Top 4 Best Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder [2021]

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Best Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder

Perfect uniform grind size is the secret of making great tasting coffee and freshly ground coffee beans matters a lot for coffee taste. That’s why you’ll find endless numbers of single-cup grinder coffee makers available on the market to satisfy coffee lover’s demand. Therefore, it takes time to find the perfect single-cup grinder coffee maker out of many choices. It is obviously a dumb job and takes hours of work. 

But, don’t worry. We have done the research for hours and finally picked up the top 10 best single cup coffee makers with grinder considering all the essential factors. 

Read this article where I’ll show you every coffee maker’s unique features and benefits so that you can pick your favorite coffee maker that will cover your expectations.

What Is A Single Cup Coffee Maker And Its Speciality?

So what’s a single cup coffee maker? The coffee machines that are specially designed and convenient for making one single cup of coffee at a time.

They are small and compact, and you won’t have to wait for a long time to have a fresh brew. They have been specifically designed to make your mornings memorable.

All you have to do is ensure that you have your grinder filled with your best coffee beans and the reservoir is full of water. You can then go about your business as your coffee machine handles the rest.

It is so far the best gift you can get yourself if at all you are a coffee lover. Your mornings will always brighten up with a hot cup of freshly brewed delicious coffee thanks to these machines.

Is There A Need For The Grinder?

Any coffee connoisseur will recommend grinding your own coffee beans as the best option for many reasons. This is because freshly ground coffee beans tend to be more delicious than coffee that has stayed for a couple of days in the packets before it is brewed. This is due to the volatile coffee aromas and chemicals in the beans reacting with the atmosphere and thus fades away.

The presence of these groups of coffee lovers gives rise to this new product category of single cup coffee maker with an integrated grinder, also known as the single cup grind and brew coffee maker.

Should I Get A Single Cup Coffee Maker With a Grinder?

If you do not get a perfect coffee grind size, it is nearly impossible that you get the desired taste of the coffee even if you use the best quality fresh beans with a high-quality coffee maker. 

Coffee experts always advise grinding beans just before brewing to get the maximum flavor from coffee beans.

In short, if you are serious about your coffee taste, you must consider the grinding option rather than using pre-ground beans for brewing an excellent cup of joy.


First of all, this coffee maker can comfortably sit in any place because it is small and compact. Moreover, you can easily carry this lightweight coffee maker without breaking a sweat.


With an integrated coffee grinder, you just put in the beans and you do not have to pour coffee powder so you have no risk of messing up your table. 

Often, the coffee waste remains in the coffee filter and creates a thick cake after being soaked with water has an impact on coffee taste.

But, you could clean this coffee out within a few minutes and will be ready for the next cycle.


For those coffee lovers whose jobs are demanding and involve traveling a lot, this is the best choice for you.

You can simply fit them in your suitcases and bring them along to any destination. The benefit of that, you no longer have to worry about a delicious cup of coffee and you would not miss your favorite flavor coffee.

What makes different single serve coffee makers with a grinder is the special design to serve your coffee efficiently, conveniently, and quickly no matter wherever you go.

Limitations Of Single Cup Coffee Makers With Grinder

Single-cup coffee makers come with its set of disadvantages. The obvious one is that you can only make one single cup of brew at a time. However, there are models that can make a single cup or multiple cups of coffee. If you prefer that, look out for the Breville coffee maker right below.

The addition of the grinder makes the coffee machine larger. So it’s going to take extra space. 

Types Of Grinders In Single Cup Coffee Makers

Type of grinder is one of the important features needed to consider before choosing the best single-serve coffee maker with a grinder.

Whether you go for a single grind grinder, you only get one single grinding which means your grinder will support some dedicated brewing rather than multiple brewing.

On the other hand, the multiple grind grinder has different settings to grind several sizes and types so you are not limited to one method of brewing and you can explore different brewing to improve your barista skill at home.

Top 4 Best Grind And Brew Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

Mr. Coffee- Best Single Cup Coffee Maker with Built-in Grinder For Travelling

Mr. Coffee- Best Single Cup Coffee Maker with Built-in

At first glance, you appreciate the aesthetics-the front showcasing the smooth stainless surface and it also looks attractive for the black plastic casing on sides and backs.

And, you get no plastic smell in your coffee as this is BPA free.

Mr. Coffee designed this coffee maker with simplicity in mind and the best thing you get from this coffee maker is an excellent cup of coffee within a few minutes.

Even if you have no prior experience of brewing a cup of coffee, still you can brew charming coffee because it includes many incredible features.

2-Way Brew Option: Pre-ground or Beans

When it comes to making a great taste of coffee, whole beans provide you the most desirable coffee compared to pre-ground coffee. But, getting beans everywhere is not possible.

Pre-ground or bean both options are available in this coffee maker to ensure the best flavor coffee you love.

Whether you want pre-ground, just place the already ground coffee in the filter and watch it transform into a delectable brew or want a full bean, place the beans in the grinder where it will be ground into fine powder for brewing.

Built-In Grinder

A coffee bean grinder is integrated with this coffee maker so you enjoy fresh uniform grinding for your favorite brew.

Steal barista’s secret, use freshly ground beans just before making a cup of coffee to get the full-bodied flavor.

No Hassle For Filter Changing

The filter is one of the essential elements for improving coffee taste because this filter holds any coffee grounds to make your coffee much finer.

Thanks to Mr. Coffee includes a permanent filter that makes your coffee life easier because you have no hassle of filter changing.

Convenient For Any Cup Size

You are not limited to use any particular cup size because the holder can be adjusted to any position.

This, you can use any size and shape coffee cup that suits your personality with this coffee maker.

Mr. Coffee makers not only focus on brewing appliances but also care for you by providing a travel mug at no extra cost.


  • Full beans and pre-ground compatible
  • Enjoy brew sizes up to 16 ounces
  • Simple and easy brewing
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Provides a nice travel mug at no extra cost


  • No timer.


Hamilton Beach 4998-Best Features Grind and Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker 

Hamilton Beach 4998

With Hamilton Beach, make great-tasting coffee with freshly ground beans and enjoy dual coffee sprouts with automatic rinse feature.

Automatic rinse-Enjoy Hassle-Free Cleaning

Improper cleaning has a bad impact on your coffee flavor. Even worse, coffee waste from ground coffee blocks coffee makers. And, all come makers are not made equally and can not be cleaned easily.

With Hamilton Beach, you would have no worries or concerns for improper cleaning or blockage because this coffee maker included automatic rinse features that rinse the filter after every brew.

Therefore, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your coffee maker without any extra effort. Even better, you can focus on something important else focusing on cleaning.

Easily Brew More Than One Cup

Unlike other single-serve coffee makers, you have the flexibility that you could easily brew two cups of 8 ounces at a time.

So, you could enjoy and share delicious coffee while on travel or far away from home.

Automatic shut-off-Continuous Monitoring Not Required

Coffee brewing becomes easier than ever and it only needs a press of a single button to do everything means this will grind your beans, make a brew, and shut off immediately when it is done. 

No worries about the incident if you forget to stop the coffee maker.

Another benefit, you no need to sit around idling to stop the machine. Instead, you can focus on something important.

Both way brew option

Every coffee snobs want to use freshly ground coffee beans for extracting maximum flavor instead of using pre-ground coffee.

Often, you need to use pre-ground coffee, especially while on travel.

Fortunately, you have both whole bean and pre-ground bean options available.

When using whole beans, just fill the grinder and press the grind/brew button and this coffee maker will do the remaining part means grinding and then brewing.

On the other hand, if you want to use pre-ground coffee, just place the coffee into the permanent filter section and press to start the brewing. After a few moments, you get a hot liquid full of flavor and aroma in your cup.

Adjustable Mug Holder even for smaller cups

A nice choice for travel or office use. Because you can use any mug you prefer as the mug holder is adjustable. 

Even better, the double spout can brew you two cups of coffee if required to share your coffee with your companion.


  • Attractive design and simple functionality
  • Continuous monitoring, not required-Shuts off automatically
  • Self rinse feature, no hassle for cleaning
  • Dual coffee sprout for serving 2 cups of coffee
  • Enough brewing up to 16 ounces 


  • No timer.

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker 

Breville BDC650BSS Grind

This is the best pick single-serve coffee maker built-in grinder in our list for several reasons.

At first glance, you will be amazed by its eye-catchy design and alluring shiny silvery surface.

Moreover, you will find some useful unique features on control over the quality of your coffee taste that are not common on other coffee makers.

Stainless Steel Burr Grinder

You get a durable burr coffee grinder made with high-quality stainless steel which is far better than the typical blade grinder because it provides consistent grinding for making an excellent cup of coffee.

Get full-bodied flavor because your coffee taste mostly depends on the fresh beans and consistent grind size rather than the quality of the coffee machine.

Wide Range Of Grind Setting

The most desired outcome from a quality coffee grinder is the consistent uniform grind size to ensure great-tasting coffee.

Breville coffee maker built-in grinder has 8 grind sizes settings which means you would have control over grind size. Even better, you could change the grind sizes so as to control the taste of the coffee. 

Temperature Optimize Feature

Using Filtered water is the best practice when it comes to brewing great flavor coffee. But, you would not get the desired cup of coffee unless you optimize the water temperature.

Fortunately, this includes the pre-brew temperature control option which is great to have control over the water temperature before it starts soaking your coffee grounds.

LCD Screen For Easy Operation

Anyone means anyone including elderly persons can operate the coffee maker from the LCD screen and see what is happening.

Hence, you do not need to do any gauge work while brewing and you get the real-time measures in LCD display for grind size, brewing time, water level, strength selection, and the setting you have selected. 

Brews Coffee Itself

Thanks, Brevelli for bringing us this programmable single-serve coffee maker that brews excellent flavor coffee as instructed.

You program this coffee maker and your coffee brewing will start on time as per your schedule.

Hence, get your favorite coffee without waiting for hours.

Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe keeps coffee warm 

Stainless steel made thermal carafe is more effective than glass carafe.

Once you brew your coffee, your coffee will stay warm for a long time so you will not miss the taste of the hot coffee.

On the other hand, this also prevents you from scalding yourself. 


  • Burr Grinder provides consistent grinding
  • Wide range of setting available
  • Pre-brew water temperature control
  • LCD shows you live brew parameters
  • Auto start Programmable feature
  • Adjustable cup tray and carafe included


  • Learning Curve
  • Comparatively pricy

Cuisinart DGB-1 Single Cup Grind & Brew Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-1 Single Cup Grind

The easy and simple function makes your brewing comfortable and detachable parts enable you to clean more effectively. Moreover, reduce cleaning time.

Besides its coffee brewing capability, this coffee maker is a great choice for any personality as it comes with gorgeous looking.

Enough Brewing Capacity

You could easily brew 16 ounces of coffee and that is sufficient. Cuisinart coffee maker has been designed with the capabilities to grind and brew up to a total of 16 ounces of coffee. 

In fact, you could easily share your coffee with your companion especially when you are traveling. 

Removable Drip Tray

Drip tray removable option is available so you can use any size of the cup or mug that goes with your personality and you are not limited to any particular size cup.

Get enough space for your mug by removing the tray and use any mug you wish.

The grind-off feature makes life easier

You get more flavor coffee if you use freshly ground coffee rather than pre-ground coffee. But, this might not be possible in all cases.

Imagine that you are enjoying your trip with your favorite coffee but somehow you run out of coffee beans, then the grind off feature switches off the grinder to pre-ground coffee. And, you are able to brew your coffee from pre-ground beans.

One Button To Brew

With Cuisinart coffee maker, coffee brewing became simple and easier even a noncoffee drinker can make an excellent cup of coffee. For making a delicious cup of joe, just fill the grinder, add water to the reservoir and then press the grind/brew button and this coffee maker will do the rest from grinding to the brewing process.

Within a few moments, you get flavorful rich coffee that makes you enthusiastic. 


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Can accommodate a travel mug
  • Can brew enough coffee.


  • Grinder often release moisture and vapor