Can You Use a Blade Grinder for Aeropress

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Can You Use A Blade Grinder For Aeropress

Many coffee lovers asked the question “Can You Use a Blade Grinder for Aeropress?”. The simple answer is “Yes and No”.

You can use a blade grinder instead of a burr grinder for making Aeropress. When you use a blade grinder for Aeropress, run it for 20 to 30 seconds until you get a medium-fine size similar to table salt. But, you can not expect anything exceptional because a blade provides inconsistent and uneven grind size with no way to accurately dial in the grinder, resulting in poor extraction.

Why you should not consider a Blade Grinder for Aeropress?

If you want the rich organic flavor from your Aeropress, then you must use freshly ground coffee instead of pre-ground coffee as freshly ground coffee beans ensure most of the aroma and taste are preserved for you.   

A blade grinder is not recommended for Aeropress:

Inconsistent Grind Size:

When it comes to grinding for Aeropress, you need uniform and consistent grinding that will ensure better extraction and great-tasting coffee but a blade grinder can not grind consistently and produce uneven grind size so your coffee taste will be impacted.

Produce Heat:

With a blade grinder, you can not grind more than 30 seconds because it produces heat and your coffee beans may burn so you may experience a burnt taste in your coffee cup.

Does Not Preserve Aroma:

Unlike burr coffee grinder, a blade grinder smashed the coffee beans while grinding so most of the oils are released from coffee beans and you will miss the maximum flavor from your coffee beans.

   Is a burr grinder required for Aeropress?

A burr grinder will make a huge difference if you want to make a great tasting coffee because a burr grinder gives you full control over grind size and you will get consistent and uniform grind size every time and most of the aroma are preserved from coffee beans while grinding.

If you are particularly looking for the best hand coffee grinder for making Aeropress coffee while on travel, you can check the travel-friendly 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder that can grind fine to coarse anything you want for your brewing.

However, if you want an effortless coffee grinder that can grind consistently and uniformly for Aeropress, the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is worth buying for regular use and will serve you for several years to come.


If you want to brew great-tasting Aeropress coffee, then you must consider a burr coffee grinder instead of a blade grinder as a blade grinder is not good enough for producing a consistent and uniform grinder.