee kit even though you use the best Aeropress method with fresh beans.

That is why you have many choices when it comes to picking the perfect coffee grinder and you can easily pick a burr grinder, electric grinder, manual grinder based on your requirement which means if you are planning for camping or want to use it at work, then small portable lightweight hand grinder is a perfect choice rather than an electric grinder.

Best Coffee Grinder (Manual & Electric) For Aeropress Comparison & Reviews

When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee grinder for Aeropress, you would need to consider many things such as grinding setting, consistency, durability, and budget. Read here the reviews of the top-picked coffee grinder so that you can find your desired grinder without wasting your time.

AeroPress Grinder Name Useful Features  Price
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 82 Baratza-Conical-Burr-Coffee-Grinder [Best Overall] # User friendly fit for entry-level
# Precise Electric Grinder
# Wide range grinding setting
# Pulse button
Check Price
1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder Light Gray Capacity 1Zpresso JX-PRO Manual Coffee Grinder [Best Hnad Grinder] # Stainless Steel Burrs produce consistent grinding
# Built with premium materials
# Easy to use and travel-friendly
# 35 Gram Batch Size
# 200 Grind Settings
Check Price
TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder Timemore Chestnut C2 [Most Popular] # Stainless steel burr grinder
# Very consistent and fast grind
# Adjustable grind selector
# Great quality build
# Easy to clean and maintain
Check Price
# Wide range of setting
# Sleek Design
Check Price
JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Setting JavaPresse-Manual-Coffee-Grinder-with-Adjustable-Setting # Manual burr grinder
# Fits inside the AeroPress tube
# Suitable for multiple coffee brewing
Check Price
BrewGlobal Rhinoware Compact Hand Grinder with Adaptor BrewGlobal Rhinoware Compact Hand Grinder with Adaptor [Small Hand Grinder] # Quality conical ceramic burrs produce consistent and uniform grind
# Easy adjustable grind setting for multiple brewing
# Comes with a carry bag and adaptor
# Easy to clean and maintain
Check Price
Porlex Jp-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder Porlex Jp-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder [Best Travel Friendly] # Fits inside AeroPress
# Portable and handy
# Versatile and ergonomic
# Suitable for travelling
Check Price

What is the best grind size for Aeropress?

Best Coffee Grind For Aeropress

If you are always wondering what grind size provides you the most flavor Aeropress coffee or how fine grind you need for better-tasting coffee, experts suggest using fine drip or espresso grind.

When it comes to brewing Aeropress, you’ll be pleased to know that a number of grinds can fit well with AeroPress. Even better, the innovative nature of the Aeropress allows for flexibility in brewing so that you can step up your coffee brewing skills to the next level. Because the thick paper filter separates fine and coarse grounds from brewed coffee, you can explore with your brewing. 

Your Aeropress brewing time has a direct relationship to the size of grind you are using. 

If you use medium-sized grinds (somewhere between sea salt and table salt), you can comfortably plunge for a few minutes. But, in the case of fine grinds, the brewing time would be less than a minute. However, if you have a medium to coarse grind, you can brew a little longer period of time between three to five minutes.

The grind size you select will not only affect the flavor, but it will also affect how much pressure you need to plunge the coffee and body of the coffee taste as well. The finer the grind, the greater the pressure.

When you use espresso grind in your Aeropress, obviously you would be patients because it will take a bit longer time for pressing and you also need some sort of skills but in the end, you get a richer brew more quickly due to more particle surface area.

However, on the other hand, you can use preground drip coffee from the grocery store rather than freshly ground coffee but you will miss some potential taste of organic coffee because pre-ground stored coffee beans never provide full flavor as the beans already started to stale. If you love to make Chemex coffee besides AeroPress coffee, you can check the best coffee grinder for Chemex.

Best Electric Burr Grinder For Aeropress – Baratza Encore Burr

Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder

Encore is an awesome coffee grinder made by award-winning company Bratza takes place in our top coffee grinders grinder list for making Aeropress for several reasons. This coffee grinder is made with easy-to-use features so that anyone can use it comfortably which means it is very suitable for those who are going to be a home barista. 

Even better, this grinder has 40 settings so you will have full control of the brewing process, and irrespective of your favorite brewing it enables you to optimize your grinder to your precise specifications.  

If you are looking for easy to use a coffee grinder with an on/off switch, Encore will be the perfect option to go for. On the other hand, you will also enjoy its adjustable knob a plus button to control your grinding. And, obviously, it is a nice addition to any smart kitchen because it is made with high-end parts and it is imported from Europe to top industry standards.

In fact, you will find many cheap coffee grinders available in the market but if you are one of the serious coffee lovers who do not want to compromise with coffee quality should go and invest in this pricy coffee grinder because it will pay off in the long run and drastically improve your coffee taste by providing consistent grinding.

  • Quality construction
  • Quite
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Wide range grinding settings
  • Pulse button
  • Budget

Best 1zpresso Grinder For Aeropress


If you are looking for the best manual coffee grinder for Aeropress that can grind consistently and quietly, then you will love this 1Zpresso from the Taiwanese coffee brand. Furthermore, this versatile coffee grinder comes with a wide range of 40 grind settings that ensure you get your desired grind size for your preferred brewing besides Aeropress coffee.

Besides producing uniform preciouses grinding, what features make this coffee grinder separate from other manual coffee grinders is that this easy-to-operate grinder can grind different types of coffee from drip coffee to French press and it can grind so quickly, takes around 12 to 40 seconds.

Another useful feature that makes it different from other coffee grinders is that this coffee grinder is not only pretty easy to clean but also easy to disassemble and it does not require re-calibrating after assemble.

In short, it is worth investing in this durable hand coffee grinder that ensures consistent grinding every time you want without mess and serves you for several years to come.

  • Stainless Steel Burrs produce consistent grinding
  • Easy adjustment and easy cleaning feature
  • Flexible coffee brewing methods
  • Built with premium materials
  • Easy to use and travel-friendly
  • 35 Gram Batch Size
  • 200 Grind Settings
  • A bit Pricey
  • Learning curve

Best Camping Hand Coffee Grinder For Aeropress –JavaPresse Manual

JavaPresse Coffee Grinder
JavaPresse Coffee Grinder

If you are one of those who travel frequently and brews your favorite flavor coffee with Aeropress, then the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is a smart choice because this coffee grinder is not only suitable for traveling but also it fits within the AeroPress tube.

Besides its attractive design, you will enjoy consistent grinding with 18 different settings which means you will have precise control over your grind. On the other hand, a stainless steel-made coffee grinder will be a nice addition for crazy coffee lovers who do not want to miss fresh coffee when staying away from home.

The good news is that the Javapresse manual hand grinder is a quality coffee grinder within an affordable budget and it hardly makes any noise so that you do not need to break your bank account to buy it. Even better, your coffee bean will not burn as it produces very little heat compared to an electric coffee grinder. In addition to that, it only needs some manual effort but it does not require any electricity or battery power which means it requires less maintenance. 

Undoubtedly, this smart hand grinder is the best coffee grinder for the money because in this grinder you’re spending a lot less than what you are getting.

Of course, Javpress has some drawbacks and that is its manual operation which means you have to engage with a grinder all the time you grind your beans and you need some effort for cleaning. 

In fact, some baristas actually prefer these hand tools, as it gives them active control over grind size and makes them feel more connected with the process. 

  • Fits inside the AeroPress tube (great for traveling)
  • Affordable
  • 18 settings
  • Attractive design
  • Manual tool
  • Hard to clean

Best Burr Grinder For Aeropress- Bellemain

Bellemain Burr Coffee Grinder
Bellemain Burr Coffee Grinder

If you want a compact and sleek design electric coffee grinder that doesn’t break the bank and will fit into any size kitchen quite comfortably, you’re going to love the Bellemain. Even better, you can use it in your business or office setting for the price of a manual unit.

That said, the Bellemain doesn’t skimp on features despite being a bargaining unit. This grinder is particularly easy to use and user-friendly and its 17 settings not only offer you flexible controls over grind size but also provide consistent grind. And, the grinding process is quite quick and easy.  

For making a delicious cup of coffee, you just simply rotate the knob to select the number of cups you’re going to make and the grind setting and professional burr grinding disc will do the rest. 

Importantly, you would not require much attention while grinding going on because it has a timer that automatically shuts off once it finishes the grinding.

You can grind coffee beans for multiple brews like Aeropress, Turkish coffee, espresso. On the other hand, you can use mid-range presets that can be used for your drip coffee makers and can use the highest settings for the coarse grind that is perfect to use for your French press.

Moreover, you will appreciate the top hopper of the grinder which can hold up to seven ounces of whole beans at once and it comes with a 2-year warranty which is not something that is offered with every grinder.

This coffee grinder is quite useful and extremely durable as it is made out of high-quality materials and designed to last for many years to come.

Besides its competitive advantages, you would need to consider something like it often makes a massive mess, grounds often spilling out, sometimes generates static that might annoy you.

Cleaning takes time and it would be better if disassemble it completely just to perform a thorough clean.

  • Best value for money
  • Shuts off automatically when done
  • 17 grind settings
  • Quantity settings for 2-14 cups
  • 7-ounce coffee beans hopper capacity
  • Best fit for every brewing method
  • Minimum grind 2-cup
  • Specially designed for coffee snobs

Best Travel Grinder For Aeropress – Prolex mini

Prolex mini manual coffee grinder

Most Aeropress users love the cheap Prolex mini coffee grinder on their travels because this compact design hand grinder is made of stainless steel which conveniently fits directly in the AeroPress and provides you with consistent grinding.

You will be able to grind beans as precisely as you want because you will have full control over grind size. On the other hand, this grinder is capable to grind beans from coarse to fine grinds based on your preferred brewing, you can try all of them in the comfort of your home. 

This coffee grinder is relatively small in size which is good for backpacking and its oversized handle makes it easy to use.

  • Stainless steel
  • Versatile
  • Fits inside AeroPress
  • Pricey
  • Small
  • Fragile

What kind of coffee grinder is best for AeroPress?

If you’re finally convinced that it’s time to try grinding your coffee beans for brewing AeroPress at home or on the go because precious grind size matters a lot for achieving rich flavor and aroma but could not be sure burr or blade grinder is perfect. 

There is nothing wrong with using either a manual or electric grinder for your Aeropress coffee. In fact, a Manual coffee grinder basically takes a little bit of time and labor whereas an electric grinder grinds quickly and may produce some heat.

Let’s get into the pros and cons of blade and burr coffee grinders.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders are usually on the cheaper side and a good choice for beginners or people who want to move from pre-ground coffee beans to freshly ground coffee.

Blade grinders are often called propeller grinders because the blades oscillate like the propellers on an airplane. In a blade grinder, the beans are jostled around in the grinder and sliced at random resulting in uneven grind size and that have an impact on coffee flavor.

An uneven grind will affect the taste of your brew because coffee extraction will not be perfect, but it won’t ruin your coffee. In fact, people who are newer to the world of made-at-home coffee won’t see the difference. However, if you’re serious about your coffee quality from the beginning, a burr grinder is the better option.

Burr Grinders

So what is a burr grinder? Burr grinders use two serrated plates (these are the “burrs”) made of either ceramic or steel that oscillates and produces a uniform and consistent grinding instead of crushing the coffee beans randomly. 

What makes burr grinders different from blade grinders is that the burrs are designed to spit out your coffee grounds only once they have been crushed into the right size and produce much more uniform and consistent grounds than a blade grinder.

With burr grinders, you can adjust the distance between the burrs in order to change the size of your grounds based on your preference. Whether you’re using an AeroPress, a coffee dripper, pour-over, or a good old-fashioned coffee pot, you’ll get the perfect grounds every time you want without the mess.

Steel burr grinders are more budget-friendly and do excellent jobs, but may not last as long whereas Ceramic burrs are often used for manual burr grinders and have a longer lifespan, and are costly. 

Even though you will find cheap blade grinders in the market that will produce inconsistent grinding so it is far better to invest in the high-end burr coffee grinder for the long run.

Buyer’s Guide

No matter what method you follow for brewing, the AeroPress will produce the best flavor coffee with fresh, consistently ground coffee. So, a quality coffee grinder matters a lot for brewing rich flavor coffee, and be aware of the following factors before buying a coffee grinder for Aeropress.

Should grind consistently

One of the most important factors for choosing any grinder is the consistent grinding capability. A great grinder will produce uniform and evenly-sized particles every time which is convenient for extracting coffee and eliminating the possibility of bitter or weak coffee. On the other hand, prefer sturdy ceramic or stainless steel burrs because this will last for several years.

Wide range of grind setting

The more grinding setting of a coffee grinder, the better. For making Aeropress coffee, your grinder should grind medium to medium-fine coffee grounds. And, be sure that the grinder setting is easy enough, and appreciate it if a specific setting for Aeropress is available.

Juneide the small or large size fits for you

The size of the coffee grinder solely depends on your preference. If you want a travel-friendly coffee grinder for the road, you should go for a small size portable hand coffee grinder that will fit easily inside. But, if you want to avoid putting in the elbow grease and you have no priority for portability, then you should buy the grinder with the extra features of an electric model


The thumb rule of getting a better outcome and better life span of your coffee grinder, you require to maintain it & clean it regularly. Thus, make sure you choose the grinder that is easy to clean and has a quick & easy assembly feature for thorough cleaning. Besides this, a warranty from the manufacturer is a plus.


There is a common misconception regarding brewing great coffee is that buying expensive coffee makers and premium quality pre-ground coffee is enough for brewing.

Unfortunately, it is quite impossible to brew excellent flavor coffee consistently without using freshly ground coffee. That is why a coffee grinder is equally as essential as a coffee maker.

When you go investing in a coffee grinder, always prefer a high-quality coffee grinder that will produce consistent grinding for years to come and provide the best value for money.

Top 4 most common mistakes to avoid for making better-tasting AeroPress

If you are just beginning with the Aeropress, you will require to go through a little learning curve. 

No worries, you can drastically improve your Aeropresso by avoiding these 5 most common mistakes even happens with a lot of home baristas. 


One of the common mistakes people make when making Aeropress coffee, they press the plunger with all their weight or pump like a mad man because they guessed that pressure is the key to a proper brew. As a result, coffee actually ruins and they miss its really delicious flavor.  

So, the best thing you can do is to put gentle pressure on the plunger instead of full force to get the desired result.


As water is one of the main ingredients of coffee, using impure water in coffee will not provide you the actual taste of coffee and it can separate a good cup of home-brewed coffee from a world-class cup one in a third wave coffee shop. 

Without water filtering equipment, it is one of the most challenging parts to identify impure water because in the naked eye all water looks pretty much the same.

For making a delicious cup of coffee better to avoid tap water and you may use relatively soft water like Volvic or use reverse osmosis water in conjunction with added minerals from the company Third Wave Water.


Your coffee taste may suck if your filter is not functioning as intended. If you sing a single filter, there is nothing wrong with it but using a double filter will give you better results.   

And, before disposing of the filter you can recycle filters up to 3 times, and for this, your coffee taste will not be impacted.


Sometimes we are surprised that some people don’t feel it needs to clean Aeropress regularly. On the other hand, if you don’t clean your coffee grinder properly your coffee taste can suck. So, for proper cleaning, it is important to remove a special seal from the plunger. 

The best practice of cleaning the Aeropress grinder is to clean the seal with hot water and dish soap and wash the plunger inside and outside with soap water to remove coffee oils. By adopting this good behavior, you will drastically improve your coffee quality.

AeroPress Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

Here are the most important things to look for in your next Aeropress grinder in order to get the best results:


First of all, you have to make your purpose clear what purpose you will use this coffee grinder. I mean for travel purposes or home use purposes. If you are searching for a travel-friendly portable grinder, they should go for a hand-operated model that will fit inside. On the other hand, if you prefer not to put in the elbow grease, you may choose the added features of an electric model.


In the market, you will find manual and electrical coffee grinders with countless options and different features and obviously, some are expensive and some are cheap. In fact, a higher price product does not ensure your grinder quality is good or its features are good. So, make your judgment on how much you are investing in what you are getting.


The best grinders are well designed, are able to produce evenly sized grind which means have good control over grind size consistency. So, choosing a perfect grinder is important because it will allow you to evenly extract your coffee, eliminating the possibility of bitter or weak coffee. 

Grinder Settings

Before selecting the correct grinder for brewing AeroPress, make sure you choose a grinder with easy to adjust grind settings and confirm that it can grind medium to medium-fine size.

8 Easy steps for brewing an excellent cup of Aeropress

8 Simple Steps For Brewing Aeropress

Heating water 

For brewing Aeropress, it requires 175 to 180 °F. In case, if you do not have a variable temperature kettle or a thermometer, you can easily boil the water at your convenience and let it sit for about two minutes.

Rinse the Filter perfectly

A rinsing filter is important for eliminating the filter’s papery taste and for sealing inside the cap. All you need to do is to place the paper filter inside the cap and rinse it with hot water.

Weigh precisely and grind beans consistently

Using a scale is better because it helps avoid guesswork and eliminates wastage. And, you can either use a manual or electric burr grinder and grind the coffee slightly coarser than the filter just before brewing.

Mixing Coffee and Water

Keep your cap on the AeroPress and dump the grounds in. Add half of the water.


Just give a few stirs and allow the grounds to bloom for 30 seconds so that the trapped gas will release from the coffee and it will be better for the perfect extraction.

One more Stir require

It is better to give one or two more gentle stirs before filling the AeroPress almost to the top and keep some room for the plunger.

It is steeping time 

Now, insert the plunger in the brewing chamber, (just enough to seal it), and place the AeroPress on a cup, with the cap down.


Press down with steady pressure to the end. 

Now it is time to enjoy.

FAQ: AeroPress

What is the optimal grind size for AeroPress?

Coffee bean grind size is the key for brewing great-tasting coffee because the perfect grind size ensures the proper extraction of coffee flavor and aroma. For making rich flavor AeroPress you can start with find grind. And, after brewing multiple cups of joe you can adjust the grind size from fine to medium coarse based on your taste preference.

This is why premium coffee beans and the best quality coffee grinder matters a lot for producing rich flavor coffee.

Why is my AeroPress so hard to push?

Are you struggling to push your AeroPress plunger and it takes more than 30 seconds? You most probably experience this because you have used too fine grind size instead of medium grind that actually compacts the coffee particles into a barrier.

Beware that if the grounds are too fine, you’ll have a hard time pressing and if your grounds are too fine, you can put them on fast without resistance. 

Thus, you must focus while grinding for AeroPress and try grinding your coffee coarser to slow down the extraction.

Does Aeropress Make Good Espresso?

The answer to this can really depend on your personal tastes when it comes to espresso.

However, many find that Aeropress devices are quite affordable, easy to use, and make flavorful coffee that is able to hold back on the acidity of other options.

Aeropress coffee makers are also a great choice when you don’t have electricity available, as they only require the ability to heat water.

Keep in mind that these handy little devices typically only maker smaller amounts at a time, so that can make the process a little more labor-intensive.

Aside from that, they’re versatile, simple, and make delicious coffee that can also be used for espresso if you choose.

How fine should I grind my coffee for AeroPress?

You would get great AeroPress coffee if you just grind your fresh coffee beans to a texture slightly finer than sea salt.

Why does my AeroPress coffee taste sour?

If you experience your Aeropress coffee taste sour or salty, most probably you have used fine grind size and your coffee has over-extracted.  You can easily improve your next Aeropress just by grinding the coffee beans a bit coarser just like salts.

Can you replace an Aeropress plunger?

There is no surprise if you experience that the rubber plunger end may dry out a bit, or become compressed or worn after making hundreds of coffee because you can easily pry off the old plunger end and pop a new one on instead of throwing away your entire Aeropress to prevent air leakage.


There is no doubt that pre-ground coffee never beat the taste of freshly ground brewing coffee. This is why investing in the best coffee grinder for AeroPress is critical if you want to extract the organic flavor that surely helps you stay motivated all day long.