Hamilton-beach-flexbrew-review: Best 2 way Coffee maker (K-Cup pod Compatible)

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Customizing morning coffee is an amazing thing and every serious coffee lover dreams of it. Hamilton Beach Brings Flexbrew coffee maker which is capable of making great-tasting coffee to enhance your central nervous system, can improve your mental health and productivity as well.

Therefore, I have reviewed Hamilton Beach Flexbrew a two-way brewer in detail and you will understand the true benefits and know the unique features it includes for making excellent coffee.

The best part of this machine is that you can use this versatile auto-drip machine either for making a single cup of coffee or for making 12 cups of coffee at a time to serve a group of people.

So, you can easily impress your guest by serving quality coffee in a few minutes without losing quality and you can save many times as your coffee brewing frequency will reduce.

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Hamilton Beach Flexbrew review: What is included

There is no wonder that you find this coffee maker commonly in American and Canadian households. Since Hamilton Beach started in 1910, it had been continuously producing and improving kitchen appliances everything from toasters to electric knives to the best coffee makers and flex brew is no exception.

Unlike DeLonghi or Keurig, Hamilton Beaches produces quality kitchen appliances besides coffee makers. So, you can rely on this coffee maker.

What do we love most about Hamilton Beach Flexbrew?

  • You can brew coffee using either a k cup or ground coffee
  • There is only one brew strength option
  • The water reservoir must be filled each time so you will not run out of water in the middle brewing cycle
  • You would be able to make any flavor coffee because it is compatible with all k cups and single-serve coffee pods on the mark
  • You would have no headache if any problem happens because it comes with a warranty
  • Auto turn off after brewing complete features Saves your money by saving power 
  • You can easily maintain the countertop as there is a cup storage area inside and no extra space is required for storing cups
  • Get brewed delicious coffee directly into an 8-inch tall coffee travel mug so no extra time need for pouring coffee
  • You will enjoy hassle-free, effortless easy cleaning 

Two Way Brewing features allow you to brew as much as you need

What makes Hamilton Beach coffee makers different from other coffee makers is 2-way brewing,2 in 1 or dual brewing option. 

So you could easily impress your friends or guests by serving fantastic coffee at a time because this coffee maker not only brews 12 cups of coffee at a time but is also capable of brewing a single cup of coffee quickly without sacrificing quality.

Customize Your Brewing With Two Water Reservoirs

This coffee maker is designed with two different size water reservoirs instead of having one large water reservoir which is super convenient for brewing desired amounts of coffee. So no extra time loss when you select brewing single-serve coffee.

On the other hand, both water reservoirs include a water window so you can easily verify the actual water level without opening the top of the coffee maker.

Space saver coffee maker keeps your countertop clean

At a first glance, you will appreciate its compact size besides its attractive design because this brewer is perfect for any kitchen counter space for an apartment. It only measures 13 inches tall and 12 inches wide you would easily organize your counter space.

Extra Space not required For Pods

Hamilton Beach designed this coffee maker with simplicity and travel in mind so you could easily store your k cup or pods in the small storage compartment underneath the drip tray. You would remove the entire stand completely when you need it.

Makes your brewing and serving easy with a taller travel mug or a thermos.

Brew quickly as much as you need

Most coffee lovers prefer the flexibility of brewing different coffee which means the 2 way coffee maker has plenty of options for all types of coffees and any quantities as well without affecting the coffee taste.

The best part of this coffee maker, even though you brew single serve coffee instead of a full pot of coffee, your coffee taste will not be impacted.

Effortless and hassle-free cleaning

When it comes to cleaning Hamilton Beach, you would find it easy to clean compared with other coffee makers available in the market.

With a pod-piercing assembly tool, you will be able to disassemble this coffee maker so you can clean it thoroughly. That means your coffee maker has less chance of clogging even if you brew coffee frequently.

The coffee maker will brew coffee itself

Working as a Full Automatic coffee maker, You will feel like a barista is working for you to make great tasting coffee. You would have no worries to serve coffee at a party as it includes 24 hours programmable features allowing you to set your brew time 24 hours in advance.

Another great feature is the auto-pause and serves which enables you to remove the carafe without dripping so there will be no delay in pouring and serving hot coffee once the coffee is ready.

This coffee maker does not only make your brewing easy but also ensures your safety. While brewing, no worries, you would not require to stand by besides the coffee maker for continuous monitoring to stop the machine because the machine will automatically shut off once brewing is completed and there will be no power consumption when the brewing cycle is completed.

Features Could be Improved

There are so many great features that make your coffee brewing simple and easy but this coffee maker also has some limitations that could be improved.

Carafe or Cup Settings

With this coffee maker, you could not brew both sides simultaneously, you could only brew on one side at a time.

When it comes to cleaning this coffee maker you may find it something annoying because you need to clean one side at a time. Obviously, needless to say, that your cleaning will take longer.

Single-Serve brew need your presence

With Hamilton beach flexbrew, you will enjoy a programmable feature for making full pot coffee which means you could set a brewing schedule in advance but unfortunately you will not be able to schedule a single-serve brewing cycle in advance.

In fact, you would be able to brew a single cup of coffee a lot faster and you have to do it manually instead of programmable.

Single Serve takes a bit more time

What makes Hamilton Beach Flexebrew so popular is the capability of brewing different coffee. The single-serve brewing time is shorter than carafe coffee but it takes longer when compared with a regular Keurig. 

Flexbrew coffee maker has many advantages over Keurig because Keurig is specially designed for making only single-serve coffee.

This is why single-serve brewing takes a bit more time than regular Keurig but it brews excellent cups of coffee without sacrificing coffee quality.

Removing the Carafe without dripping

You can easily remove coffee carefree when you won’t even in the middle of brewing because the coffee flow will stop automatically but you must replace the carafe within 20 seconds.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Features

  • You can brew a full pot or a single mug with this 2-way versatile coffee maker.
  • It’s a K-Cup pod Compatible.
  • Comes with Brew Strength Selector which can help you Brew Coffee accordingly.
  • Programmable Carafe Side.
  • Auto Shut off after 2 hours of brewing started.
  • Easy to clean as well as maintain.
  • Little learning cure and beginner-friendly
  • Brews K-Cups and ground coffee
  • Need not to break account to own it
  • Attractive compact design
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to carry due to Lightweight
  • Impress you, family or guest, because it is versatile to brew
  • Energy efficient
  • Small water tank
  • There are no special features like programming this to start, etc.
  • It does not have a large water reservoir, meaning you have to fill it each and every time
  • No temperature control settings
  • only a limited one-year warranty

Specification of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker

  • Dimensions 13.9H x 10.24W x 10.63D
  • Brew 10oz. With Keurig* K-Cup Packs or 14 oz. with ground coffee
  • 12-cup Carafe Side with a programmable timer
  • 2-hour Auto Shutoff Feature
  • 2-way Coffee Maker
  • Weight – 6.37 pounds
  • 1050 Watts

Brewing a single cup of Coffee with Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

The great benefit of using Hamilton Beach is that you can use either a pod or grounds in order to brew a single-serve cup of coffee. 

Therefore, you are not limited to a pod. Instead, you can use your favorite grounds to make it more delicious.

How to Brew a Single Cup of Coffee?

Whether you are planning for a single cup of coffee, just follow the below easy steps to brew coffee in the comfort of your kitchen.

Open The Lid

Confirm your funnel is in place. Merely press the single-serve button and then lift the lid latch until the lid clicks open.

Place Sachet Of Coffee

Place your single-serve sachet of coffee into the removable pack holder in the funnel and press the coffee pack to close the lid.

Add Water To The Reservoir

Lift the water reservoir lid and use a mug to fill water in the reservoir and then close the lid.

Select Brew Strength

Press the Brew Strength button to Select your preferred brew strength REGULAR or BOLD 

Start The Brewing

Once you Press Brew Now Button, you no longer need to stand by near the coffee machine for close monitoring because the coffee maker will automatically shut off when the brewing is completed and ready for sipping.

How to Brew a full pot of Coffee?

Would you like to serve delicious coffee to a group of people at a party? No worries.

Making full-pot coffee means a 12-cup carafe of coffee is quite easy. Even the first-time brewer could find it simple when following the below steps.

Remove the brew basket

To remove the brew basket, press the carafe button, and lift the lid.

Add grounds into the filter

Once a paper coffee filter is placed into the brew basket, add one level of a tablespoon of grounds into the filter for each cup of coffee.

Fill water in the water reservoir

Place the brew basket in the holder, fill the carafe with 12 cups of regular water, and then pour the water in the carafe water reservoir. 

Please keep in mind that using distilled water or filtered water produces great flavor coffee.

Select Brew Strength

Now it is the time to choose brew strength. Use the Brew Strength Button to select at BOLD.

Start Brewing

Just press the Brew Now Button to start brewing coffee and focus on something important rather than focusing on the brewing because the machine will take care of the remaining process and automatically shut off when the brew is completed.

Hamilton Beach alone provides great tasting coffee

You will miss some sort of coffee flavor or coffee potential no matter which coffee maker you use or which brand of pre-ground coffee beans you use in your coffee. Because freshly ground coffee with a perfect grind size makes a huge difference when it comes to making a delicious cup of coffee. 

Therefore, perfect grind size just before brewing matters a lot for extraction maximum potential, and true coffee lovers must not ignore it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size travel mug can I use on the single side?

A: With Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker, you could use any size coffee mug up to 7 inches by adjusting the drip tray.

Q:. Can I separately use the K-cups or just put regular coffee in the small filter cup?

A: Yes, you could brew coffee either K-Cups or a regular coffee cup.

Q:. What temperature can produce this coffee maker?

A: It takes time to brew a K-Cup coffee at 176.2-degree temperature.

Q: Is the coffee maker BPA free?

A: Yes, the coffee maker is 100% plastic-free so your coffee flavor will not be impacted.

Q:. Is the coffee maker programmable?

A5. The answer is yes and no. Here, the K-Cup side is not programmable but the carafe side of the coffee maker is programmable.

Q: What are included with Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker?

A: You will get a large carafe, the mesh, and the k-cup pod for the single side. But, no thermos for single-serve coffee.

Do’s and Don’ts while using the Coffee Machine!

However, all coffee machines are not designed considering the same features and benefits.

Therefore, you should follow some Do’s and Don’ts while using the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker.


  • Though this coffee maker is easy to operate, you must read the instruction manual prior to starting the coffee maker when brewing for the first time.
  • Remove the water tank to fill it.
  • Ensure you use the distilled water or clean water to improve your coffee taste.
  • Make sure you turn the machine switch on while emptying the coffee grounds.
  • For getting better results, Juneal your coffee machine on a regular basis.


  • You must not use ground coffee beans.
  • While the machine is running, never remove the drip tray and grounds container.
  • Ensure your machine is off when not brewing.
  • It is better to use grounds for less than two measuring spoons.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew – Is it Value for Money?

Most people prefer this coffee maker over other coffee makers for its versatility. And, you could easily make a delicious cup of coffee based on your favorite brewing method. But, all coffee makers are not suitable for everyone. 

If you are not satisfied with your previous coffee maker, then Hamilton Beach Flexbrew will be a great investment that provides the best value for the money.