Why do you need a perfect coffee grinder?

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Are you new to the coffee market or just started your journey and looking for ways to somehow improve your coffee taste like Starbucks, then you must understand the importance of a coffee grinder in the coffee brewing process. One of the most common factors among professional baristas is that all are using the best quality coffee grinder for their perfect brewing. 

It is really difficult to understand the importance of a coffee grinder for someone who has just started to learn about the coffee brewing process because most of the starter thinks that fresh coffee beans and the best coffee makers are the main essential components for brewing delicious coffee. This is why I have written this article on what is a coffee grinder, what it really does and how important is a coffee grinder for brewing the perfect cup of coffee in our daily life. 

The truth is, you will miss a delicious cup of coffee unless you have a quality coffee grinder beside the highest quality coffee beans (that will get 90 out of 100 points), a super-expensive top-rated coffee machine, and fancy cups designed by professional baristas. 

When it comes to brewing a delicious cup of coffee, the most important and effective coffee gear is your coffee grinder because it has the ability to transform your coffee taste from bitter to taste coffee, ordinary coffee to extraordinary coffee by producing the consistent grind you needed all the time. In fact, all coffee brewing method does not produce great flavored coffee with the same grind size. That is why pour-over coffee grind size does not fit for Turkish coffee or espresso.

So, let’s jump to see details on the most important factors why a quality coffee grinder is an integral part of the coffee brewing process.  

Why Should You Invest In A Coffee Grinder?

Factor-1: You can grind fresh beans immediately just before brewing coffee

If you drink freshly ground coffee rather than pre-ground coffee, you will never wish to drink pre-grounded coffee unless you are forced to do so because this is an open secret and literally everyone knows that FRESHLY GROUND COFFEE produces THE BEST COFFEE. More to it, There is nothing like freshly ground coffee! Nothing beats it.

Freshly ground coffee has lots of benefits that help determine the quality of the coffee such as:

To extract the maximum flavor from your coffee, you must take whole coffee bean as it seals the delicious flavor components and oils. In fact, moisture contained in coffee started to dampen and it affects the oils that contribute to flavor. 

So, when you are buying pre-ground coffee from grocery shops in the market, you are actually buying stale coffee unintentionally, and this will produce bitter coffee because it already started losing its flavor since it was ground.

The stale rate depends on the surface area. For example, finely ground coffee will get stale more quickly than a coarse grind because of its relative surface area. 

The coffee flavor has a direct relation with the gases and oils contained in coffee beans. If the coffee bean starts losing gases and oils, it will produce bitter coffee.

If you use pre-ground coffee regularly, you might be disappointed to hear that pre-ground is most likely already stale (oxidized). The stale has a direct relation with the amount of surface area. No matter whether even stored properly ground coffee will only stay truly fresh for about a day. 

This is because more of the surface area of the beans is exposed when you start grinding them. 

The truth is, ground beans in the open air only stay fresh for approximately 15 minutes. And, there are no proven ways that guarantee you to keep it last longer. 

Importantly, you must keep in mind that coffee should never be stored in the fridge because 

  • Moisture is the biggest enemy of coffee 
  • Coffee beans will absorb bad flavors as baking soda does

I am pretty sure, you do not like to sip a tasteless soda flavor cup of coffee to become frustrated.
To enjoy the aroma of the coffee, the rule of thumb for brewing taste coffee is always grind fresh coffee beans immediately just before brewing.

Factor-2: It will help you to brew your favorite coffee when you needed:

As a coffee-savvy person, would you rather like to drink the same flavor of coffee every single day or want to drink and enjoy a different taste of coffee based on your favorite brewing method? What happens when you use pre-ground coffee for brewing coffee goes into a basket and water goes into the pot and produces bad tasty coffee? Unfortunately, you become frustrated and disappointed by drinking bitter-tasting coffee. 

You do not want to waste your valuable time with unpleasant tasks because our life’s too short to be dissatisfied with sour coffee.

It is wise to completely avoid pre-ground coffee if possible as it comes in a single size (fine) and you must not want to be limited in your brew method.

For example, Turkish coffee brews its best when the coffee beans are super fine. 

Here are some popular coffee brewers and their appropriate grind sizes for quality brewing.

  • Turkish Coffee – Super Fine
  • Espresso – Super Fine
  • Moka Pot – Fine
  • Auto Drip – Fine (Pre-ground coffee is here)
  • Pour Over – Coarse to Fine
  • Aeropress – Medium to Fine
  • French Press – Coarse
  • Cold Brew Coffee – Coarse
  • Percolator-COARSE

Don’t fall into the trap of avoiding a coffee grinder and remember that you can’t extract the full potential from a coffee bean without a perfect coffee grinder. 

As you are looking for a way to improve your coffee taste, and with the help of a coffee grinder, you’ll be able to set a variety of grind sizes so that it compliments your brewer. 

Let’s say, somehow your mode has changed and you want to make a French press. What you have to do is just adjust the grinder setting to a coarse.