5 Best Quiet Burr Coffee Grinders For Home & Office [July-2021]

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If you are struggling to find the best quiet burr coffee grinder, then you have already understood that it is much harder and difficult to spot one from plenty of options than it seems.

Since there are too many models available in the market and many claims as to the quietest or most effective burr grinders, but all coffee grinders are not quite as they promise. 

No worries. After hours of research, we have picked the top 5 best quiet coffee grinders that will surely meet your needs, style, and budget.

5 Things to Consider when Buying a Quiet Burr Coffee Grinder

When it comes to choosing the best quality burr coffee grinder, you have to consider the below critical factors before buying a burr coffee grinder that will meet your expectation and suit your style, budget, and needs.

Blade Vs Burr grinders

Burr grinder produces a uniform and consistent grind each time when compared with a blade grinder and ensures the coffee flavor and aroma are preserved for brewing great-tasting coffee.

Grind settings

A wide range of grind settings is preferred because this will allow you to grind from fine to coarse and anything in between. Thus, you will enjoy brewing your favorite coffee anytime you want without leaving your home or office premises.

Grinding Speed

In general, the grinders with high-speed motors may produce loud noise and may also create static build-ups to your ground coffee. But, there are high-quality coffee grinders available in the market that are designed and optimized for slower speed motors with a gear reduction system.

Storage capacity

The size of the storage capacity is an important factor to consider because it solely depends on your requirement. But large storage is convenient for brewing multiple cups for a group of people and the filing frequency will be reduced.

Large or small storage capacity is available in the market and you have to know exactly how much capacity you need before buying one.

Best value for the money

No matter what you are going to buy, it needs to set a budget and consider the features you want from your coffee grinder. Fortunately, there are many coffee grinders with burrs that come with a lesser price, and you can find them in our list.

Detailed Reviews of the 5 Best Quiet Burr Coffee Grinder 2021

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder


The Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder is an awesome coffee grinder equipped with a heavy duty motor that grinds consistently and quickly known for its quiet operation. 

This compact and sturdy made coffee grinder comes with 50 grind settings that let you choose different textures and ground sizes and fits for any size kitchen or office pantry room.

What makes the Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder separate from other coffee grinders is that it can produce the wealthiest flavor and gives your nose a haunting aroma. 

When it comes to making great tasting coffee, the flat burrs hold the beans together to prevent heat buildup during operation and ensure your coffee potential. On the other hand, the heavy motor includes a safety feature that checks overload temperature and the machine will automatically shut in case of overheating.

After all, this coffee grinder features 8oz coffee bean hopper and you have no worries about missing the freshness of your beans as the blue see-through hopper prevents coffee beans from intense light.


  • Produce uniform and consistent grind
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Grinds up to 12 cups
  • Wide range of grind size available


  • Learning curve
  • Dark beans often stick inside

Breville BCG820BSSXL The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder


Breville BCG820BSSXL is the top-of-the-line coffee burr grinder that comes with many useful features even elderly people can easily grind precisely.

When you compare this smart coffee grinder with other burr coffee grinders, you will find that this coffee grinder grinds quickly and almost quietly. Furthermore, LCD screens help you to easily navigate the grind settings and it is designed considering minimizing overheat and reduce build-up static.

Even coffee beginners can easily grind preciously with easy-to-adjust 60 grind settings from coarsest to the finest ground or anything in between. Thus, you can easily brew flavorful and aromatic coffee any time you want in the comfort of your kitchen.

Another great feature of this coffee grinder is the clear view hopper and the container can store 18oz of coffee beans. 

The best part, the dosing control features helps you to grind the exact amount of coffee beans you need.


  • Entry level coffee grinder and user friendly features
  • Makes little noise compared to others 
  • Burr burr grinder produce uniform and consistent grinding
  • Last for several years


  • Regular cleaning is needed
  • Need to allocate budget

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill


Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme coffee grinder is an excellent coffee grinder that comes with an auto-off function after completing the grinding job. Furthermore, this coffee grinder is not only energy efficient but also produces consistent grind preciously and it can grind almost silently and comes with an auto-off function after completing your grind.

You will definitely appreciate this affordable burr coffee grinder because the 18 grind setting helps you produce extra-coarse grounds for French press and extra-fine for espresso each time.

Unlike other coffee grinders, you have no worries about spills because the airtight ground container secures ground coffee.

In short, Cuisinart DBM-8 provides the best value for the money you spent and provides qualities more than you can expect for this price range. 


  • Easy 18 steps grinding setting fits for multiple brewing
  • Enough coffee beans capacity
  • Burr mill grinder ensure grinding quality


  • Learning curve
  • Slowish when grinding

Capresso 565.05 Infinity Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder


If you are looking for a slim and compact conical burr coffee grinder that provides consistent grinding every time and grinds at low RPM to reduce the static build-up of the coffee beans inside the burr grinder, then you must go with Capresso 565.05 Infinity Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder. Furthermore, this coffee grinder lets you set the grind timer from 5-60 seconds to get the perfect size of your grounds for your favorite brewing and it can grind quietly without producing loud noise like other electric burr coffee grinder. Thus, this coffee grinder is perfect for home and office use.

Unlike another coffee grinder, anyone, even a coffee beginner can grind precisely for multiple brewing because it comes with easy to adjust a wide range of 16 grind settings. Besides, this coffee grinder includes a safety lock feature, the bean hopper’s top cover secures the coffee beans and prevents slippage during the operation.

You will appreciate the clear-view bean hopper that can fill 8.8oz of coffee beans and the airtight ground container has a capacity of 4oz of ground coffee. Fortunately, you can easily impress your family members with multiple great-tasting coffees with freshly ground coffee because this grinder features four levels of grind settings from extra fine to extra coarse this coffee grinder offers.


  • Slowish grind operation grinds silently
  • Powerful burr grinder grinds preciously
  • 16 grind setting for multiple brewing


  • Dark roasted beans may cause static build-ups
  • A bit of pricy

Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza-Virtuoso plus

The Baratza Virtuoso Plus conical burr coffee grinder is an excellent coffee grinder that grinds preciously from espresso to French press and it grinds quietly and comes with many useful features that makes your grinding easy resulting in you get rich flavorful great-tasting coffee in the comfort of your kitchen.

When it comes to the ground quickly and quietly, you can depend on this coffee grinder because it features a powerful 70-watt DC Motor that can grind coffee beans quickly without erasing over temperature and it produces very little noise so you can grind anywhere in your home or office. Even better, you can calibrate the metal grinders based on your preference from extra-fine to extra-coarse grounds for your coffee.

Unlike other burr coffee grinders, this coffee grinder will produce fresh ground coffee based on your brewing method and you can easily adjust the grinder motor to minimize noise production.

After all, this coffee grinder is designed with simplicity and durability in mind and lasts for several years because the burrs are made with sharp steel rustproof and food safe.

Furthermore, the grinder is also shock resistant and adapts to the motor’s movement. 


  • Excellent grind setting fits for any size grinding
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Conical burrs grind uniformly 
  • Powerful DC motor grinds quickly


  • A bit expensive
  • Often overheats


If you want the best quiet burr coffee grinder within an affordable budget for home and office use, you can invest in any of the above coffee grinders that ensures consistent grind every single time you brew and you will never miss your favorite flavor coffee in your comfort premises.