Review ENZOO Electric Coffee Grinder For Espresso, Drip Coffee, French Press, and Percolator [June-2023]

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Summary: ENZOO Electric Coffee Grinder 

  • Slow grinding action (< 450 rpm) minimizes heat generation and noise
  • Solid aluminum alloy housing & heavy-duty body keep it in place while grinding
  • The airtight container holds grounds for up to 13 cups
  • The elastic plate keeps the grounds chamber in place
  • Removable grinding units for easy cleaning
  • The timer can be set to grind from 10s to 50s
  • Dimensions: 9 x 4.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight 7.13 lb

If you are looking for an affordable large-capacity electric coffee grinder that can grind consistently for multiple brewing serves easily to your entire family, then ENZOO Electric Coffee Grinder is perfect for you. Furthermore, this versatile coffee grinder provides you the precious grinding for multiple brewing besides espressos such as drip coffee, French Press, and Percolator.

This coffee grinder has designed with the user in mind and it features a simple interface that anyone can operate. On the other hand, this large-capacity coffee grinder takes little space so it is perfect for every size of the kitchen.

Keep reading this article where you will see the most useful features and benefits that will ensure you make coffee in the morning easily and smoothly without any hassle. 

Unique Features and Benefits of ENZOO Electric Coffee Grinder

Grind Any Size You Want

This coffee grinder comes with 10 grind settings that allow grinding from coarse to fine and anything in between with plus setting feature. So, you can grind your desired coarse size for a cold brew and extra fine for your Espresso,


Simple Operation

This coffee grinder has been designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Even elderly people can grind quite easily with a simple on/off switch.


Amazing Espresso Yourself

Great news for espresso lovers because making espresso in the comfort of the kitchen become easier. Furthermore,  this coffee grinder lets you grind extra fine for espresso, and grind coffee beans can come directly into the portafilter.

Detachable Design Makes Cleaning Easy

While most coffee grinders take a longer time to clean, this coffee grinder comes with an easily detachable design which is very convenient for easy cleaning and it takes little time.

On the other hand, it prevents the cute from being clogged up to the maximum by cleaning grinding units with the included brush.

In fact, the removable conical Burr and embedded cleaning brush make it convenient and easy to clean after each use. For better-tasting coffee, it is recommended to clean it thoroughly once a week.

Say No To Burnt Taste Coffee 

Unlike other electric coffee grinders, this coffee grinder considered high torque/low speed (450 RPM) motors to minimize frictional heat ensures that you will always get the fresh flavor and rich aroma coffee every time. Moreover, this coffee grinder has been optimized for noise so it produces little noise compare to other grinders.


Always Get The Best Flavor

Owning a quality coffee grinder is an awesome thing because it can grind fresh coffee beans anytime you want in the comfort of your kitchen to serve you the best flavor espresso or coffee.

With Solid 40mm stainless steel conical burrs, you always get uniform grounds for optimal flavor extraction and you enjoy the full potential of your coffee beans.

Even better, you may grind a single espresso directly into the portafilter, or grind up to 13 cups what you prefer and keep grounds fresh in the included airtight chamber.


Enough Grinding Capacity

If you want to brew coffee for a group of people or for your family, you can do this easily with this coffee grinder because it comes with an 8.5 oz coffee bean hopper and your beans are safe from the harmful UV rays away from roasted beans to keep them fresh longer. Thus, you can easily impress your guest by serving great tasting coffee at a time as it can grind 2-14 cups in a single batch. 

Built-in Timer

If you prefer to grind with a timer,  you can easily set the grinding timer to grind from 10s to 50s.


Brew Your Favorite Coffee Anytime

Investing in a quality coffee grinder is worthwhile because it will provide you uniform and consistent grind based on your preference anytime you want which means you can brew Starbucks quality coffee with perfect extraction in the comfort of your home without leaving your kitchen premises.  

Thoughtful Design Improves Kitchen Juneore

One of the most convenient features of this coffee grinder is that the adapter included with the electric coffee grinder lets you grind the coffee beans directly into the portafilter. In addition to that, the flexible aluminum plate can fix the grinding chamber while grinding to prevent the coffee powder from falling out of the collection cup.

Easy To Maintain

The life span of any coffee gear increase with proper maintenance and this coffee grinder is not different. For easy weekly maintenance, you can wash the grind units (bean hopper, burrs, grinding chamber, ground coffee outlet cover, plate) quite easily because it has considered a removable design for regular maintenance.


  • Conical bur coffee grinder delivers consistent over the entire range of fineness
  • Affordable grinder
  • The coffee grinder fits on any kitchen countertop
  • Simple and easy to use interface 
  • Produces less noise


  • Mess often
  • Ground coffee container simply awful


It is highly recommended to invest in an affordable ENZOO Electric Coffee Grinder because this versatile grinder can grind for multiple brewing preciously and serve you for several years to come.