Piccolo Latte: What is and How to guide

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Only coffee lovers know how it feels when the tongue get the taste of new flavored coffee. So, you are at a coffee shop to try something different and ovisously looking at “Piccolo Latte” in menu list but you could not decide because you are in confusion.

What exactly a Piccolo Latte is and how it will be stated.   

No worries. I am explaining to you in details within a few minutes.

It is important to understand what is ristretto shot before explaining what Piccolo is, how it is different from a regular one, how it is served, what is its unique benefit.

In the simplest terms, ristretto means “restricted.” Basically, ristretto is a short shot of espresso made with finely ground beans that produces less about 15-20mls of liquid. As less water is forced through the finely ground that produces rich concentrated flavor. In addition, the coffee taste sweet and less bitter for its short extraction.

So next time, do not misunderstand when someone orders a ristretto shot which does not mean she wants less coffee rather she instructs the barista to limit the amount of espresso shot in her coffee. It is all about quality over quantity.

Let’s jump to your main query .

Misconception of Piccolo latte

Most people think that piccolo is really a scaled down version of the full sized latte so it will represent the same flavor and strength. And, this is the most common trap people fall into when making a piccolo that causes confusion and customer dissatisfaction.

What is exactly a Piccolo Latte

If you heard the name first time “Piccolo Latte”, you will feel weird because it is hard to make connect between small flute and latte. In fact, the literal meaning of the word Piccolo in Italian is “little”.

So, “Piccolo Latte” means small drink but you should never make this mistake of underestimating it tastes.

A Piccolo Latte is a drink that is prepared on a ristretto shot of coffee topped with warm, silky milk served in a small glass approximately 100mls. So, it is very clear that Piccolo Latte is usually prepared using a Ristretto shot instead of the Espresso! In other words, we can say the drink is made with a quick shot of caffeine with a touch of milk.

And, the final product seems like a short black (espresso) cup filled to the brim with milk, giving it a more concentrated flavor.

Piccolo Late

Interestingly, you may find some people use this term Piccolo to describe any latte that is smaller than the conventionally small 7 to an 8 ounce glass. This is why for that coffee is also referred as “baby latte”.

When you order Piccolo Latte most probably you will get it in a 100ml baby glass because this is the traditional way of serving the Piccolo Latte. 

Why Piccolo Latte is being popular

Piccolo latte is perfect after taking a meal or you like to have many drinks throughout the day but a large milky drink each time is not charming.

Over the last decades, the popularity of this coffee in Australia has increased and it has good reasons.

And, its popularity is also spreading all over the world as a growing number of people wanting to reduce their milk intake and wanting smaller milk based coffee rather than their regular flat white or latte.

What is in a Piccolo Latte

Main ingredients of Piccolo Latte are

  • 1 ounce of ristretto
  • 2 ounces of streamed and textured milk.

Who will get the most out of it 

Firstly, this coffee is perfect for anyone of us, especially those who find espresso too intense or others who wanted something slightly different.

Secondly, the latte lovers who don’t like filling up with a lot of milk but still want to enjoy a latte.

Thirdly, coffee savvy person’s who have serious problems with acidity so he might get benefit of this coffee as it contains low acidity due to short extraction.

Fourthly, anyone who prefer a light brew is one of the good choices to go.

Piccolo latte vs Cortado: it is about extraction

A lot of people ask this question over and over because it is always creates a confusion.

Both coffees are prepared in the same way but the only difference is their shot length.

A Piccolo latte is made with a ristretto shot topped with warm milk in a demitasse (miniature latte glass) where the milk is steamed, with little to no foam. 

A Cortado is also using the same steamed milk with little to no foam, but with a regular espresso shot.Here, shot length is high.

So, the difference is all about it shot length.

How Piccolo Latte is made (Step by step)

Making Piccolo latte is simple and easy once you know how to do it.Here, we are going to show exactly how to prepare a Piccolo Latte without any mess. 

We recommend you to make at least make two glass so that you can drink one and another is for your friend.

Step-1: Take some of the best lighter roasted coffee grinds

Step-2: Grab 100ml glass, preferably not a demitasse cup. Just keep in mind that it’s a piccolo latte not a piccolo cappuccino..

Step-3: You can take 30 ml of espresso extracts or 20 ml of ristretto in your glass depends on taste buds.So, extract the coffee as you prefer.

Step-5:If you can manage two tasks at once, then heat milk on the stovetop or microwave. Make sure not to burn the milk and keep the temperature around 65–70 degrees. 

Step-6:Then pour the steamed milk evenly.

 Voila! Your Piccolo Latte is ready. Now, it is the coffee time.

How much calorie in piccolo Latte

A mini version of a latte with just 45 calories with full cream milk or 25 if you go for skim. The good news is those who enjoy the taste of coffee and who do not need the extra milk and calories.

Final words 

No doubt, you will absolutely enjoy making piccolos and the best thing for me is that I don’t feel guilty about having a second or third cup.