How to Get Rid of Static in Your Grinder

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Is not Static in grinder annoying!

Want to get rid of it…

Is it possible to get rid of static in a coffee grinder while grinding?


is there a cure for coffee grinder static?


is there any electric coffee grinder with advanced features for reducing static charge while grinding?

There is good news for you. Yes, you can easily eliminate static in your grinder without spending any dime means no cost involved here.

Sometimes we are overthinking about a simple problem that makes the problem more completely. There is an easy and simple solution that drastically minimize static in a grinder. Before finding ways to minimize the static, it is important to know the reason behind the static.

So, why does static build-up in burr grinder?

Electricity is the primary root cause of buildup static in a coffee grinder.

When emptying the grinding chamber of burr type coffee grinders, you will find some ground coffee will often stick to the chamber as fines tend to cling to everything and fly all over the counter.

So, when beans pass through the grinding mechanism, they pick up an electrical charge that causes the ground coffee to “jump” out of the grinder or stick stubbornly to the grinding chamber.

In fact, Static electricity becomes even worse if the chamber is made of plastic because pastis is a bad conductor and it could not encourage the electricity in the ground coffee to dissipate quickly.

Remove Static in the Coffee Grinder at no cost

Ross droplet technique (RDT) to get rid of static

Often, we were surprised when somebody comes up with a simple trick that brilliantly solves a complicated problem.

The technique is adding a few drops of water which will minimize the static electricity and helps you get rid of static in your grinder. Thus, dip a spoon in a bit of water, and swirl it around between the beans before you grind them.

How to remove static in grinder
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For better understanding, watch this YouTube video to see a brilliant hack to remove static in the coffee grind at no cost in this YouTube video. 

Regardless of the name or who invented it, dropping a few drops of water is a pretty damn neat trick – especially if you have a grounds bin that is prone to static.

Using a manual grinder to avoid static electricity

Another solution is to use a hand grinder with a glass receptacle, so it will not be a problem in everyday grinding, but I know most people with electric grinders tend to have this issue with the shuck clinging to the sides.

Allow some static time

There is an even better solution for getting rid of static, just wait for a few minutes to dissipate the charges on its own. To do this, first of all, you would wait 5 minutes after medium grinding and then strike the chamber firmly on the counter just before opening the lip to push any stray grinds to the bottom of the container with the others. 

Similarly, for finer grinds like espresso, plus a few minutes to the waiting period; for coarse grinds for a French press, minus a few minutes.

Follow 4 simple steps to eliminate static

To eliminate static charge in your coffee grinder, follow 4 easy and simple steps to enjoy your grinding:

Step 1: Prepare Your Coffee Beans

First, measures the required amount of coffee beans, then fill the hopper with beans.

Step 2: Add a Few Drops of Water

You can either use wet paper or a spoon for adding water drops into the hopper. For adding water, take a little wet paper towel and pressed a few 2, 3, or 4 drops of water into the hopper at least in three or four locations over the beans.

Be watchful while adding water, otherwise you will end up with adding too much water!

Step 3: Perform grinding as Usual                   

Immediately, grind the beans as you do regularly.

Step 4: Open the Bin to Retrieve the Coffee Grounds

When you open the bin to collect the coffee grounds, you’ll be amazed as no reason to tap the grinder to release grounds that are stuck inside the grinder, and no coffee

By applying this method, you can almost reduce 90% of static for all grinders having the static problem.

So, no more struggling for static, enjoy flavor-rich delicious coffee with fresh bean grinding.

Is there any electric coffee grinder considered anti-static in design?

Fortunately, some leading manufacturers addressed this static charge issue and introduced some specific anti-static features for reducing static charge while grinning your beans. If you have not enough time for manual grinding but want a solution for static charge then you can check Smeg 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Coffee Grinder, CGF01 (Red) on Amazon for details.

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