Top 6 Best Coffee Grinder For Moka Pot Review 2021

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Best Coffee Grinder for Moka Pot

Even though we have high tech espresso machines and drip machines for making great tasting coffee for many budgets, the espresso made from Moka Pot has some specialty.

Hence, Moka pot still has a great demand in the coffee community. Our editor choice overall best is the travel-friendly manual coffee grinder Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill -“Skerton Pro”.

No wonder if you find Moka pots are still used for coffee brewing in multiple kitchens and cafes worldwide. Moreover, stovetop espresso makers (Moka pots) have been used since the 1930s. 

If you want to make your delicious espresso in the old fashioned way, you need the best coffee grinder for Moka Pot coffee to ensure your coffee taste. Because pre-ground beans do not have enough strength like freshly ground coffee.

Excellent coffee taste has a direct relation with precious coffee grind size which means your grind quality matters a lot when making coffee. For example, the best grind size for pour-over brewing is medium-fine.

Whether you use a Moka pot or anything for brewing coffee, you’ll want to make sure you have fresh beans with the perfect grind size.

Fresh ground beans are always better than pre-ground ones because you get full flavor from beans before they go stale.

Have you ever thought about why this brewing method has not fallen out of style? Because a Moka pot is quite straightforward, a coffee brewing method lets you brew an incredibly strong cup of coffee quickly and easily.

For making the perfect cup of coffee in a Moka pot, make sure you are using the right grind and type of coffee to avoid the pain of sour coffee.

At a glance: 6 Best Coffee Grinder For Moka Pot Comparison

Editor's choice
Breville Smart Grinder Pro
# Stainless steel conical burrs with 60 settings
# Fits for finest Espresso to the coarsest French Press Grind
# 18 ounce coffee bean capacity
OXO Barista BrainOXO Barista Brain# stainless steel conical burrs with Micro settings
# Large grounds container
# One touch start timer
Krups-Gx5000-Professional-Grinder Krups GX5000 Professional# Metallic flat burr avoids overheating
# 8 oz Clear bean container
# Micro switches for grinder safety
KitchenAid Grinder# 15 grind settings can minimize temperature
# No Static
# Burrs turn at 450 rpm
Baratza-Encore-Conical Baratza Encore Grinder# User friendly and suitable for professional use
# 40mm commercial-grade conical burrs
# Comes with one year warranty
Bialetti-Manual-Adjustable-Coffee-grinderBialetti# Anyone can adjust dial for fine to course grounds
# Cup marking for Moka
# Anyone can afford
Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill -"Skerton Pro"# Skerton Pro is the best manual grinder
# The burr design produces a consistent, fine grind
# Takes less than two minutes to grind out the half cup of fine grounds

Moka Pot Coffee Grinder types

Like other brewing methods, a consistent uniform coffee grind is essential if you want great flavor and aroma from your Moka pot. You can get the perfect grind for brewing Moka pot using either an adjustable hand grinder or electric coffee grinder with a wide range of settings. But, a burr grinder has many advantages over a blade grinder, and a burr grinder is worth to buy and it will surely improve your coffee skill and make your coffee life easier in the long run.

Manual or Hand Grinder for Moka pot

Manual coffee grinders are usually small in size, do not need any electrical power, and are medium to high performers producing uniform size grounds that are critical for balance and delicious coffee. With a little bit of hand effort, you can get a consistent, uniform, and precious grind for all sizes, from the French press to the Moka pot espresso. Still, you probably won’t like that there aren’t always a lot of grind size settings for micro-adjustments.

Most people prefer manual grinders because they are lightweight, portable, durable, simple in design, inexpensive as well. In fact, if you don’t want to compromise your coffee taste on the go, a hand grinder for Moka pot is the best companion when it comes to traveling because it takes little space in your bag.

Automatic or Electric Grinder for Moka Pot

An electric grinder is a lifesaver for coffee snobs because it is very convenient for coffee bean grinding and is capable of producing any grind size you like for your favorite brews without any manual effort. In comparison to the manual grinder, the electric grinder requires electrical power for its operation. But there are several battery-operated coffee grinders available on the market that are well suited for outdoor trips or travel where finding electricity is difficult.

People prefer electronic grinders to effortless grinding. At the same time, electric coffee grinders are convenient, durable, and come with a wide range of grind settings.

Since the electric burr grinders are built for high-performance (High-End-Grinders), you
need to spend some extra money to get a high-quality electric burr coffee grinder than
a manual coffee grinder.

What is the best grind for Moka pot?

Best grind size for Moka pot

Can You Use Any Grind Size In A Moka Pot? Absolutely not!

If you think the Moka pot is going to brew fresh flavor great-tasting coffee when you use finer ground coffee just like an espresso use, then there is a high chance your Moka pot might get clogged due to finer grind size. So, using the right grind setting grind for Moka pot is important. To make great tasting coffee using Moka pot, you use medium to medium-fine grind size which is finer than you use for drip coffee maker.

And, the best way to get the correct grind size is to grind your own beans just before making your coffee.

This is why, for making perfect Moka pot coffee, you must use a consistent medium to fine grind size instead of espresso fine grind size to avoid clogging on the filter screen

What Size Moka Pot Is Perfect For You?

When it comes to brewing coffee in a Moka pot, you would have a capacity limitation.

What did I mean by that? 

You could not make less coffee than the capacity of the Moka pot. Unfortunately, you could not adjust the size.

Therefore, make sure you are choosing the perfect size based on your coffee habit.

Can you use espresso grind in a Moka pot?

It is not a good thing to use espresso grinds in Moka pot because this could have the possibility to clog the screen filter of Moka pot and as a result, this can produce higher pressure than the operating pressure 1.5~2 bars of a Moka pot. And, it is dangerous and risky.

Instead, you could use medium-fine grind size more likely just a little finer than your average drip coffee grounds.

Should You Tamp Moka Pot?

Tamping is one of the common but effective pieces of advice when it comes to making espresso.

But, you must not try tamping in a Moka pot because the Moka pot is designed for much lower pressure compared to an Espresso machine. 

On the other hand, Espresso machines include protection systems for high pressure while Moka pots have only safety valves. Unfortunately, Moka pots may explode if much higher pressure is developed than the normal operating pressure 1.5~ 2 bar.

Top 6 Best Coffee Grinder For Moka Pot Review 2020

After hours of research, we have picked the best coffee grinder for brewing great-tasting coffee in Moka pot. Thus, read the details of each to know the pros and cons, features, and benefits before making a purchasing decision. 

Best Programmable Conical Burr Grinder –Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Breville Smart Grinder

Click to see it on Amazon

Breville brings us Smart Grinder Pro especially designed with simplicity in mind for the home barista. Even if you are just going to start a coffee journey, you can make great tasting coffee every single time with confidence.

Breville Pro is different from other coffee grinders because you get Starbuck quality grinding at the best price. Therefore, you would not require to break your bank account for owning this commercial-quality home grinder. Moreover, you can easily cut your spending on coffee shops.

With Breville coffee grinder, you can grind every grind size imaginable means you are able to grind for drip, espresso, and everything in between.

On the other hand, when it comes to maintenance of the coffee grinder, you could easily clean the grinder periodically at minimal effort. Even better, you will get a pleasing experience when working with oily roast beans.

Of course, it will be wise to invest in this smart grinder if you want to improve your coffee taste and get consistent grinding for the years to come.

Best Grinder with built-in scale – OXO Barista Brain

OXO Barista Brain

Click to see it on Amazon

OXO brings us a Barista Brain coffee grinder that has a built-in intelligent scale and it is pre-set to give you a perfect coffee grind. However, at the same time, you would customize your grinder as you prefer.

Even though coffee seems like a simple drink but the science behind coffee is not simple. Better for newbies, the built-in scale helps to use the correct amount of ingredients for a delicious cup of coffee.

Besides its beautiful design, your coffee beans are protected by ray blocking so you will not miss any flavor from your beans.

Finally, the best part, this coffee grinder is made to stay for longer and provides you consistent grind for making Starbuck quality coffee in your comfort zone.

Best Electric Burr Grinder – Krups GX5000 Professional

Krups GX5000 Professional Grinder

Click to see it on Amazon

Krups Professional grinder is an economical option if you are on a tight budget but you do not want to compromise your regular coffee quality with the inconsistent grind.

The first thing you appreciate is its cup and grind selection option which is convenient for brewing coffee so you do not need extra time for riding an excess amount of beans. Moreover, you get a wide range of grind settings from fine to coarse and could easily grind 7 ounces of coffee.

Therefore, you could easily brew your favorite espresso in the comfort of your kitchen without spending much on a grinder.

Best Cheap Burr Grinder – KitchenAid Grinder

KitchenAid Grinder

Click to see it on Amazon

KitchenAid grinder comes with quality since they have been providing kitchen appliances for years and you get this professional quality grinder at a killer price so you need not break your bank account for owning it.

Besides its cheap price, the unbelievably consistent size of the particles makes it separate from other coffee grinders available in the market.

With this grinder, you can even grind a small amount (25 grams) of beans at once to evaluate your roasts.

Unlike most cheap grinders, KitchenAid design this grinder aesthetically and it is a conversation starter so you can let the grinder sit proudly near your Moka pot.

Best Entry Level Grinder – Baratza Encore Grinder

Baratza Encore Grinder

Click to see it on Amazon

One of the fastest coffee grinder you possibly get from Baratza. In addition to that, this coffee grinder is designed and made rock-solid with technical superiority in mind.

Most coffee enthusiasts appreciate how fast it can grind consistently and you want the grinder is optimized for noise so that you could grind your coffee beans much faster without bothering someone around you no matter in-home or office

After all, if you do not want to spend much time on grinding, then Encore is convenient and you get the consistent grind for your favorite brew in a short period of time just before brewing 

Best Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder Bialetti

Bialetti Manual Adjustable Coffee

Click to see it on Amazon

If you are frustrated for looking affordable coffee grinder that allows you to adjust the grind size for fine to coarse grounds and all in-between besides consistent grinding, does not occupy large space in your kitchen, and easy to carry on the go, then you look no further than the Bialetti Manual Burr Grinder because that can produce quality grounds from fresh coffee beans.

Even if you are first-time going to grind for Moka pot, you will have no trouble because you will find cup markings for Moka pot besides Turkish, pour-over, and coffee press grinds. And, you can use this grinder anywhere you want because it doesn’t need any battery, cord, or electricity to operate.

Since this coffee grinder is designed with the Ceramic Conical Burr Grinding Wheel, it strength is high and will last for longer.

On the flip side, you will require physical effort and elbow grease for performing coffee grinding and it also takes a bit of extra time for large batch grinding. This grinder is not suitable if you are in a hurry and sometimes you may feel cheap for its plastic parts.

Overall, if you allow a little bit of time and muscle power for grinding, then Bialetti’s Manual Adjustable Burr Grinder is the perfect grinder for you which costs a fraction of what you’d pay for a fancy electric machine.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just going to make coffee in a Moka pot or have a bit of experience you could use any of the above grinders that obviously improves your coffee quality and for owning this you need not spend hundreds of dollars on a grinder.

Moka pot vs French press. What’s the best?

Moka pot uses the same principle of espresso machine but Moka pot could not develop pressure as much as espresso.

Both Moka pot and French press are awesome drinks and the taste absolutely varies from person to person. If you like espresso or espresso-like drinks then you most likely love Moka pot. Instead, if you love full-bodied and more strong coffee with flavor, then you love Frenc Press.

Can you use espresso grind in a Moka pot?

You must not use espresso fine grinds in Moka pot because this could clog the filter screen and end up building a dangerous amount of pressure. Instead, if you want to brew great-tasting Moka pot coffee, you can use a consistent fine to medium-fine grind size without any risk.

Can you make regular coffee in a stovetop espresso maker?

Yes, you can.

Unlike espresso, the Moka pot or stovetop is only capable of producing less pressure possible 1-2 bars. Hence, you could not make real espresso that comes from espresso machines. But, you could brew espresso-like coffee that is still intense, still heavy-bodied and really good for making espresso-based drinks such as cappuccinos and americanos

Why is my Moka Pot Coffee bitter?

When making coffee in a Moka pot, it’s always better to preheat the water for a while to get the right temperature and minimize the risk of under extraction. 

Attention, on the other hand, when you’re brewing, so you have to take the heat off right after the coffee starts to “sputter.” 

If the heat is not removed or stopped immediately after the coffee starts sputtering and then the steam may pass through the grounds and you are likely to get the bitter taste of Moka pot coffee at the end.