Why Do Espresso Machines Have Two Spouts

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If you are not sure why home and commercial espresso makers come with two spouts, it is ok because many coffee drinks also ask the same question time and time again.

However, in this article, I will give you the answer to why do espresso machines have double spouts. 

Most espresso machines come with two spouts because a dual spout allows you to brew two cups of espresso at one time which is awesome. You will find that espresso machines come with at least two filter baskets where one holds enough ground coffee for a single shot and the second one holds for two shots. Even better, it gives you greater volume and flexibility during brewing and is super convenient for fast-paced cafes, restaurants, and bars. 

And, if you particularly want to follow a recipe of specific espresso where you need the right amount of shot then spouts are more convenient than bottomless portafilter.

How do you use an espresso machine with two spouts?

If you are wondering how to use an espresso machine with two spouts, it is actually easy to use and convenient for brewing two shots simultaneously which means you do not need to wait for a second shot.

It is better to use portafilters that funnel the espresso down through a chute and out a spout particularly if your espresso machine has two spouts. So, you can easily make the double shot and van easily split it into two cups! For this, you are just required to pull the shot, put two cups under the two spouts, and you’re ready to go.

What Is a Double Basket Espresso?

There are mainly three basket types namely: single, double, and triple that allow you to brew various amounts of coffee you want to brew at one time. One basket is considered as 7 grams and the double basket is 14 grams and a triple basket is 21 grams of coffee. However, you also find pressurized and nonpressurized baskets.

In fact, coffee baristas or professionals consider double baskets are ideal for double shots.

What Is a Pressurized Basket Espresso?

A portafilter basket is essential for making espresso as it holds the coffee ground you use for brewing espresso. And, there are two types of baskets available out there and both are convenient for making delicious espresso. They are called non-pressurized and pressurized baskets (sometimes referred to as double-wall baskets).

But, what is the difference between a non-pressurized basket and a pressurized basket? Basically, a non-pressurized basket bottom has several holes suitable for a high-pressure espresso machine (8 to 9 bars) and it is mostly used in commercial espresso machines.

On the other hand, a pressurized basket bottom has only one hole suitable for coarse espresso grind. This pressurized portafilter is a convent if you want to brew cafe-quality coffee in the comfort of your kitchen.

What Is Single or Double Shot Espresso?

In the coffee community, the coffee shot is a measure of espresso. If you prefer less concentrated espresso, then you will get a single shot in a glass and then mix milk, hot water, or syrup, or whatever you like. But, if you want to try a highly concentrated form of espresso, then try a double shot and you may add a small amount of milk, hot water, or syrup. 

Do You Need The Spout In A Portafilter?

There is nothing wrong if you do not use a portafilter without a spout but the spout is convenient for directing the coffee into shot glasses. However, you can easily pour your espresso shot directly into your mug, then fill it up with steamed milk and you do not need to use the spout.


The primary reason why many espresso machines have two spouts: it’s to efficiently make two cups of espresso simultaneously without spending time for a second shot. You will see the barista use the mustache dual spouts at the bottom of the portafilter, which holds the filter basket where the ground coffee is added as required. Ultimately, a double spout espresso machine, home or commercial, is convenient for its ability to create more coffee for more people.