5 Best Electric Blade Coffee Grinder – [June-2023]

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The 5 Best Electric Blade Coffee Grinder-cheap

If you are just starting your coffee journey and do not want to go for an expensive coffee grinder for making great flavor coffee in the comfort of your preference, then you can easily use the best electric blade coffee grinder under budget. And it is far better to use any coffee grinder than using pre-ground coffee for brewing-only true coffee snob will understand this secret hack.

There is a countless number of blade grinders available from different manufacturers with varying prices in the market and all grinders are not created equally and do not function as good as they claim. After hours of research, we have picked the 5 best electric blade coffee grinders for you based on the performance, durability, and best value for money. If you do not want to make a costly mistake for hurriedness, then allow a few minutes and look at the comparison table, and choose your favorite one.

Electric Blade Grinder Advantages

When it comes to brewing great flavor coffee in the comfort of your kitchen you get many advantages of having an electric blade coffee grinder.

  • Produces consistent grind size improves coffee taste
  • Grinds quickly so you do not have to wait for a long time
  • Effortless grinding makes coffee life easy
  • Fits in every kitchen and can be used for multipurpose

The 5 Best Electric Blade Coffee Grinder Comparison and Review

There are countless numbers of electric coffee grinders available in the market and all grinders are not created equally. So, finding the best quality grinder under budget needs some knowledge and research and it is time-consuming as well.

We have done the research part and picked the top 5 electric blade coffee grinder for you so that you can easily decide which grinder is perfect for you.

Electric Coffee Grinder Name Features Price
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 82 Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder [Best Overall] # Static-free materials keep both the interior and exterior clean
# Affordable
# Can only grind for 20 seconds at a time
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HadinEEon-Electric-Coffee-Grinder-200W-Spice-Grinder-with-Stainless-Steel-Blade-Bowl-One-Touch-Control-Coffee-Bean-Grinder-for-Nuts-Sugar-Grains-Clear-Lid-1 HadinEEon Electric Coffee Grinder # Can grind coarse to fine
# Made with premium stainless steel
# Multipurpose grinder
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KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder - Empire Red KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder # Durable stainless steel bowl
# Holds up to 4 ounces of beans
# Etching on the bowl for bean amounts
# User friendly fingertip control
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SHARDOR-Electric-Coffee-Grinder-Mill-with-Stainless-Steel-Blades SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder Mill With Stainless Steel Blades # Can grind coarse or fine beans
# High power – 20000-24000 r/min
# Creates coffee powder – 8-15 seconds.
# Multipurpose grinder
# Comes with 2-blade cup, a 2-in-1 coffee spoon with brush
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Electric Coffee Grinder Spice Grinder - Stainless Steel Blades Grinder for Coffee Bean Seed Nut Spice Herb Pepper Electric Coffee Grinder Spice Grinder Color: Greenworks
Note: Can move freely while
clearing leaves and debris.
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Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder, Electric Blade Coffee Grinder – Best Overall

Bodum BISTRO Burr Coffee Grinder

The Bodum Bistro Electric Blade Grinder is an economical and handy solution if you need to grind fresh coffee every day for making 8 to 12 cups at a time or you just do not want to miss your favorite French press on the go.

The compact Danish designed grinder is not only easy to operate and maintain but also has a transparent lid that lets you visually observe the grind fineness.

It’s small footprint and storable cord lets it stay on the counter for quick access. Made from commercial grade stainless steel, plastics, and rubber this powerful grinder will give you many years of service. Grind fineness is controlled by the length of time you run the grinder.

It has a stainless steel blade grinder that is strong and durable. This machine is quick to grind and ensures to give you the coffee grounds of your liking.

It’s very easy to operate with a single pulse or press of a button, for coarse or fine grinding, respectively.

In a single operation, you can collect coffee grounds up to 8 cups of French press coffee. The ground coffee goes well with the Bodum coffee maker.

HadinEEon Electric Coffee Grinder

HadinEEon Electric Coffee Grinder

If you are one of the busy home baristas who work most of the time in the kitchen to care for family and kids then you will realize how a small appliance, HadinEEon Electric Coffee Grinder, can make your kitchen life much easier.

This multipurpose coffee grinder is integrated with a 200W powerful motor and one-button control allows you to grind from coarse to fine to ensures you get evenly ground coffee quickly so that you can enjoy the rich aroma and fresh flavor coffee with your friends and families without long waiting times. Besides coffee grinding, you can utilize this grinder for spice, grains, rice, cinnamon so you do not need any sperate grinder on your countertop.

Unlike other electric coffee grinders, this easy to operate coffee grinder has specially designed with a premium sharp stainless-steel blade & bowl and optimized for frictional heat build-up and overheating. Even better, if you away from your grinder the auto stops features stop the grinder when the limit temperature is exceeded.

KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder

KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder

The KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder is known for its bright red color but it has more to offer than just aesthetics. This grinder is easy to use since it only has one button that you can use to operate it.

The machine has a clear cover that makes it possible to know the condition of the beans. It features a stainless steel blade that works with the motor to prepare beans in just a few seconds.

The bowl can house 4oz of coffee. It also features markings that make it easier to measure the amount of coffee so that you know exactly how much you need to prepare your next cup of coffee. The unit can prepare up to 12 cups in a single go.

The machine has a unique design that makes it suitable for cumin and coriander as well, but it may not be apt for harder foods like nuts and seeds.

SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder Mill with Stainless Steel Blades

SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder

The Shardor electric coffee grinder is designed with a powerful motor and sharp stainless-steel blade for consistent quick coffee bean grinding and it can be used for multipurpose besides coffee grinding. Even better, this grinder comes with two removable bowls for dry or wet ingredients. Mainly 2-blade bowl helps you grinding for dry coffee bean, grains, and nuts, and the 4-blade one chops wet spices like garlic and basil.

The operation of this gender is straightforward, and you just require to press down the lid to activate the machine and you will be able to control the grind size by the holding time with a bit of practice. If you want to grind fine, you can check the grind after 20 seconds.

You can easily scrap the ingredients more easily with the 2-in-1 brush included in the package.

You will appreciate the bowl size because you can grind for several cups and do not need to frequently fill the bowl. But keep in mind that you must con grind more than 30 seconds because after 30 seconds it starts heating up which has an adverse effect on your coffee taste.

You will love the confidence of the manufacturer about their product because they give 18 months warranty for the peach of mind.

Electric Coffee Grinder Spice Grinder

Electric Coffee Grinder Spice Grinder - Stainless Steel Blades Grinder for Coffee Bean Seed Nut Spice Herb Pepper

If you are a serious coffee drinker but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars buying an expensive electric burr coffee grinder, then the CUSIBOX Multi-purpose electric coffee grinder lets you grind coarse or fine coffee powder for cold brew coffee, French Press, Pour over, Moka pot, Espresso. Unlike other electric grinders, you can easily control the precision of grinding by pressing the lid switch for different seconds and you can enjoy seeing every process through a transparent cover.

150W powerful motor with food-grade sharp stainless-steel blade allows you to grind spices,

herbs, nuts, grains, and more besides coffee bean and it grinds quite fast. Thus, you can easily make your family happy with fresh flavor coffee without making any delay.

You will get ETL-approved electric coffee grinder 1-year limited assurance and 24 hours customer support for the peach of mind.


This is 100% guaranteed that pre-ground coffee beans never give you the best flavor coffee because coffee beans start staling as soon as grinding starts. So, you can instantly improve your coffee taste using the best electric blade coffee grinder to grind you beans just before brewing.