6 Best Manual Coffee Grinder For Pour Over-[June-2023]

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Best manual coffee grinder for pour over

Do you want the best manual coffee grinder for pour over that lets you grind preciously and preserves the oils from your coffee beans?

Pour-over coffee brewing is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods among all coffee brewing methods available all over the world because the brewer has full control over the coffee-making process and can easily satisfy family and friends. Brewing a delicious cup of coffee starts with fresh coffee beans and perfect size because the machine will have nothing to do with coffee flavor and aroma if the grind size is not perfect.

Owning the best manual coffee grinder for pour over lets you brew delicious cups of coffee every single time you want and you do not need to break your bank account for getting one.

Finding the best coffee grinder for pour-over is not an easy task as the coffee market is filled with a plethora of coffee grinders with different features that can easily confuse you. But, you do not need to spend hours finding the perfect coffee grinder because our team has already done the research. Pray for you and come up with a top-picked coffee grinder that will provide you the best value for the money.

At a Glance: Best Manual Coffee Grinder For Pour Over Comparision

Manual Coffee Grinder Name Features  Price
1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder Light Gray Capacity 1Zpresso-JX-Manual-Coffee-Grinder # Stainless Steel Conical Burr
# Grinding Efficiency Espresso to Coarse
# Good for travelling and camping
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Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder # Made in Osaka, Japan
# Stainless steel, static free body
# Wide range of grind setting
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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill, Mini Slim, Plus, Black Hario-Ceramic-Coffee-Mill-Mini-Slim-Plus-Black # Budget friendly
# Increased grind consistency and reduced wear
# Slim design makes for easy storage and travel
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Zassenhaus Santiago Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill Zassenhaus-Santiago-Mahogany-Beech-Wood-Manual-Coffee # German made Conical Burr Grinder
# Fine German Craftsmanship
# 25-year guarantee on grinding mechanism
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Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder Wooden Mill with Cast Iron Burr, Large Capacity Hand Crank, Portable Travel Camping Adjustable (Brown wood) Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder # Affordable
# Cast iron burr
# Fits for travel & camping
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Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Ceramic Burr - Because Hand Ground Coffee Beans Taste Best Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Ceramic Burr # Cheap
# Quite & Durable
# Infinitely adjustable
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Top Picked Pour Over Manual Coffee grinder Reviews

1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder 

Precious control and adjustment: 

If you are looking for precious control and adjust feature in your non-electric coffee grinder, then must see 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder, the top of the line manual coffee grinder because this coffee grinder comes with over 200 clicks settings and you get 100% accuracy control over the particles you want. Initially, you need to identify your sweet spot when brewing your favorite coffee including espresso so that you will never miss your favorite flavor coffee.

Long life span and high-efficiency coffee grinder:

You not only get a durable coffee grinder that serves you consistent grind for years to come but also the stainless steel 48mm conical burr ensures your grinding efficiency because internal fixing between the burr and central shaft and no more wobbly burr comes loose. On the other hand, you can grind 25 grams of coffee in around 35 seconds.

Hassle-free Cleaning: 

No coffee appliance will serve you better if the effective maintenance and cleaning are not done after use and improper cleaning has a bad impact on your coffee flavor. But, you can simply clean this coffee grinder thoroughly without any tool and it does not take a long time for cleaning.


Zpresso is a relatively new company but the coffee grinder it made has a lot of momentum in the coffee world at this moment because it has achieved a great reputation by providing so much value for serious coffee lovers for the money they spend. 

The manufacturer is so much confident about the quality of this coffee grinder and gives a one-year limited warranty for peace of mind because they calibrated and fixed the burrs and ensured no wobbly parts or burrs that come loose as time goes on and estimates grind approx 300KG by general use.

Bottom line:

The best part of this coffee grinder, you can easily carry this portable coffee grinder on the go and you can grind any size imaginable so you will not miss your favorite coffee anywhere you go. 

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder


When any appliance comes from Japan, there is nothing to worry about product quality and performance because Japanese manufacturers do not compromise with quality for something.


Prolex made this coffee grinder with durable stainless steel that lasts for several years and designed for regular use and it can grind from multiple brewing because you will get a wide range of settings. 

Comfortable Grinding:

If you are not just going to start brewing coffee with your own ground beans, then you probably know how static annoys while grinding. Fortunately, the engineers addressed this problem and made this grinder for body static-free. The long length of the ergonomic handle lets you grind large batches of coffee beans comfortably.

Easy to clean and maintenance:

Since this coffee grinder is made of stainless steel, the cleaning part is very straightforward and you will not have to struggle for removing debris from the inside.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill, Mini Slim, Plus, Black

Consistency in grinding:

If your coffee grinder is not capable of grinding consistently, then no matter what others it can do well because inconsistent grind has an adverse impact on your coffee flavor and taste as well. And, you can easily rely on this new and improved reinforced hexagonal adapter for increased grind consistency and reduced wear.

Beginner friendly and easy to use:

With Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill, anyone can brew delicious cups of pour-over coffee as is super easy to adjust for the right grind coarseness providing a consistent grind for perfect fresh coffee. Moreover, the stepped grind adjustment mechanism is easy to use and change

Fits for traveling:

This compact design ideal size coffee grinder is so popular for travel, for camping, even for the office – anywhere you’d want to make just a few cups at a time with a portable hand grinder. At the same time, you will feel out of space while preparing your travel bag because

a small lightweight and slim design make for easy storage.

Easy to clean:

When it comes to cleaning this coffee grinder, you no need to remember any tips or tricks because the cleaning is very straightforward and it takes a little bit of time.

Zassenhaus “Santiago” Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill

Provides consistent grinding:

Consistent grinding helps for perfect extraction which means your coffee taste has a direct relation with uniform grind size. You have no worries about the grind quality because infinite dial grind settings ensure you gets grounds fine enough for espresso and even Turkish coffee

Wide range of setting and fits for multiple brewing:

This coffee grinder comes with a HUGE number of grind settings due to its grind size dial and the grind function produces consistent results that surely improve your coffee-making skill and you get admiration from your family and friends for serving great flavor coffee. Even better, you can grind for every brew method besides pour-over, even Turkish and espresso. 

Portable and budget-friendly coffee grinder:

The Zassenhaus is a perfect solution for the coffee lover who wants a small manual grinder under an affordable budget that is as beautiful as it is functional. When compared with a traditional electric burr grinder, it is smaller, however, it’s a little larger and bulkier than other hand grinders.

Huge warranty

The expertly crafted Zassenhaus beautiful-looking vintage coffee grinders conical burrs are made with high-grade carbon steel conical burrs that allow you to grunt exactly the size you want. The 25-year no-break warranty on the grinding mechanism guarantees long-lasting durability but this is not the only reason for its popularity but also this coffee grinder is so popular for the mahogany finish, high-quality grind capabilities.

Attractive color:

At the glance, you will forget to pull your eyes from the grinder and you will definitely appreciate the stunning beechwood, and black beechwood finish and you have the option to choose your favorite from different colors available in the market. 

Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder Wooden Mill 

Made With Solid High-quality Wood:

At the first glance, you will appreciate that the Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder body is made with brown solid wood instead of the common material used for making coffee grinder and this has no chances of cracking so this will last for longer. 

Durable Premium Cast Iron Burr:

Durable  premium cast iron burr ensures you will get consistent grinding for your favorite brewing and you will not be surprised with metal odor or rust because cast iron conical burrs don’t produce the heat that can adversely affect your coffee’s essential oils

You will have full control over grinding: 

You can easily adjust the fineness of your coffee grinding with the help of a screw under the grinder base and for this, you do not require to remove the handle.

Straightforward cleaning: 

Regular cleaning is important especially if you use this device for multi-purpose and improper cleaning has a bad impact on your coffee. Anyone can comfortably disassemble this grinder for thorough cleaning which allows you to clean your grinder pretty easily.

Fits for traveling:

Akirakoki coffee grinder is made with simplicity in mind so anyone can grind coffee beans for brewing fresh coffee. This nice-looking compact portable coffee grinder ensures you get uniform consistency on grinding on the next camping, hiking, backpacking, or outdoor trip. Even better, it takes little space for storing and you have no headache for battery, power, or long plastic cable. 

You will not bother for noise while grinding:

This coffee grinder is designed ergonomically, lets you grind your beans easily and smoothly to the exact size you want and you have not to bother for noise if someone is sleeping around you while grinding coffee beans because it eliminates noise. 

Akirakoki is more than a coffee grinder:

Besides regular coffee grinding, this versatile grinder can be used for chopping nuts to enhance your salads or create great homemade cookies, chopping herbs, and spices for a fresh addition to your gourmet meals easily.

Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Ceramic Burr

Precious control:

Every coffee snob will love this coffee grinder because this grinder features infinite dial settings that are fully adjustable so you can peacefully grind beans exactly the size you need for your favorite brews. This coffee grinder also works as the best manual coffee grinder for Cold brew

Affordable Grinder:

The Khaw-Fee Manual Coffee Grinder is a relatively inexpensive grinder with the same basic shape as the Hario’s Skerton Pro, which we’ll talk about in just a little bit. Featuring ceramic conical burrs and a removable silicone base to prevent sliding, this grinder checks a lot of the boxes.


When it comes to coffee grinder quality, you can fully rely on all Khaw-Fee products because the brand founder Andrews firmly builds products with the added benefit of a 100% lifetime warranty and believes that all coffee drinkers should enjoy a great cup of java with freshly ground beans.

Easy to operate:

Making different flavor coffee becomes a lot easier than ever because you can easily adjust the grind setting you want and grind for everything from Turkish coffee to French press. When your grinding is completed, you do not need any additional tool or other help for cleaning this grinder because the grinder comes apart for easy cleaning and it takes little time for proper cleaning. And, the grinder will not move while grinding because the silicone base holds the grinder in place while grinding.

Bottom line:

For frequent traveler coffee lovers, the Khaw-Fee Manual coffee grinder is more than a bosom friend on your go because this tidy, efficient, and certainly, compact design gives you a consistent grind for brewing fresh flavor coffee when you need it. You should be mindful while carrying the glass hopper specializing when you go traveling.