Review SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker [June-2023]-120V (100% BPA free) for the USA

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Saki Turkish coffee maker (100% PBA free)

If you are struggling to find an affordable Turkish coffee maker that allows you to brew real flavor Turkish coffee in the morning easily and comfortably with the simple press of a button, then you must look at the great features of SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker that comes with your year’s replacement guarantee. 

SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker highlights at a glance

  • Power: 500 – 600W
  • Voltage : 110 – 120V
  • Pot Capacity: for 1-2 or 3-4 person
  • Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz.
  • Current: Max 3A
  • Size: 8 X 7 X 10 inch
  • Anti-Spill Technology: Yes
  • Ember-Cooking Function: Yes
  • Cook-Sense Technology: Yes
  • Control: Single button
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Notification: Sound and Light Warning

SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker is best for:

If you want to make your coffee life easy and smooth then you love the features that come with this quality Turkish coffee maker. This 110~120 V coffee maker does not require you to buy an additional converter and it is capable of brewing 1 to 4 cups of excellent flavor coffee in the comfort of your kitchen. Moreover, you can easily impress your friend or guest with freshly brewed coffee within a few minutes. 

With one-button control electric Turkish coffee makers, making Turkish coffee becomes easier than ever. After ensuring premium coffee beans, all you need to do is to ensure you use the best Turkish coffee grinder that produces an extra-fine uniform grind.   

Benefits and features 

This coffee maker is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind and includes many useful advanced features to make coffee life hassle-free and comfortable.

Brews Excellent flavor coffee

If you have heard making Turkish coffee needs some special preparation such as cezve, ibrik or sand and it is absolutely true.

Since Turkish coffee culture is one of the oldest coffee brewing methods and science has been advanced a lot from its start. Now, engineers come up with electric automatic Turkish coffee makers that are fully capable of brewing real Turkish flavor coffee.

SAKI Turkish Coffee maker is specially designed for making Turkish coffee and it always produces great flavor coffee without any mess.

Get your freshly brewed coffee quickly

Unlike other coffee makers in the market, you do not have to wait longer for fresh Turkish coffee because SAKI Turkish Coffee maker takes only 2-3 minutes to deliver your desired coffee.

100% PBA free

There are many expensive Turkish coffee makers in the market that all are not 100% BPA-free. Thus, you will be confident in brewing high-quality coffee because there will be no unwanted smell in your coffee.  

Perfectly optimized for ideal coffee temperature

No matter what brewing method you use for brewing coffee, it needs to maintain a certain temperature for perfect extraction from coffee beans, resulting in real organic flavor Turkish coffee.  

This coffee maker has been designed with ember-cooking function besides slow and normal brewing to ensure you get the taste of double foams. 

Brew coffee with the press of a button

With this Turkish coffee maker, you are just away from the push button to get your desired flavor of Turkish coffee. For brewing real Turkish coffee, this coffee maker includes a single button for effortless brewing. 

No worries for overflow

You can brew Turkish coffee peacefully and comfortably without staying with a coffee maker while brewing because SAKI Turkish Coffee Make has anti-spill technology that prevents any accidental overflow. If the temperature starts rising above the preset temperature, a smart sensor detects the boiling heat and avoids the overflow by shutting down the machine and preventing unwanted spills.

Double Spout Pot

This coffee pot has not only considered easy operation but also consider ergonomic features so with a double spout pot, you can pour the coffee with your right or left hand.

Brewing capacity

If you are one of those Turkish coffee lovers who like to sip cups of coffee in a row or you just want to enjoy fresh coffee with your family or friends then you will surely love this coffee maker because it can brew 1-4 cups of coffee based on your requirement.

In fact, you will have a cup selection option which means you can brew 1-2 cups or 3-4 cups aa a single sitting so that you can enjoy Turkish coffee with yourself or with your loved ones. 

Specially designed for the USA

You will find many Turkish coffee makers in the market that operate with 220V and you need to buy a separate converter to use the coffee maker. But, if you use this coffee maker you have no worries about an electric connection because it comes with a voltage range of 110~120V. 

Sweet notification

Coffee lovers eagerly wait for the sweet notification. This coffee maker has a sound and light notification feature that will inform you of the brewing status so that you can sip freshly brewed warm coffee wasting any time and you do not require to stand beside the coffee maker while brewing.   

Warranty-the peach of the mind

You will become happy that this coffee maker is made with quality and also user friendly and comes with the 2 years 100% replacement guarantee. So there will be no headache for service and you can always reach an expert if you have any concern or issue.

Value for the money

When it comes to rewarding vs investment then you will surely love this coffee maker because this coffee maker includes many features under an affordable budget. On the other hand, you need to pay even three to four times if you want to buy an electric Arzum Okka Turkish coffee maker.


If you are serious about making great Turkish coffee in the comfort of your kitchen month after month without mess, then I highly recommend this SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker which is not only affordable but also serves you for the years to come.