What is Galao Coffee? What most of us Do not know

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Crazy coffee drinkers love trying coffee varieties when chances are found, isn’t it? 

So why not try Galao Coffee at the cafe if you want to try something different.

Before that….

What is Galao Coffee

Galao is a rich milky hot coffee with a mix of espresso and foamed milk (mostly 25% coffee and 75% foamed milk) that is made in Portugal and is very popular to Portuguese people like latte.This is why sometimes it is called Portuguese latte.

Galao Coffee is served in differently than that of most of the coffee served. Where most types of the coffee served in a glass or bowl, Portuguese latte serves in a tall glass. Plus, this coffee serves with something sweet. This is the traditional way how Portugal serve coffee.

In fact, you are sure to find this signature coffee at all the Portuguese shops or or pastry shop for good reason.And, another interesting fact that most people do not just like to drink this coffee at their breakfast but also like to drink at brunch.

If you just added more coffee to the drinks and make coffee and milk ratio from 1:3 to 1:1 (that means the drink will contain half of milk) is called meia de leite , then this wii serve in a cup instead of tall glass.

Is it really different from regular coffee

The most significant difference is how this coffee serves and components ratio of the coffee. 

This Portugal popular coffee is served in a tall glass which holds more volume then the standard Latte or Cappuccino. The inherent characteristic of the Galao is that it is a much milker and lighter drink to the caffè latte.

Galao is no more than just a coffee and all the Coffee types are related to each other in one way or another.

Main ingredient of Galao Coffee

  • One quarter coffee
  • Three quarters milk
  • Sugar to taste

Make Galao Coffee with 4 simple steps

Another cool thing about this drink is that making Galao coffee is relatively simple and easy to make.

Step-1: Make an espresso

Step-2: Boil required amount of milk in a saucepan or anything similar to it

Step-3: Pour the espresso and milk together in a tall glass

Step-4: Keep in mind, you immediately add sweeten with sugar as per your preference

How to Ordering Coffee Like a Local in Portugal

During your visit at Portugal, if you want to order Galao in a coffee restaurant or pastry shop just say The galão (Pronounced: Gah-lo) and they will serve your desired coffee.In case if you want something a bit darker or stronger than say “um galão escuro”.

So, why are you waiting for. Just go and Enjoy a Portuguese late with your favorite sweet!!