8 Best small hand Coffee grinder [June-2023]

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Are you looking for the best small hand coffee grinder under an affordable budget for starting your coffee journey or simply want a quality portable coffee grinder for traveling or camping?

Of course, finding the right compact coffee grinder is a difficult and time-consuming task.

But, no worries. Keep reading this article where we have picked the top 8 best hand mini coffee grinders after hours of research in the market that are suitable for home and outdoor use. Here you will find a cheap small but functional coffee grinder that can grind from multiple brewing including Aeropress, filter coffee, espresso, Turkish coffee, and so on.

8 Best Small Hand Grinder For Making Great Tasting Coffee Review 2021

Read the details of the below coffee grinder which will provide you useful features and benefits regarding your desired small coffee grinder and will help you make purchase decisions. 

Porlex Mini Portable Hand Grinder-tiny coffee grinder


If you are looking for a small durable coffee grinder that can grind precisely and quickly for traveling, then you must look at the Japan-made portable hand coffee grinder Porlex Mini.

What makes this mini coffee grinder separate from other coffee grinders is that this coffee grinder is perfect for minimalists and the perfect companion while on the go. Moreover, you will appreciate the portable easy-to-grip cylindrical shape which makes it easy to hike, bike, pack in a suitcase, or stash in the car so you will get your favorite coffee any time you want.

Plus, this lightweight compact design coffee grinder perfectly fits into the Aeropress making. 

With this easy-to-use coffee grinder, you can easily adjust the grind setting to grind any size between coarse to fine for your favorite brewing. On the other hand, a durable stainless steel body makes it easy to clean and ensures you get great flavor coffee.

After all, it is worth investing in this coffee grinder that will provide you the right grind for your brewer. Just remember the number, and you can make the perfect cup of coffee smoothly while on the go. 

Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder


If you are looking for a small manual coffee grinder that can grind consistently for your desired brewing and comparatively easy to adjust grind setting, then must look at this Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder. This portable hand coffee grinder is perfect for a small kitchen because it takes little space and is suitable for traveling.

With this small coffee grinder, you can grind the desired size consistently quite easily for making great-tasting coffee in the comfort of your kitchen. And it can grind two cups of beans at a time.

When it comes to grinding preciously for brewing excellent cups of joe, you will understand how easy it is to operate. Even coffee beginners can achieve actual grind size without any mess. But, you will require some sort of previous hands-on experience if you want to get too coarse or too fine the grounds for your brewing.

What makes this coffee grinder super convenient is that the coffee grinder is easy to operate and lets you dispense directly into an Aeropress and into whatever machine you like. Besides, the cleaning of this coffee grinder is pretty straightforward and takes little time.

Of course, grinding your own bean just before brewing is great because the perfect grind size ensures you will get the maximum flavor from your coffee beans.

If longevity concerns you, then let me give you a fair warning that this is a machine that might outlive you. Even the ceramic burrs will not wear down, so you’ll not have a reason to replace it even after daily abuse for a good couple of years.

Best Beginner Manual Coffee Bean Grinder- IZpresso’s Mini Q Manual Coffee Mini Grinder

If you are a frequent traveler and do not want to miss your favorite coffee on the go, then you will love this mini portable steel conical burr coffee mill that produces excellent consistent grinding. This coffee grinder measures 5.51 x 1.97 x 1.97 in inches and its hopper capacity is 23-24g.

With this compact and premium coffee grinder, you can grind a wide range of coarse level grinding, perfect for almost any type of brewing method from Aeropress French press, pours overs, and so on.

When comparing this coffee grinder with other manual coffee grinders, you will appreciate the ergonomic design that lets you grind with minimal effort and it can grind pretty quickly. On the other hand, you can get 20g of grind in about 30 seconds or less which is pretty fast.

IZpresso’s Mini Q Manual Coffee Mini Grinder is perfect for your investment because it has built to last for several years and produce consistent grinds for the morning after morning and it will be your reliable companion during camping. 

For peace of mind, the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty.

TIMEMORE’s Chestnut Coffee Grinder


TIMEMORE’s Chestnut Coffee Grinder is an exceptional quality elegant designed coffee grinder made with dual-tone materials of wood and steel body that produces uniform ground coffee each time. Moreover, the aluminum-alloy body makes it more elegant and fits in every kitchen, and improves kitchen decor significantly.

When you first see this award-winning coffee grinder, you will appreciate its ergonomic design and you will feel the attention to detail from the smooth, stable, and consistent grinding action to its pleasant operation.

With this stainless steel conical burr grinder, you can use stepped adjustment to easily grind the size you want. But, if you want to use this coffee grinder for brewing french press, then consider a high-quality filter.

In fact, if you are one of those serious coffee lovers who are looking for a premium quality coffee grinder that is sleek, accurate, easy, and modem but do not want to break the bank, then you must invest in this reliable coffee grinder that lets you brew your favorite coffee for the several years to come.  

Fumao’s Akirakoki Coffee Grinder

Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

If you are looking for a beautifully designed wooden Coffee Bean Mill with Ceramic Burr made with cast iron, then a Japan-made Fumaos Akirakoki entry-level hand coffee grinder is perfect for you. Moreover, you can make great coffee with this top-notch nonelectric grinder and this coffee grinder is perfect for kitchen use and for travelling. 

What makes Akirakoki Coffee Grinder separates it from other this kind of coffee grinders, it has been crafted from just one piece of wood that ensures you that it will never break and cast iron burr has no chances of rust so you may even pass this down to your future generation. Moreover, this coffee grinder has enough capacity for grinding and suitable for travel and outdoor use. 

One of the best beginner-friendly coffee grinders made with simplicity in mind and built as a no-fuss but highly dependable coffee grinder that can grind consistently without producing heat so no have you get burnt taste coffee in the morning.

In short, it is worth investing in the timeless wood design that is made with high-quality build material and you do not need to break your account. Rather it will serve you uniform and accurate grind size for several years to come and you will enjoy your favorite coffee in the comfort of your kitchen.

Comandante’s Nitro Coffee Grinder


If you are looking for a small hand coffee grinder patented with high-alloyed professional-grade can grind quickly and precisely and produce consistent grinding for making great tasting coffee, then the affordable Comandante’s Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder is for you. This coffee grinder also a perfect fit for college students’ personal use.

What makes this coffee grinder separate from its competitor is that this coffee grinder has an ultra-sharp burr that can grind uniformly without any mess. Furthermore, this coffee grinder is convenient for serious coffee lovers who drink more than one cup in a row and this coffee grinder will make you feel like ’Starbucks in your hand.’ 

With this steeped grind adjustment feature, anyone even a coffee beginner can grind desired size grind quite easily for brewing desired brew in the comfort of your home. On the other hand, cleaning and maintaining this coffee grinder is quite easy and it is dishwasher safe. 

Besides its attractive design, it is worth investing in this budget-friendly hand coffee grinder that fits perfectly in any size kitchen and ensures you get your preferred grind size and enjoy your rich flavor coffee in the morning for years.

Lido 3: Best Beginner Manual Coffee Bean Grinder


Lido 3 manual coffee grinder is an excellent compact design travel-friendly coffee grinder that can grind uniformly and consistently without any mess. This coffee grinder has been designed with simplicity and functionality in mind and can grind for multiple brewing including espresso. Furthermore, this coffee grinder will work as a reliable good companion while traveling and ensure you get your desired rich flavor espresso easily.

Another great benefit of Lido 3 coffee grinder is that it features a step-less setup which helps you get precious grind size based on your preference and this feature is more attractive to enthusiasts because they will have the control and the power to experiment with different taste profiles. Ultimately, with this beginner-friendly hand coffee grinder, anyone can easily improve their home barista skill to the next level. However, easy disassembling features make the thorough cleaning quite smooth and comfortable.

This coffee grinder is great for investment if you are a coffee beginner who wants to master coffee without going through a learning curve, want morning coffee life easier and smoother but do not want to spend a lot on your coffee gear.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder – Best for Travel


If you are looking for a portable and durable high-quality hand coffee grinder under an affordable budget that can grind for multiple brewing, then Japan-made JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is perfect for you. Furthermore, this coffee grinder features stainless steel burr coffee grinder that can grind for Aeropress, Drip Coffee, Espresso, French Press, Turkish Brew, and so on.

What makes this coffee grinder outstanding is that the design is considered tall slender that makes it possible to keep it any counter space which is also very convenient for traveling, camping, hiking, fishing, and backpacking. Thus, you will never miss your favorite coffee no matter where you are.

With this easy-to-adjust grind setting, you will enjoy grinding for your great-tasting coffee and the ergonomic handle makes the grinding job quite easy and almost effortless. On the other hand, the cleaning of this coffee grinder is pretty easy and straightforward and takes a little bit of time.

In summary, if you are serious about your morning coffee while on the go and do not want to compromise with your great tasting coffee, investing in this high-quality coffee grinder will provide you the best value for money.

Porlex JP-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Porlex JP-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder is an awesome small compact design coffee grinder coffee grinder made in Japan mostly known for producing uniform and consistent grind for multiple brewing. This coffee grinder has been designed with quality and durability in mind so this coffee grinder is perfect for home kitchen and outdoor use. 

When JP-30 compares with Porlex mini, both have almost the same features except JP-30 features slightly smaller bean and ground holding chambers.

When it comes to grinding operation and functionality, you will appreciate the durability and lifespan of the stainless steel with built-in ceramic burrs mini coffee grinder that provides a uniform and consistent grind without the mess in the morning or while on the go. Moreover, this portable coffee grinder is a perfect fit if you tag your spouse or a couple of friends during backpacking. However, you should grip the coffee grinder carefully as the body of the machine is slippery.

Unlike other coffee grinder it is quite difficult to find this type of easy to use friendly premium quality coffee grinder that comes with a wide range of grind 12 settings allows you to grind everything from Turkish to French Press and fine espresso.  

All of the above, if you are looking for a portable compact design coffee grinder that can grind extremely well and will be a good companion while on the road, then you should invest in this coffee grinder that will serve you for several years and provide you the best value for the money.


With all of the above, you can invest in any of the best small coffee grinders from the above top list that meets your desire.