8 Best Large Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot [June-2023]

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Best Large Stovetop Espresso Makers Moka Pot is a great affordable solution if you want to brew and serve excellent espresso to your full family or to a large number of drinkers at a small or large party.

And, a little bit extra-large stovetop espresso maker minimizes hassle for frequent brewing and filling. Furthermore, stovetop espresso makers are not only easy to use but also allow you to place them directly on your stove’s burner and no plugins are required. 

If you make coffee in your kitchen every morning then you will clearly understand that a large Moka pot is a lot easier than brewing multiple batches from smaller pots and it makes life easy.

So, you just need to add water and ground coffee beans and after a few minutes, your great-tasting espresso will be on your hand.

Here are the Biggest high-end Moka Pots for a large amount of espresso brewing at a time 

Some Extra large Moka pot in the Juneket

8 Best Large Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot Review details

Bialetti Moka Express Large 12-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

Bialetti Moka Express

When it comes to Moka pot manufacturing, you would have heard the name of Bialetti brand for their innovative product design. Bialetti Moka Express Large 12-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker is one of the most popular espresso makers in the coffee community for its great quality and affordability. 

Bialetti Moka Express is the largest version Moka pot comes with 12 cup brewing capacity which means you can make and store large amounts of coffee at a time and you can also easily surprise your all family members or guests with great flavor coffee quickly.  

Vev Vigano 8010 Kontessa Oro 12-cup


Vev Vigano 8010 Kontessa Oro 12-cup is an Italian Espresso maker known for its impressive unique design and made with durable stainless steel. This beautiful stovetop espresso maker does not only improves your kitchen decor or lasts for several years but also produces fresh flavor coffee every single time and is easy to clean. Furthermore, this extra-large Moka pot is suitable for gas, induction, electric, infrared heating.

If you love something that is a little bit different then the classic stovetop espresso maker and people appreciate your choice, then this model will be perfect for you.

Alessi 9090 M Stovetop Richard Sapper Espresso Maker 10 Cups

Alessi 9090 M Stovetop Richard Sapper Espresso Maker 10 Cups

Alessi makes a very well-made classic design Moka pot constructed from durable stainless steel that will serve you for several years to come. If you want something easy to use, brew excellent espresso with crema, and improve your kitchen decor then you should check the details of this Moka pot. Furthermore, this Moka pot brews excellent flavor espresso-like coffee quickly and it is compatible with all stovetops, including induction. Besides brewing coffee, the handle is easy to grip, giving you better control when pouring your espresso.

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VonShef Extra Large 12 Cup Chrome Aluminium Moka Pot

VonShef Extra Large 12 Cup Chrome Aluminium Moka Pot is one of the most inexpensive Moka pots that can make great flavor coffee but you simply can not expect the same quality you get from other expensive large Moka pots like Bialetti Moka pot. This Moka pot is suitable for both gas and electric stovetops and you can easily brew rich flavor coffee using the instruction manual. 

Vev Vigano Carioca Nero 12-Cup Espresso Maker

This is another top-rated budget-friendly 12-cup espresso maker that can brew excellent espresso coffee quickly. It is made of a polished high quality durable 18/10 stainless steel body that fits in every kitchen and comes with a stainless steel filter basket. This stovetop espresso maker features a brass safety pressure release valve to protect from overpressure and the black plastic handle and the lid knob make your pouring quite easy. 

The best part, with this Moka pot you could save a lot of money in the long run that you could spend on local coffee shops and besides this, you will get an amazing coffee experience morning after morning.

Vev Vigano 8160 Vespress Gold 12 to 14-cup Coffee Pot – Made in Italy

Vev Vigano 8160 Vespress Gold 12 to 14-cup Coffee Pot – Made in Italy

If you are looking for a traditional design large capacity stainless steel stovetop espresso maker made in Italy, then you must look at the features of this Moka pot. This coffee maker fits for all cooking surfaces and it is capable of brewing 12 to 14 cups of coffee easily and the polish finish on the handle and lid knob easily gets the attention of anyone enters your kitchen. On the other hand, Vev Vigano features a brass pressure release valve and you will get a stainless steel filter basket with this Moka pot.

Fortunately, cleaning is easy and pretty straightforward.  

Bialetti Kitty Stainless Steel 10 Cup Espresso Maker

Bialetti Kitty is a high-quality stovetop Moka pot espresso maker made with durable stainless steel that surely will last for several years to come. This Moka pot features commercial grade three-way solenoid valves, heat resistant handles for safe and easy brewing and serving. With this large (34 ounce) capacity, you can easily serve your full family with a single brewing cycle.    

You will appreciate this coffee maker for quick brewing because the water compartment will enable you to brew up to 10 cups of espresso at a single brewing cycle in a few minutes without the hassle of refilling the tank with water. Even better, this coffee maker works with fire pits so you can bring this Moka pot for outdoor use-hiking or camping and can make single or double shots of espresso-based on your preference. 

Cuisinox Roma 10 Cup Moka Espresso Stovetop Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel

Cuisinox Roma is an awesome Stovetop Espresso Maker made with high-quality durable food-grade stainless steel Moka pot built to last for years and produce pure flavor coffee every time. This coffee maker can brew up to 12 cups of best-tasting espresso within 4-5 minutes based on your need. Unlike other Moka pots, the ergonomic handle lets you easily carry and pour your espresso without any mess.

Furthermore, this coffee maker lid (attached to the body ) comes with a knob so that you could open and pour coffee in a controlled way. The best part of this espresso maker, you will have no hassle cleaning it because the cleaning is quite easy. 

Conclusion: Best Large Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot

In summary, there is countless large-size Moka pot available in the market and all do not work equally. Thus, you can confidently invest in any of the above best large Moka pot for the long run and you will get the best value for the money.