How Does a Percolator Know When to Stop

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How Does A Percolator Know When To Stop

Making great-tasting coffee using the old school method means coffee percolator particularly a great thing if you want to invest less money on the coffee maker.

Undoubtedly, you can make organic flavor espresso-like coffee in the comfort of your kitchen using a percolator. But, it needs some sort of experience for brewing a perfect cup of coffee while using a coffee percolator.

Most coffee starters have the question “How Does a Percolator Know When to Stop?

No, worries you will get here the answer to your questions for non-electric and electric percolators.

For Non-electric Coffee Percolator: How do you know when percolator coffee is done?  

If you are using a non-electric coffee percolator for brewing regular coffee that has no programmable auto stop function, then you should have some prior experience of brewing coffee, otherwise, you will end up with bad tasting coffee,

You must carefully watch the coffee through the glass globe on top whiling brewing.

In a normal brewing process, you would see some bubbles every few seconds and you will do nothing. But, once you see steam coming out of your percolator, this is the time you need to stop heating. As it is too hot, you turn down the heat immediately to avoid the burnt taste of your coffee! 

Your coffee is ready for serving and Enjoy! 

For Electric Coffee Percolator: How do you know when percolator coffee is done?

Since the demand has been growing for the coffee percolator, manufacturers has improved the quality of coffee percolators and now you will find electric coffee percolator in the market convenient for brewing coffee without mess. 

So how does an electric percolator know when to stop? Unlike old fashion non-electric coffee percolators, an electric coffee percolator is programmed to turn off or switch to keep warm coffee at a certain temperature set point so you have no risk of burning coffee even you are not present surrounding the coffee percolator.

What happens in an electric coffee percolator is that the recirculated water gets hotter as time passes. When the coffee water temperature reaches a set temperature, the percolator will turn off or switch to keep warm as per the program.

How Long Should You Allow Coffee to Percolate?

There is no straightforward answer to this question as it depends on several factors. No, issue if you percolate your coffee for 7 to 10 minutes for achieving your desired strength of coffee. But, you should be present surroundings of the coffee percolator to shut it off if you use non-electric coffee percolators. 


I do believe you have a good understanding of when should you stop the coffee percolator if you use the non-electric coffee percolator. On the other hand, an electric coffee percolator stops percolation based on the temperature set point. This is why people prefer electric coffee percolators for regular use.