6 Best Stainless Steel Carafe Coffee Maker [Sep-2021]

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Best Stainless Steel Carafe Coffee Maker

Are you frustrated by drinking burnt-tasting coffee from a glass carafe that has spent one too many hours on the hot plate? No worries.

The double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe can maintain temperature for hours and, since no heating plate is required, the coffee won’t burn or be over-extracted or become bitter.

Even though the stainless steel carafe is heavier than the glass carafe and doesn’t allow you to see the actual amount of coffee that’s left, this durable carafe will keep coffee hot on standby throughout the day. This is why the stainless steel carafe coffee maker became popular for home and office.  

We’re going to take you through the pros, cons, and key features of the best-rated models so that you can choose the best thermal carafe coffee maker for your regular use.

6 Best Stainless Steel Carafe Coffee Maker Summary And Details Review

There are plenty of stainless steel carafe coffee makers available in the market with different features and functions. We have narrowed it to a smaller list so that you can check the details of this coffee maker and make your purchasing decision wisely. And, at the same time, you can avoid costly mistakes.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System With Stainless Thermal Carafe (CF097)

Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a stainless steel carafe coffee maker that brews a wide range of coffee-based drinks smoothly, then you will love this Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System. This coffee maker is quite different from the Bonavita and Technivorm models and packs with many useful features.

When it comes to brewing coffee, you will be happy knowing that this programmable coffee maker gives you an option for a single cup, a large mug, or a half or full carafe. And, you can also adjust the coffee strength. If you want to brew coffee quickly you can choose a single cup option that will take a minute and the milk frother gives you the flexibility to make your own cappuccinos, lattes, or macchiatos. Even better,

What makes this coffee maker unique is that the Ninja comes with its own recipe booklet, with loads of ideas and inspiration. So, this is the perfect coffee maker for home baristas who love experimenting with different coffees in the comfort of the kitchen.

Unlike other coffee makers, the Ninja coffee maker has a self-clean button and the removable parts are dishwasher safe so you have no headache remembering tips and tricks for cleaning. 

On the flip side, this coffee maker does not consider the automatic shut-off so you need continuous monitoring while brewing. And, this coffee maker is fairly large and not suitable for small countertops.

If you’re looking for a machine that can brew a variety of coffee-based drinks and has bags of scope for experimenting with different drinks, this might be for you.


  • Milk frother to get that barista-created look
  • Programmable timer makes life easy
  • Coffee strength adjustable options
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Carafe available for brewing over ice


  • Lack of automatic shut-off
  • Takes wide space

Cuisinart DCC-3400 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker (Our Top Recommended)

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker

If you are looking for a large capacity stainless steel thermal carafe coffee maker that brews great-tasting coffee quickly and keeps your coffee hot for hours without altering coffee taste and flavor, then take a look at the Cuisinart DCC-3400 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker. This coffee maker can handle hard water and is perfect for home and office use. Moreover, you can easily serve hot coffee to a house full of coffee lovers without any mess.

With the Cuisinart DCC-3400 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker, you can set coffee brewing time ahead of time which means you can brew your favorite coffee effortlessly without being present there. On the other hand, this coffee maker gives you control over the strength by opting for regular or bold flavors. Even better, this 12 cup compact coffee maker comes with a charcoal filter to deal with any unpleasant tastes from your tap water.

If you are one of those who can not wait for desired hot coffee, then you will love that you can pour while the coffee is still brewing without waiting for the process to complete.

What makes this coffee maker separate from others is that it features 60-second reset stores of both your chosen settings and the stage of brewing which means if power outage for any reason, it can resume the brewing process when the power returns.

Even though some people might find the angle of the water reservoir makes it a little difficult to fill, it is worth investing in this programmable stainless steel thermal carafe coffee maker. 


  • Option to adjust strength and serving size
  • Stainless steel carafe keep coffee hot for hours
  • Programmable timer is convenient
  • Self-cleaning feature makes life easy
  • 60-second reset stores settings in case of power cuts


  • Filling the water reservoir is tricky 
  • No hot water system

OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker With Stainless Steel Carafe

OXO Brew 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

If you are looking for SCCA certified good looking stainless steel carafe coffee maker that not only brews delicious cups of coffee in the morning but also makes your life easy in the morning by keeping the hot coffee hot for hours without altering the original taste and flavor, then the OXO On Barista Brain is the answer of your prayer. Thus, this coffee maker is widely used in households and offices. 

When it comes to brewing great-tasting rich flavor coffee, unlike the Bonavita, the Oxo model comes with some extra features to make it more simple and user-friendly. And, a simple programmable timer lets you set the brewing time ahead of time and it also features an LED that shows everything you need to know while brewing so you can avoid any guesswork. Moreover, Oxo makes their own stainless steel burr grinder which perfectly pairs with this coffee maker.

What makes this coffee maker so unique and popular is that it uses microprocessor technology to control the brewing cycle which means it can replicate the results of pour-over coffee so you always get the fresh flavor coffee. Furthermore, the wide showerhead spreads the water evenly over the coffee grounds for even extraction. You also appreciate that it also pre-infuses the coffee to allow it to bloom and it takes six or seven minutes to brew a full pot.

What you would not like is that some users claimed about the brew basket dripping when the carafe is removed and the spout could be wider.

After all, if you want an SCCA certified good-looking machine with stainless steel thermal carafe that can have great coffee ready for you in the morning, the Barista Brain is definitely worth considering.


  • Automatic pre-infusion
  • Microprocessor technology controls the brewing cycle
  • Programmable timer
  • LED display showing brew status and coffee freshness
  • SCA certified


  • Carafe pours more slowly than others
  • Takes large space

Technivorm Moccamaster – Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Technivorm Moccamaster

Technivorm Moccamaster is the top-of-the-line coffee maker that can brew excellent cups of coffee consistently maintaining the SCAA coffee brewing guideline. This coffee maker is Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) which means you have no question about its brewing quality. This is why the Moccamaster drip coffee maker is equally popular for home and office use.

What makes this drip coffee maker separate from the crowd is its unique dual-coil copper heater that heats the water quickly to the optimal coffee brewing temperature. Moreover, the hot water is then showered uniformly over the ground beans for the evenest extraction so you always get the maximum flavor from your coffee beans. Even better, you will have no headache if you forget to turn off the machine because this machine shuts off automatically when the water reservoir is empty for safety.

What you appreciate is that this coffee machine is handbuilt in the Netherlands and can brew great-tasting coffee without any mess. Moreover, this coffee maker comes with a five-year warranty and it is easy to repair or spruce up with replacement parts. 

Even though this coffee maker has not considered a lot of fancy options like a touch screen or an automatic timer, it is designed to brew great coffee simply.

In summary, it is worth investing in a handbuilt high-quality durable coffee maker that will brew rich flavor coffee consistently morning after morning and save your money in the long run.


  • Simply brew great tasting coffee
  • SCAA certified coffee maker
  • Handmade high quality brewer
  • Comes with a 5 years warranty
  • Repaireable and spare parts avaialble


  • A bit of pricy
  • Takes space on countertop

 BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe

BUNN BT BT Speed Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer

If you’re looking for a stainless steel carafe coffee maker that can brew rich flavor coffee and the carafe can keep the coffee hot for hours without altering the taste and flavor, then the BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe coffee maker is perfect for you. Making coffee is a time-consuming task but the BUNN BT Velocity makes it possible to brew coffee within minutes without altering the flavor and aroma.

Making great-tasting coffee is quite easier with this Bunn coffee maker and it brews a maximum of 10 cups and takes only about 3 minutes to get there. Moreover, this Bunn coffee maker not only brews consistent coffee but also provides plain hot water for a variety of beverages you’d be in the mood for.

Besides its higher speed, it has been incorporated with a unique spray head which is convenient for extracting flavor evenly from the grounds, resulting in coffee taste as good as it can ever be.

The stainless steel thermal carafe of BT Velocity is actually a game-changer that can keep piping hot coffee warm for about 2 hours – enabling you to brew in advance until next time. 

The downside of this coffee maker is that you need to make you’ve enough space on your countertop because it’s quite the beast of a machine. It measures at 7.5″ W X 13″ D X 15″ H.

Overall, if speed and functionality are the key elements of your family brewer, then the BUNN BT Velocity is one of the best choices on the market under an affordable budget. It may seem a little on the expensive side but will save you money in the long run.


  • Brews coffee super-fast
  • Durable coffee maker built to last
  • The insulated carafe keeps coffee hot for long
  • Simple and convenient


  • Large footprint need space 
  • Finer grounds tend to overflow

Best with Hot Water System: Cuisinart 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Hot Water System

Cuisinart CHW-14 Coffee Plus 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker and Hot Water System

If you are looking for a versatile stainless steel carafe coffee maker that can make delicious coffee, tea, and hot cocoa, then you must look at the details of the Cuisinart 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Hot Water System. Furthermore, this coffee maker has a 10-cup carafe on one side and a hot water dispensing system on the other and both of which can be used simultaneously.

In fact, the Cuisinart’s Hot Water System can certainly be a nice perk and the coffee came out “bold, flavorful, and piping hot,” but the hot water dispenser was frustratingly inconsistent. On the other hand, the programmability features let you set brewing time in advance so you can brew rich flavor coffee effortlessly without close monitoring. 

Unlike other coffee makers, you have no hassle cleaning the coffee maker after drinking coffee because it features a self-cleaning function, as well as an auto-on setting, making this machine an everyday necessity. Furthermore, you will have control over your brewing flavor options with the touch of a button. If you can not long for your coffee, then you love the Brew Pause setting allows you to pour a cup before the brewing process is finished.

Overall, it is wiser to invest in the Cuisinart 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Hot Water System that will serve you great-tasting coffee each morning. Besides this, this coffee maker comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Attractive stainless steel design 
  • Programmable 24-hour brew start
  • Makes tasty coffee and keeps it hot


  • Hot water system is unreliable 
  • “Ready Light” isn’t very accurate 
  • Clock is small and hard to see

How To Choose The Best Stainless Steel Carafe Coffee Maker 

Glass carafe coffee makers are cheaper compared to stainless steel carafe and glass carafe is lighter than stainless steel carafe but buying stainless steel carafe is worthwhile. Stainless steel carafe is durable, keeps your coffee hot for hours without heating plate, does not alter the coffee taste with time, and has no chance of burnt taste.

So what should you look for when choosing a stainless steel thermal coffee maker?

Brewing Temperature

Since all coffee makers can not raise and maintain ideal brewing temperature between 195 ℉ and 205 ℉ but insulated thermal carafe can keep your coffee at the right temperature. This is why make sure to pick the SCAA certified best stainless steel thermal coffee maker so you will have no doubt about coffee maker capability.  

Carafe Capacity

Only you can decide which capacity stainless steel carafe coffee maker is best for your needs. If you are brewing a single cup of coffee, then you can use a smart mug instead of using a thermal carafe. However, if you regularly serve coffee to your family, then you should go with a large capacity thermal carafe. Fortunately, you will find various sizes of thermal carafe-small, medium, and large.


There is no surprise that a stainless steel thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot for hours without a heating plate and this durable carafe will serve you for several years to come. This is why it is better to invest some money in stainless steel carafe instead of a glass carafe because it will save your money in the long run. 

Useful Features

There are countless coffee makers with thermal carafes available in the market. Some come with dozens of adjustable features and settings, offering control over brew strength, brew time, cup selection option, and temperature, while others prioritize simplicity and user-friendliness. 

However, you do not want to expert in making great tasting coffee but want the rich flavor coffee every time, then look for a machine that is SCAA certified

On the other hand, you may find some thermal coffee maker comes with auto-brew timers, brew pausing, hot water system, and automatic shut-off. Thus, you choose which features are your priority.


Stainless steel thermal carafe coffee maker is a bit expensive compared to a glass carafe coffee maker so you need a budget for buying the right coffee maker. Moreover, the thermal carafe coffee maker is durable and you do not need to separately buy the heating plate, spending a little extra at first may save money in the long run. 


You will find plenty of stainless steel thermal carafe coffee makers with different features as the most popular features include 24-hour programmability (which lets you select a specific brew time in advance), different strength settings options, and an option for 1-4 cups instead of a full pot.

On the other hand, you can also find some coffee makers that come with built-in grinders, scales that are great for making organic flavor coffee with freshly ground beans. However, the price may vary based on features but you can find an affordable stainless steel thermal carafe with some basic features.


Cleaning is the most important part if you want fresh flavor coffee from your carafe. Often, some carafe comes with small openings that make it difficult to fit your hand inside to scrub. Moreover,

We’ll go over cleaning tips in greater detail later on in this guide, but it should be noted that thermal carafes are often more burdensome to clean than glass. Since stainless steel can scratch it is better to avoid cleaning items like steel wool brushes and certain scouring powders. 

Fortunately, you want to make your cleaning hassle-free then look for dishwasher-safe options or cleaning powders and dissolvable tablets that make the process easier.

The Verdict

Hopefully, you have got enough information regarding the best stainless steel carafe coffee maker and you understand that a thermal coffee maker is a worthwhile purchase if you plan to save your freshly brewed coffee for later, improving in both taste and sustainability over glass carafes.

Our recommended stainless steel carafe coffee maker is Technivorm Moccamaster which is perfect for home and office use. However, you can choose your favorite thermal carafe coffee maker from the above list because each one has some unique features.