Piccolo Latte: What is and How to guide

Only coffee lovers know how it feels when the tongue get the taste of new flavored coffee. So, you are at a coffee shop to try something different and ovisously looking at “Piccolo Latte” in menu list but you could not decide because you are in confusion. What exactly a Piccolo Latte is and how … Read more

What is Galao Coffee? What most of us Do not know

Crazy coffee drinkers love trying coffee varieties when chances are found, isn’t it?  So why not try Galao Coffee at the cafe if you want to try something different. Before that…. What is Galao Coffee Galao is a rich milky hot coffee with a mix of espresso and foamed milk (mostly 25% coffee and 75% … Read more

What Is A Macchiato? Everything You Need To Know About.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage drinking in the world after drinking water. That is why Starbucks are doing business all the year. To attract more customers with a variety of coffee, many coffee companies created Italian-sounding names that were never Italian to begin with (Frappuccino) but it’s also caused some confusion with authentic … Read more