8 best electric Moka pot [Espresso maker] [June-2023]-Buying guide

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best Electric Moka pot 2023

There are several popular coffee methods available however the popularity of the electric Italian Moka pot stovetop espresso maker is increasing day by day as we’re discovering new and better ways to brew the best-tasting coffee with comfort in the kitchen with more control over the brewing process.

If you are in a hurry, you check our recommended stainless steel electric Moka pot DeLonghi Moka Pot (Made in Italy)

In fact, this can produce thicker, stronger coffee with a solid crema and handle any type of roast, especially suited for dark roasts. So, with a little bit of practice, you could easily use an Italian electric Moka pot as the perfect alternative to a top-notch expensive espresso machine.

Electric espresso coffee maker means the electric Moka pot works similarly to a plug-in coffee maker, but with a richer brew. It is important to choose the best electric Moka pot and use the perfect technique for brewing excellent quality coffee that greatly differs from other regular coffee.

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Our Top Picks

When choosing the best electric Moka pots, we focused on food-safe materials in any areas exposed to your coffee, easy to use, and made piping hot espressos, just like those you’d get in any home in Italy. If you want a classic Moka pot, then read about Alessi Moka pot Review.

In this brief guide, I’ll show you the main things you need to consider when trying to pick the perfect electric Italian Moka pot.

At a Glance: Best electric Moka pot stovetop espresso maker 2021 details comparison and review

Electric Moka Pot/Stovetop Espresso Maker Name Features Price
DELONGHI EMK6 for Authentic Italian Espresso, 6 Cups DeLonghi Moka Pot (Made in Italy) [Best Overall] # Durable Stainless Steel
# 6 Cups
# Made in Italy
Check Price
SEVEN&ME Espresso Machine SEVEN&ME Espresso Machine with Milk Frother [New Arrival] #Can brew latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato
# One-click operation
# No mess
# Easy to use
Check Price
IMUSA-B120 IMUSA B120 [Travel Friendly] # Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker
# 3-Cup
# Silver color
Check Price
Brentwood-TS-118BK Brentwood TS-118BK [BPA Free] # Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
# Stainless Steel/Black
Check Price
Bialetti-Moka-Electtrika Bialetti Moka Electtrika [Editor’s Choice] # 3/9 Cups
# 130 Milliliters
# Aluminum
Check Price
BC-Classics-BC-90264 BC Classics BC-90264 # 6 Cups
# 2 Pounds
# Clear and Silver
Check Price
Mandarin-Gear-Electric-Moka-Pot Mandarin-Gear Electric Moka Pot # Silver
# 2.1 Pound
Check Price
Bellemain-6-Cup-Stovetop-Espresso-Maker-Moka-Pot Bellemain 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot # Beautiful Design
# Easy to use
Check Price
Uniware Professional Electric EspressoMoka Coffee Maker Uniware Professional Electric Espresso/Moka Coffee Maker # 3 Cups
# 2.1 pounds
# Silver color
Check Price

Best Electric Italian Moka PotDeLonghi-Best Overall

DeLonghi Moka Pot

If you are looking for a simple but effective electric Moka pot to brew Italian-style authentic espresso with minimal effort, you can give this responsibility to DeLonghi Moka Pot which offers many useful features and benefits under an affordable budget. 

Brewing excellent cups of the espresso is much easier using this Moka pot and you just need to add the required amount of ingredients and plugin. Additionally, you would have no worries about espresso burnout or spill for overflow if you forget to shut it down yourself because this appliance included smart safety automatic shut-off.

On the other hand, you would have a choice to brew 3 cups or 6 cups with the convenient filter adapter meanwhile, you will enjoy the full brewing process as a clear design enables you to monitor the entire brewing process. 

Another great feature for crazy coffee lovers who want to drink coffee over the period, they can still get warm tasty coffee after 30 minutes of brewing as it includes a keep-warm function.

Even if you have a little coffee experience, you can still make delicious coffee as there is no annoying process involved here. And, this coffee maker will pay off you in the long run as it is made with durable material.

Besides its durability, you could easily clean the machine with a detachable base.

After all, there are plenty of coffee appliances available in the market but investing in this coffee maker will be a nice deal because you get a lot of value for the investment rather than investing money in the so-called cheap Moka pot.

Benefit & Feature Highlights

  • Aluminum builds with a stainless steel finish.
  • Transparent coffee container.
  • Energy-efficient automatic shut-off system.
  • Risk-free two-level safety system.
  • Cordless operation.
  • Makes 3 or 6 cups worth of coffee.

IMUSA B120-Travel Friendly

IMUSA B120 moka pot

If you are looking for a simple design and easy-to-use coffee maker under an affordable budget you must look at IMUSA B120 which can brew great-tasting coffee within just 10 minutes.

And, this coffee maker includes specialized insert features which enable you to select brew whether you want 3 cups of brew or 6 cups.

Besides the on/off switch for easy operation, you can monitor the full brewing circle as it occurs in a transparent container which means clear design. On the other hand, you will have no issue with serving coffee and no hassle for cleaning the top, and no risk of getting water in the electronics as the base is detachable. 

On top of that, the handle is designed to resist heat so it stays cool when the rest of the machine is hot and you can hold the handle without using cloth or gloves. Additionally, its spout makes pouring easy and prevents incidents like leaking or spilling. 

On the flip side of several advantages, some user claims that it breakages after a few uses if not careful. 

Brentwood TS-118BK-BPA Free Moka Pot

Brentwood TS-118BK

Our second pic the best electric Moka pot is Brentwood TS-118BK which can perfectly brew up to 6 cups or 10 ounces of espresso coffee at a time which means you can serve your family or friends instantly. 

The best part of this coffee maker, you can ergonomically operate this coffee maker using only one hand because it has a large handle means you can easily make your desired drinks with little effort. On the other hand, this machine includes a powerful 550-watt motor which enables you to make your coffee much faster than other coffee makers. Additionally, a power indicator will notify you of the brewing status.

With the combination of a pour spout and flip-top lid, you can easily pour and serve your delicious cup of coffee without any issue. And, you can place the pot in any direction for your convenience as this comes with a detachable power base featuring 360-degree swivel technology.

When you want to remove the coffee basket, do not hurry and wait until the machine has cooled down.

In fact, you will appreciate that the parts involved are BPA-free and therefore perfectly safe to use.

Best Bialetti Electric Moka Pot Bialetti Moka Electtrika-Editor’s Choice

Bialetti Moka Electtrika

Bialetti is a very trusted and well-known brand among coffee Many espresso-lovers because they had built many styles of espresso makers, including this electric Moka pot, and obtained a solid reputation by serving high-quality coffee appliances to the globe for nearly 100 years.   

The Moka Express – the classic electric version works similarly to other electric coffee makers, you just simply plugin with a power source (110 V or 230 V) and add the desired amount of ingredients and wait for a few minutes and get your favorite drinks ready for you. 

One of the best things is that Bialetti specially designed this espresso maker ideal for outdoor camping and home use. On the other hand, this ergonomic coffee maker will serve you excellent flavor-rich coffee for many years to come because it has a prolonged life compared to a similar portable Moka pot.  

Since the popularity and demand for Moka pot are rapidly increasing, Bialetti released their new model with a safety valve to protect against overpressure. And, they are constantly fulfilling the customer expectation by improving beverage appliance capability day by day and leading the market at the top of the line beating their so-called competitor.

On the flip side, often it may take half an hour or more to finish brewing, so keep an eye on the wait times if you try this one out!

BC Classics BC-90264-Transparent Container

BC Classics BC-90264

If you are looking for a simple design and simple look electric Moka pot, then BC Classics BC-90264 is an excellent choice that can brew up to 6 shots of espresso in a few minutes. So, you can share the joy of coffee with a group instantaneously.

 With Classics BC-90264, brewing becomes easier as it includes an aluminum boiler which makes brewing much faster and you would have problems monitoring how the brewing process is happening in the transparent container. 

In addition, the boiler is aluminum and the handle allows you to pour without too much heat on your hands.

On top of that, you do not need to break your bank account to buy this lightweight  (approximately 2 pounds) reliable coffee maker, hence you can easily impress your coffee lover friends by serving a delicious cup of coffee at the next campfire.

Another important useful feature is its Cool Touch Handle which means you don’t need to use cloth or gloves for pouring coffee but you must use cloth or gloves if you use it on a campfire to protect your hand from burning.

After all, you would find that numerous customers provide positive feedback as they love how easy it is to use, and they greatly enjoy the flavor of the espresso.

Mandarin-Gear Electric Moka Pot

Mandarin-Gear Electric Moka Pot

If you are looking for a smart stovetop Moka pot with electrical functionality, then take a look at Mandarin -Gear Electric Moka pot that can simply brew the best-tasting espresso up to six 2-ounce cups.

Not to mention that its design is highly appealing, simple, and elegant so it’s definitely a nice addition to any size kitchen, hence your kitchen will look better.

Since brewing in Moka pots needs a bit of experience but you do not need to spend hours in the learning curve because this simple appliance makes brewing simpler. For brewing, you just add ingredients, plugin, and go! That’s it.

Good news for serious coffee drinkers who love to take multiple servings over time because you would still get hot coffee after half an hour of brewing.

Additionally, you can easily disassemble the parts so that you have no hassle of cleaning, hence you will enjoy better testing fresh flavorful coffee.

In fact, if you fond coffee comes with a strong plastic smell which will take a while to feed.

best moka pot for electric stove: Bellemain 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot

Bellemain 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot

If you are looking for a fast brewing Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot that makes up to 6 demitasses (2 oz.) cups for morning breakfast under a cheap budget, then Bellemain could meet your expectation.   

At first glance, the Bellemain 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker looks precisely like Bialetti Moka Pot. Most users appreciate this appliance as Bellemain is suitable for any gas or electric stovetop and makes velvety coffee in a matter of minutes as it is designed to heat quickly and evenly.

On the other hand, brew speed and flavor depend on the type of stove used in brewing, the variety of the selected coffee beans, and the intensity of the burner. So, you could enjoy a warm breakfast in bed or a midnight nightcap with friends comfortably. 

Another useful safety feature is the stay-cool handle which provides you with the protection you need without wearing any clothes or gloves. But, you must take hand protection if you use it on a campfire. Even better protection is included to prevent overheating, so you would have no worries to burn your coffee if you forget to shut off the appliance, it will shut automatically.

Last but not least, Bellemain, espresso, and the mocha maker have the capability to provide the perfect “wake-up”, morning, noon, or night.

Does Your Coffee Suck? Avoid 7 Mistakes to improve

Does your coffee really taste fresh and savory as it should be? 

Unfortunately, you’re unintentionally making mistakes with your coffee pot that are ruining your morning brew and might even be putting your health at risk. So, read this to avoid these common coffee pot mistakes and improve your coffee quality.

Mistake-1: Dirty coffee pot, not cleaning daily

Often coffee lovers make this common mistake. We feel charming to think that coffee pots are refilled again and again in a 24-hour diner without a break for cleaning.

So, cleaning is the prerequisite for making a delicious cup of joe. 

Mistake-2: Missing to descale internal parts quarterly

This mistake is similar if you don’t clean your coffee pot. If you missed descaling internal parts quarterly or the manufacturer’s recommendation, you will never get the best-tasting coffee.

Therefore, you can use a dedicated descaler or vinegar and water to descale internal parts quarterly.

Mistake-3: Using unfiltered water instead of freshest, cleanest water.

Even though you use a high-quality coffee maker, best coffee beans, your coffee taste might suck unless you use the freshest or cleanest water for brewing coffee. So, do not use tap water and you must use chlorine-free water or filtered water to make your coffee clean, odor-free, and clear color.

Mistake-4: Use stale coffee beans 

Sometimes coffee lovers buy bulk coffee grounds and store them for a couple of weeks and this is enough to make your coffee taste suck. In fact, grabbing a big bag of grounds is convenient, but it does not improve your coffee taste anymore.

To make better-tasting coffee, only purchase what you’ll use within two weeks and store them in such a way that allows the beans to avoid heat, light, and excess air means preventing oxidation.

Mistake-5: Too early bean grinding 

The rule of thumb for making great tasting coffee is to grind your coffee beans immediately just before coffee brewing because the coffee beans start to stale while they start grinding.

So, only grind what you require for the next brewing and avoid grinding too early for brewing.

Mistake-6: Optimum brewing temperature is not maintaining

If you are not aware of what temperature you are using to brew your coffee, you will not get full potential extraction from the coffee beans. Hench, your coffee taste will suck.

Use water temperature 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit less than a full boil of water temperature because water within this range helps to extract the best flavors from the beans.

Mistake-7: Use the correct grind size

Even if you use the world’s most expensive coffee maker, best quality coffee beans, and world champion barista but the wrong grind size, you will end up with a bad-tasting cup of coffee no doubt.

Unfortunately, the problem is we are following the same formula, even if you’re unhappy with your cup which means we must use a perfect size grind for each method of brewing.

How Many Shots of Espresso Does a Moka Pot Make?

The number of shots of espresso depends on the size of the Moka pot. If the Moka pot is small, it can take one to two cups of espresso but large Moka pots can easily make up to ten cups of coffee. To get the best espresso shot, read appliance manual instructions carefully, and brew delicious cups of coffee so that you can impress your family and friends.

Are Moka Pots Worth It?

Sure. If you are a crazy coffee lover who wants delicious coffee regularly, then investing in a high-quality Moka pot that can brew great-tasting coffee with little effort, is made with high-quality material, and last for a long time is a wise decision because you will get the best value for the money you spent.  

Why Does My Moka Pot Coffee Taste Bitter?

Coffee produced by an espresso machine is much more intense than coffee produced by a Moka pot. If you have prepared coffee for more than one cup, make sure you pour out the rest of the coffee into a thermal flask to prevent the coffee from tasting bitter.

Benefits of using Electric Moka Pot stovetop Espresso Makers

High Technology Brewing

Brewing coffee is easy, right, But brewing an excellent cup of coffee requires perfect appliances besides fresh coffee beans. Unlike traditional Moka pots, the electric Moka pot espresso makers enable you to make great tasting coffee just in a few minutes with temperature control. On the other hand, this device allows you to brew a variety of coffee, which includes espresso, latte, and more.

Light and Portable Design

Since the smart electric Moka pots are lightweight, portable, and suitable for outdoor use, you can take it anywhere you want rather than for home or office use, especially on a campfire.

Easy Grip Handle

After several customer complaints, the latest improved models come with rubberized ergonomic handles with a finger grip which enables users to pour or serve coffee more efficiently, safely, and economically.

Space Saver

The Electric Moka pot’s popularity is increasing for several reasons and one of them is space-saving because you can place it on any kitchen top without taking up a lot of space and suitable for a college student dorm. 

Can Brew Up to 6 Cups of Espresso

With an electric Moka pot, you can easily impress your guest up to 6 by providing them with an excellent cup of coffee within a few minutes. Furthermore, if needed, you can easily refill the pot with water to enjoy a few more cups of coffee.

7 Things Must Consider Before Purchasing Electric Moka Pot Espresso Makers

Auto-shutoff for heat control

If you want to buy electric Moka pot espresso, you would see some models have an auto-shutoff of the heating element and others do not. And, the purpose of auto-shutoff features is to prevent the pot from over-extracting.

Keep Warm Function

Moka pot with a keep-warm function: brewed coffee can last for as long as thirty minutes to an hour. But, Moka pot without keeping warm function: Brewed coffee remains warm only for a few minutes after the brewing is complete.

Electric Moka pot size: Large, medium, or small

Fortunately, large, medium, or small size electric Moka pots are available and only you can choose which size is best for your regular use. However, large size Moka pots are preferable if you want to serve several cups at a time.

Auto-Off Function

Electric Moka pot with an auto-off function allows you to brew coffee with less monitoring, meaning you don’t have to stay next to see the brewing cycle because after brewing the pot will automatically shut off and prevent over-brewing of the coffee.

Material quality

Before buying a coffee appliance such as an electric Moka pot, it is important to choose which material will have great long-term benefits. For example, Moka pot made of stainless steel is easy to clean, and lasts for longer but is expensive. On the other hand, an aluminum-made Moka pot makes coffee faster for quick heat transfer. In addition to these, some Moka pots are made of transparent glass. 

Small and large capacity

You only need to know which size of electric Moka pot is best for you. So you should buy a small or large capacity electric Moka pot based on your needs and both sizes are available on the market from the manufacturers. 

Made in Italy or other country

When it comes to choosing a high-quality electric espresso coffee maker, the preference goes to Italian stovetop espresso coffee appliance manufacturers because they produce exceptionally high-quality coffee makers that not only last for several years but also delivers you the desired result which means you always get rich organic flavor coffee morning after morning.


What is an Electric Moka Pot?

An electric coffee-making machine with a Moka pot attached is known as an Electric Moka pot that can brew espresso-like coffee almost effortlessly. Even though the Moka pot is an old-school method for brewing an excellent cup of espresso, the electric Moka pot allows you to brew great tasting coffee in the morning.

Can I Use it On a Gas Stove or Electric Stoves?

The answer is Yes and No. You have to check the appliance information whether you can use it on a gas stove or an electric ceramic stove.

What is Induction heating?

Induction heating is a type of heating mechanism in which electrically conducting magnetism and electromagnetic induction is used to heat an object with the help of electricity.

How Much Does it Cost?

It depends on the material used, its features, its functions, and the capacity as well. Different cup sizes such as 2 cups, 3 Cups, 4 cups, 6 cups, and so on are available in the market. Moreover, you can choose from your favorite colors such as red, purple, blue, orange, etc. The price can range from thirty to a hundred dollars or more. 

Can I Get a Warranty?

This really varies and depends on the seller. Most of the vendors will give you a warranty for different periods, and others won’t. Therefore, it is wise to read the seller’s warranty information carefully before making any buying decision.

Where Can I buy it?

You can purchase it from a local market or an online shop. Since many online stores have collections of different models, you can purchase them online and deliver them right at your doorstep. Once your order, check that you are purchasing from a reputable online seller. 

The End

So, you’ve already got the information you need and that will help you select the best electric Moka pot from small to large sizes for making awesome espresso that will serve you in the years ahead. Therefore, you can easily brew great-tasting coffee like Italian coffee in the comfort of your kitchen and share it with one that you love.

Enjoy your coffee!!