5 Best Coffee Grinder For Camping [June-2023]

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If you are looking for a simple, portable, and manual coffee grinder for your next outdoor adventures, then you have come to the right place. Here you will discover an affordable compact design coffee grinder that helps you brew great-tasting coffee by ensuring consistent grind size while you are camping.

Of course, the coffee grinder you choose must be easy to keep in baggage and no hassle for carrying. You can also read about the Best Coffee Grinder Under $150.

5 Best Coffee Grinders for Campsites Review

Manual coffee grinders are always preferable compared to electric or battery-operated coffee grinder for campsites because hand grinds coffee grinder does not depend on electricity and give you control over grind size. This is why you should see details of the five manual grinders for all of your outdoor camping adventures due to their low cost, value, and great ratings.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder


The JavaPresse manual grinder is made of high-quality durable brushed stainless steel and designed considering conical ceramic burrs that ensure you get the fine grind and will enjoy great flavor every time.

What makes this coffee grinder separate from other camping coffee grinder is that it comes with a wide range of grind settings that allows you to grind for multiple brewing based on your preference. Moreover, the coffee grinder is easy to clean and maintain.

You will appreciate the compact design enough to fit into a small plastic bag to keep it clean and keep residual grinds out of the other items in your bag without any hassle.

After all, the most appealing thing about this coffee maker is that it’s small enough to pack in a backpack for a fresh cup of coffee on your latest peak summit.

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Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder

The Shanik coffee grinder uses durable stainless steel and features a ceramic burr that produces the uniform, consistent and clean grind of your favorite blend anytime you want.

Unlike other coffee grinders, the measuring window is in the base of the grinder and the silicone sealed lid can easily store extra coffee for later in the day or weekend.

Even better, the silicone rings around the grinder help you better grip and an included slot to store the handle while not in use, which is suitable for traveling or camping. And, you have no worries the handle may get lost on the trip. 

You will surely appreciate this campsite-friendly coffee grinder because the grinder and pieces fit nicely in a custom bag with a string closure so that you can take it all weekend and use it just as necessary.

The best part of this coffee grinder, you get a second burr which means you no longer require to buy burr separately if it needs replacement.

Mueller Ultra-Grind Manual Grinder


The Mueller grinder is one of the top of the line camping coffee grinder that can grind precisely and quickly with a little bit of effort. Furthermore, this coffee grinder is made of durable stainless steel and you will be able to clean it easily without any mess.

Unlike other manual coffee grinders, this coffee grinder has a durable handle and a glass sight window lets you see the actual ground, you can avoid the guesswork. 

When it comes to pouring, you will be satisfied with the Mueller grinder because it allows you to pour directly into your favorite camping coffee maker.

For FrenchPress lovers, this coffee grinder will play a vital role on the campsite for producing consistent grinding that will ensure a great tasting coffee every time.

Henison Manual Coffee Grinder

The Henson manual grinder comes with a simple design made with durable stainless steel that can grind uniformly and consistently. And, you will also get a cleaning brush and extra base for the ceramic grinding burr in case it’s needed in the future.

This coffee grinder is widely popular for campsite use because the handle does mount on top of the grinder for easy use and its style goes perfectly with your personality.

What you may not love is that you need to disassemble the top to add the coffee beans before grinding. 

If you are looking for an inexpensive manual coffee grinder for camping purposes, then you should look at the details of this coffee grinder.

Kruger Home Travel Coffee Maker with Mug

If you want to grind and brew coffee makers for your outdoor adventures, then this Kruger is an amazing coffee maker perfect for camping. Furthermore, you will appreciate that the mug is included and with a grinder, filter, and cap combo which means the Kruger is convenient on the road less traveled.

With this coffee maker, you will get fresh coffee grind quickly and you just need to pour in the hot water off the campfire, and you’ll have a fresh cup in no time. 

What is the most appealing thing is that it is made with BPA-free plastic and the grinder burr is a ceramic model, which means you always get consistent grinding.

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Conclusion: Best Coffee Grinder For Camping

Any of the above coffee grinders will get you a great cup-o-Joe during a camping trip, selected for their ease of use, ease of cleaning after the trip. Moreover, these coffee grinders are durable, serve you for years, and fit in a backpack or with other camping gear.