8 Best Drip Coffee Machine For office [Oct-2021]

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Best drip Coffee Maker For Office

If you want to upgrade your office coffee maker and simply looking for the best drip coffee maker for your office that needs less maintenance and is easy to use so that anyone can brew great tasting coffee quickly without the mess and improve your office productivity, then you have coffee in the right place.

If you are in a hurry, then find our recommended best Drip Coffee Machine For Office is Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker.

However, you can also read about the best office coffee machines.

When it comes to choosing the right coffee maker for the workplace-small, medium, or large office, you may become confused about setting the varieties of options with different features. This is why we have picked the top 8 best coffee makers available in the market that would fit in small and large offices and improve the office decor and you can invest in your preferred coffee maker. 

Our Top Picks:

8 Best Drip Coffee Maker for Office Reviews And Comparison

The challenge of separating the best coffee maker from the crowd is hard as all coffee maker manufacturers promise the highest quality and best performance but the reality is quite different from their promise. 

Read the details of each coffee maker to figure out the good and bad things of the coffee maker to avoid costly mistakes.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker — Best Two-Way Brewer

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a two-way coffee maker for your office that can brew a single cup or a full carafe, Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker is pretty good for an office environment. This 12 cup coffee maker can brew a full 12-cup carafe for your office or you can brew a single cup quickly anytime you want.

When using the single-serve side, you have the option to choose from using coffee grounds or soft pods so you can get a different flavor. You can easily prepare either a full travel mug or a cup. Here, you require to use soft pods like Melitta coffee pods instead of hard single-serve pods commonly used for Keurig.

The large serving size makes it convenient for an office environment and improves meeting productivity. And, you always get warm coffee no matter whether you choose the carafe or the travel mug as this 2-way brewer has warmer plates on both sides.

In short, this economical 2-way coffee maker is ideal for office use because this coffee maker comes with many useful features that make it easy to use for individuals and lets you customize brewing, and provides great value for the money.

Product Highlights

  • Excellent value for money
  • Large carafe size (12-cup) suitable for an office setting
  • Programmable options for 24-hours
  • Includes single-serve side to accommodate specific requirements
  • The Single-serve side can use soft pods and ground coffee
  • The carafe side only uses ground coffee
  • Warmer plates for both brewing sides
  • Easy to switch between single-serve and carafe options
  • Independent water reservoirs for both sides of the brewer

Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker — Best Overall

Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker

If you are looking for the best single serve office coffee maker that allows you to brew great-tasting coffee quickly with a convenient touchscreen interface, then the Keurig K155 Office Pro is perfect for your business center. Moreover, the interface lets you select the brew and you can customize the brewing for auto on/off and other functions.

With this coffee maker, carafes take a one-size-fits-all approach and you can choose your own brew without any hassle. Furthermore, you can use your preferred pod if the workplace does not have your choice of K cups.

You have no hassle of refilling water frequently as the large 90 oz removable water reservoir ensures it can service a larger group of people even 18 cups and makes it easy to clean. 

This coffee maker comes with four brew options to choose from, 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 8 ounces, or 10 ounces and it takes less than a minute, so no one has to wait to get their cup of joe. Even better, you may brew other beverages like tea or using hot chocolate pods based on your preference.

What you may not appreciate is the use of plastic pods just adding to the problem of pollution and waste. 

Product Highlights

  • Large, 90oz removable water reservoir
  • Easy to use
  • Fast brew time
  • Multiple brew size choices
  • Allows brewing a variety of flavors and beverages
  • Convenient touchscreen interface

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Black+Decker 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker — Classic Workhorse

Black+Decker CM1160B-1 CM1160B 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a reliable single cup coffee maker that not only brews an excellent cup of coffee but also fits in your office, then you must take a look at the Black & Decker classic coffee maker. This 12 cups classic coffee maker does not hog large space on your worksite and provides greater value.

What makes this drip coffee maker separate from other coffee makers is that anyone can brew great-tasting coffee without any training as it is fairly simple to use and comes with a couple of useful functions.

Even better, the “Sneak-A-Cup” function allows you to pause brewing and pour yourself a cup of coffee so you do not have to brew a full pot, you can pause brewing and pour yourself a cup of coffee. 

Making great tasting coffee becomes easier than ever almost effortlessly with this 24-hour programmable timer that allows you to set a time when the machine will automatically start brewing a full carafe.

In summary, you can invest in this office drip coffee maker that comes with a soft-touch control panel, 2-hour auto shut-off, and a non-stick warmer plate.

Product Highlights

  • Can brew 12 cups in one go
  • Has a good brewing temperature
  • The Sneak-a-cup function makes it possible to brew just one cup
  • 24-hour programmable
  • Warmer plate
  • Good value for money

BUNN 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer — Best At Handling Large Volume

BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

The BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is perfect for any workplace. The machine has been built to last years, brews great tasting coffee, and requires less maintenance.

You will appreciate that the machine has been designed with simplicity in mind and uses high-quality parts and is a plastic-free coffee maker so you would never experience plastic flavor in your cup.

When it comes to office use, the coffee machine can handle a constant workload and can easily handle the requirements of several people. 

This stainless steel made coffee maker can brew 3.8 gallons of coffee per hour which means it can satisfy even a workplace full of coffee-hungry. And, the 12-cup carafe can easily handle a fairly large group of people, and will always serve hot warm coffee as it includes two warmer plates.

All of the above, if you are looking for a simple design and easy-to-use drip coffee maker for your office that can brew great tasting coffee while maintaining precious brewing temperature quietly and quickly, it is worth investing in.

Product Highlights

  • The commercial coffee maker built to last for years
  • Can handle large volumes and brew up to 3.8 gallons of coffee per hour
  • Includes two warmer plates, each for a 12-cup carafe
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Simple and fast brewing without additional features and options
  • Good brewing temperature

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Brewer — Simple With Useful Customization Options

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Brewer is one of the best options for drip coffee and suited for each office use as it can brew a small batch of one to four cups or a full 12 cup carafe.

Unlike Ninja coffee bars, it is one of the more simplistic offerings, easy to use and maintain. This programmable coffee maker lets you brew your favorite coffee quite easily and you will have options to choose to brew both classic and rich coffee. And, you choose the latter option for a stronger brew. 

When it comes to brewing coffee in the workplace, you can brew coffee effortlessly without actively involving in the coffee brewing process with the programmable function. Thus, you may set your preferred brew time up to 24 hours in advance. 

No hassle of frequent water refilling as it features a removable 60oz reservoir, which makes it easy to clean. Even better, several dishwasher-safe parts are used to make easier cleaning.

It is worth investing in this office coffee maker that always serves you warm coffee because it features a warmer plate for the carafe and allows you to brew either a small batch or a full pot based on your demand.

Product Highlights

  • Large, removable 60oz water carafe
  • Brew options for classic and rich
  • Can brew a small batch of one to four cups
  • Can brew a full 12-cup carafe
  • Several dishwasher-safe parts mean easier cleaning
  • Programmable function

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee

Coffee Maker, Sboly Single Serve Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee

If you are looking for a small and compact design single-serve coffee maker for the office, you will love the sleek design Sboly Single Serve Coffee maker that can brew coffee real fast.

With this coffee maker, you will be able to brew small amounts of coffee which means the coffee maker is best used for teams with only a handful of members. 

While feeling exhausted with office work, this coffee machine will serve you a great-tasting cup of coffee within three minutes to keep you motivated for the rest of the day.

Even though the single-serve brewer is not quite impressive, it can brew coffee super fast which is worth the value for the workplace. Even better, this machine is compatible with K cups and fits ground coffee and reusable filters.

Product Highlights

  • Sleek, single-serve coffee machine
  • Compatible with K cups
  • Can use ground coffee and filters
  • Tiny water reservoir needs to be refilled for each use

Cuisinart DCC-3000 — 12-Cup Coffee Maker With A Twist

Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee

Cuisinart DCC-3000 is an excellent coffee maker that combines simplicity and functionality beautifully for office use. This classic 12 cup coffee maker is capable of storing coffee inside the machine in a double-wall reservoir so no warmer plate and carafe are considered.

Even better, the meter on top of the machine shows the actual coffee amount still available. 

It is one of the great office coffee makers because anyone can brew great-tasting coffee almost effortlessly and this single-serve coffee maker can make coffee super fast.

What you will find most appealing is the Programmable feature on this machine that lets you set brewing times to be set up to 24 hours in advance. 

Unlike other office use coffee makers, you get fresh flavored organic tasty cups of coffee as this coffee maker comes with a charcoal water filter and a permanent gold-tone basket-style filter.

On the flip side, you may not appreciate cleaning this coffee maker and maintenance can be a bit of a drag.

Product Highlights

  • 12-cup coffee maker with programmable function
  • Stores brewed coffee in the machine
  • No warmer plate
  • Simple controls

Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker — Simple And Reliable

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker

If you are looking for a simple, reliable, and durable stainless steel thermal coffee maker for your office where anyone can brew great tasting coffee quickly, then the Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 is perfect for your workplace.

What makes this coffee maker perfect for office use is that the pause function lets you brew 1-4 cups of coffee before the full pot is brewed. Even if you want a little big-size coffee maker, you will find a larger 14-cup option.

When it comes to choosing an affordable office coffee maker, you will surely appreciate the Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 because it comes with a programmable function, self-clean function, auto-off, and an option to play an alarm when coffee is ready. Furthermore, this coffee maker comes with a charcoal water filter and gold-tone permanent coffee filters ensure real coffee taste.

What you may not like is that this coffee maker is not plastic-free.

After all, it is worth investing in this well-priced coffee maker that comes with several colors and definitely improves your office interiors besides serving a warm cup of joe.

Product Highlights

  • 12-cup coffee maker (14-cup variant also available)
  • Programmable function for up to 24 hours
  • Very easy to use
  • Includes a pause function to get 1-4 cups of coffee before the full pot is brewed


After all, you can invest in one of the above best drip coffee makers for your office use and you will get the best value for the money you spend because these coffee makers can produce rich flavor coffee quickly and you do not need to break your bank account for buying one.